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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
641 BTPS/12146 Procurement of different types of SS fitting for C & I Department of Unit # 5 of BTPS 22-12-2017 Original
642 SgTPP/12144 Construction of 02 nos. O & M stores including store office building and 02 Nos. AC store rooms and one open yard for Phase#2, SgTPP, WBPDCL 18-12-2017 Original
643 SgTPP/12143 Procurement of Different Illumination Spares for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 13-12-2017 Original
644 SgTPP/12142 Annual Maintenance Contract under the scope of T&A-OPH Systems, SgTPP Stg-I for period of one (01) year 16-12-2017 Original
645 SgTPP/12141 Coal Boulder laying at both side of track hopper and construction of drain & culvert near at TP-1 (B) at CHP at SgTPP 09-12-2017 Original
646 KTPS/12124 Supply of Grinding Elements of 8.5E (10) Coal Mills 13-12-2017 19-12-2017 Original
647 STPS/12137 Painting of Street light tubular poles and electrical poles along with supply of painting materials at inside plant, STPS Township and New Intake Pump House area under the maintenance scope of EMOPH Dept STPS 12-12-2017 Original
648 BTPS/12145 Procurement of Super heater attemperation control valves & re-heater attemperation control valve for Stage – I Units (4x60 MW), for BTPS’ 18-12-2017 Original
649 BkTPP/12144 Supply of MS Pipes 18-12-2017 Original
650 STPS/12136 Annual Contract for round the clock checking and monitoring of cables at Cable Trenches, all Switchyard equipments, as a whole complete switch yard and also assistance to tit-bit maintenance jobs at 220/132 KV Switchyard under OPH (E/M) Dept. STPS 06-12-2017 Original
651 CORP/12130 Hiring of Non A.C Commercial Vehicle plying at Asansol area 02-12-2017 Original
652 CORP/12129 Construction of Ash Water Recirculation System and Lagoon with Water Recovery System including Piping, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation System for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project (SGAWRSL), Units [(1x 300 MW + 2 X 500 MW + 1 X 660 MW (Proposed)] 08-01-2018 Original
653 SgTPP/12140 Procurement of 300 NB MS Pipes for AHP for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 08-12-2017 Original
654 CORP/12128 Sealed Tenders in prescribed form are invited by the Director(HR), WBPDCL from the resourceful, well experienced and financially sound facility service providing Agencies / Companies in three steps bid system, Step-I : Earnest Money , Step-II : Qualifying requirement and Step-III: Price Bid, for Running the Canteen / Cafeteria Service for the employees including Guest House located at Corporate Office of WBPDCL, Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban, Plot 3/C, LA- Block, Sector –III, Bidhannagar, Kolkata- 700 098 Original
655 KTPS/12123 Annual Rate Contract for mechanical maintenance work in DRY ASH system of AHP for unit #1 to # 6, KTPS 16-12-2017 Original
656 BkTPP/12143 Construction of Rigid Pavement from CHP PLC Building to junction after Railway Level Crossing at BkTPP/WBPDCL 03-01-2018 Original
657 BkTPP/12142 Annual Contract for Maintenance of Radial Gate & accessories including operation of submersible pump (20 HP/30 HP) and cleaning of sump pump in well at Bakreswar Dam of BkTPP 27-12-2017 Original
658 STPS/12135 Servicing of Station Transformer 1 and 2 including Gasket replacement, oil filtration, painting with supply of all materials under EMOPH Dept., STPS 05-12-2017 Original
659 BTPS/12144 Annual Service Contract for Evacuation and Cleaning of Ash from different Zones of Boiler and different area of Ash Handling Plant of Unit # 1 to 5 at BTPS 07-12-2017 Original
660 CORP/12127 Running Canteen/Cafeteria service for the employees including Guest House of Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban 18-12-2017 Original
