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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
361 SgTPP/12198 Procurement of Different Spares of Air Pre Heater (Model No: LAP-10320/3883) for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 01-06-2018 Original
362 CORP/12169 Evacuation of Ash from Ash Pond No-2, Transportation, Disposal in Eco-friendly manner at Bandel Thermal Power Station 06-06-2018 Original
363 BkTPP/12183 Annual Maintenance Contract of Mechanical and Electrical System of CHP for 5x210 MW Units of BkTPP 11-06-2018 Original
364 BTPS/12204 Procurement of 16 nos. gratings for crusher at Stage-1 CHP, BTPS, WBPDCL 05-06-2018 Original
365 BTPS/12203 AMC for servicing & maintenance of window ACs, split ACs & ductable ACs located at different places in Plant & Township area under IPH-II (E/M) Division, BTPS 01-06-2018 Original
366 SgTPP/12197 Painting of Conveyor 5A/B and 6A/B superstructures of Phase -1, SgTPP, WBPDCL 22-05-2018 Original
367 STPS/12268 Supply of different categories of unskilled workers related with the work annual maintenance of conservancy work with in STPS, Township 24-05-2018 Original
368 STPS/12267 Replacement with repairing & maintenance of rolling shutters inside Plant Premises of STPS 24-05-2018 Original
369 STPS/12266 Jungle cutting, removal of rubbish and providing chain link fencing at silt trap and at stair at Old Intake pump house, Bhojudih at STPS 24-05-2018 Original
370 STPS/12265 Repairing and painting of RCC over head Water Tank No. 1 and other ancillary works at STPS (T) 24-05-2018 Original
371 BkTPP/12182 Overhauling of Boiler Pressure Parts, HP Valves, Safety Valves & Soot Blower part of 210MW boiler of Unit # 2 BkTPP 26-05-2018 Original
372 STPS/12264 Cleaning of drains before and during monsoon period at STPS Plant area [2018] 24-05-2018 Original
373 STPS/12263 Tit Bit repairing and painting of inside rooms and corridors at Administrative Building of STPS 24-05-2018 Original
374 BkTPP/12181 Supply of Boiler Tubes 28-05-2018 Original
375 CORP/12168 Disposal of Fly Ash from Silos through Railway Wagons by Installing Bagging Plants and Necessary Infrastructureat Sagardighi Thermal Power Station 11-06-2018 Original
376 BkTPP/12180 Annual contract for Sprinkling of Water over CHP Roads and other roads inside Plant Premises at BkTPP for one year 31-05-2018 Original
377 BTPS/12202 Overhauling job of Boiler & its Pressure Parts & high pressure jet cleaning of Unit No.2 under B&A Dept., BTPS 25-05-2018 Original
378 SgTPP/12196 Cleaning the premises of SgTPP School Building, VIP Guest House, Market Complex, SgTPP Hospital, GRC, ORC and maintaining lawns by cleaning, cutting and removing grass, unwanted plants, bushes etc surroundings of SgTPP School Building, surroundings of School Playground and surroundings of VIP Guest House at SgTPP Township , WBPDCL. Murshidabad 28-05-2018 Original
379 BTPS/12201 Insulation work on different pipe lines, air flue gas duct, boiler casing and repairing of boiler casing pent house roof, air flue gas duct of Unit No.2 during overhauling under B&A Dept., BTPS 25-05-2018 Original
380 BTPS/12200 Horticultural activities with maintenance at various locations of BTPS Township 24-05-2018 Original
381 STPS/12262 Procurement of Solid Oil Seal (MOC: VITON) for Roller Journal Assy of Bowl Mill XRP-883 under BMD, Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 16-05-2018 Original
382 STPS/12261 Procurement of One no. of ELC machine of capacity 10-12 LPM for Lube oil filtration of Coal Mills & PA/FD Fans in Unit# 5&6 under BMD, Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 16-05-2018 Original
383 SgTPP/12195 Procurement of Street light LED lamps and lighting tower LED lamps for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 15-05-2018 Original
384 BkTPP/12179 Supply of Decksheets, Checker Plates, Channels and Angles 22-05-2018 Original
385 BkTPP/12178 Supply of Trailing Cable 21-05-2018 Original
386 BTPS/12199 Replacement of 2A & 2B ID Fan Runner and Servicing of Bearing of 2A & 2B ID fan of unit #2 during its upcoming Overhauling at BTPS 23-05-2018 Original
387 BTPS/12198 Emergency restoration of embankment of the river Hooghly with extension & laying of RCC concrete pipes in between jetty & Police Chowki at BTPS 23-05-2018 Original
388 BTPS/12197 Annual Contract for Engagement of Dozer Operator at CHP of BTPS, WBPDCL 25-05-2018 Original
389 BTPS/12196 Repairing and Insulation of ID fan suction duct, ID fan discharge duct of unit #2 during its upcoming Overhauling at BTPS 23-05-2018 Original
390 BTPS/12195 Overhauling / servicing of high pressure valves and control valves of Boiler of unit no.-2, during its upcoming overhauling 26-05-2018 Original
391 CORP/12167 Tender in two step bid system are invited from reputed and resourceful agencies in West Bengal for awarding to & fro Courier Service job from the Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban, Corporate Office WBPDCL to Kolaghat Thermal Power Station(KT.P.S.). 07-06-2018 Original
392 CORP/12166 Evacuation OF ASH from ASH POND No-1, Transportation, Disposal in eco-friendly manner at Bakreswar Thermal Power Station (17 TH PHASE) 23-05-2018 Original
393 SgTPP/12194 Annual Maintenance Contract of Central Air Conditioning System (Supplied by M/S Dong Fang Electric Corporation, China) of CCR-1 & 2, GCR, Technical Building & Administrative Building (Including Supply of Spares and Refrigerant & Visit of Expert) at SgTPP (2X300 MW) 05-05-2018 Original
394 SgTPP/12193 Metal Coating at burner panel and other required area in boiler during overhauling of Unit # 2 & 3 SgTPP , WBPDCL 09-05-2018 Original
395 CORP/12165 Construction of (G+6) storeyed 2nd Technical Building at Sagardighi Thermal Power Project of WBPDCL, Murshidabad 30-05-2018 Original
396 BTPS/12194 Procurement of Complete loading unit assembly for 8.5 E9 Coal Mill for Units # 5 (1X210 MW), BTPS 26-05-2018 Original
397 STPS/12260 Overhauling of CW pumps of Unit # 6 under T&A Dept., STPS , WBPDCL 12-05-2018 Original
398 STPS/12259 Annual rate contract for servicing and upkeepment of STPS Guest House 17-05-2018 Original
399 BTPS/12193 Annual Contract for Picking of Stone & Foreign material from running Conveyors at Coal Handling Plant at BTPS 16-05-2018 Original
400 SgTPP/12192 Procurement of Different items for Overhauling of Unit # 2 for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 14-05-2018 Original