661 STPS/12134 Supply & Delivery of 600 mm dia MS pipes for water conveying line under Civil-IPH Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 28-11-2017 Original
662 STPS/12133 Procurement of HE Basket for Air Preheater 27.5 VIMT 2000 for Unit # 6 Overhauling to be held June 2018 under B&A Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 30-11-2017 Original
663 SgTPP/12139 Annual Rate Contract for Coal Sampling and Assistance for other performance tests of 2X300 MW & 2X500 MW Units under O & E Department SgTPP , WBPDCL 27-11-2017 Original
664 SgTPP/12138 Maintenance Contract for EOT cranes and Hoists of SgTPP 02-12-2017 Original
665 STPS/12132 Annual Service Contract for Supply of three (03 ) Nos. Dozer Operator for one year at CHP, STPS Annual Job contract for Rigging and other miscellaneous jobs under CHP (M/M) Dept., STPS 24-11-2017 Original
666 STPS/12131 Annual Contract for Engagement of 04 Nos. of HME Operators for Operating 03 Ton, 08 Ton & 15 Ton Capacity Escort make cranes for different execution jobs under CHP (Oprn.) Dept 23-11-2017 Original
667 KTPS/12122 Annual Rate Contract for Providing services of 32 nos. Contractual Workers to various departments including (O&M) department at KTPS 08-12-2017 Original
668 STPS/12130 Annual Maintenance Contract for supplying of unskilled worker and skilled technician for maintenance of EOT Crane, illumination system, actuators, soot blowers, etc & different maintenance at 250 MW Unit No. 5 & 6 under IPH (E/M) Dept, STPS 27-11-2017 Original
669 BkTPP/12141 Annual Service Contract for Condition Monitoring of Different Critical Equipments at BkTPP 05-12-2017 Original
670 KTPS/12121 Re-wiring with laying & fixing of electrical accessories with supply of materials at KTPP Township Building-A, B, C & F type under EM-OPH-IV 02-12-2017 Original
671 CORP/12126 Evacuation OF ASH from ASH POND No-1, Transportation, Disposal in eco-friendly manner at Bakreswar Thermal Power Station (16th Phase) 29-11-2017 Original
672 STPS/12129 Repairing of One no. of damaged Crusher rotor of CHP , STPS 18-11-2017 Original
673 SgTPP/12137 Procurement of Different Spares of Air Pre Heater(Model No: LAP-10320/3883) for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL Procurement of P- Way Fittings (Grooved Rubber Pad ) of Railway Track for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 25-11-2017 Original
674 BkTPP/12140 Annual Maintenance Contract for Boiler & its Auxiliary System including Piece Meal Job of Unit-4 & Unit-5 of BkTPP 04-12-2017 Original
675 BTPS/12143 Annual Service Contract for Round the Clock Operation of Six (06) Nos. of Electronic In Motion Weigh Bridges at Railway yard at BTPS 29-11-2017 Original
676 BTPS/12142 Cleaning of main drains, Cleaning and Sweeping of Primary & H.S. School buildings, Recreation Club, Welfare Centre, Dr. B.C. Roy Badminton Centre at BTPS Township Periodical cleaning of Overhead Water Tank of different Buildings and R.C.C. Elevated Reservoirs at B.T.P.S. Township 27-11-2017 Original
677 STPS/12128 Construction of 425 mtrs new WBM road connecting ring road from qtr. No. E-69/1 towards Dutta Bandh Old Pump House for bypassing the existing road passing through Solar Area Zone-B within STPS(T) Repairing, painting and modification of old godown including pump house near Dutta Bandh at STPS(T) 04-12-2017 Original
678 STPS/12127 Dredging of Intake Channel, Pump Chamber, Silt traps etc. at Bhojudih, Jharkhand of STPS Repairing and maintenance work of Ash Pond, STPS 24-11-2017 Original
679 STPS/12126 Annual Service contract for the job for BOBR rakes Unloading job and assistance in paddle feeder operation at CHP, under CHP (Oprn.) dept, Santaldih T.P.S. 15-11-2017 Original
680 STPS/12125 Annual Contract for Unloading, Loading, Shifting, Stacking & Cleaning of the specified job/place under Store, STPS 06-11-2017 Original