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Sl.No NIT No. Tender Ref 1. Tender Ref 2. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download Category
681 STPS/11886 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/39/STPS Procurement of 198 kV & 120 kV Surge Arresters & Surge Monitors for maintenance of 220 kV/132 kV Switchyard under EM(OPH) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 08-05-2017 Download
682 STPS/11885 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/38/STPS Procurement of 250 Nos. forged hammers under CHP (MM) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 03-05-2017 Download Original
683 KTPS/11884 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/32/KTPS Annual Rate Contract for various repairing jobs i.r.o. HT & LT motors under E/M-IPH department 27-04-2017 Download
684 BTPS/11883 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/31/BTPS Thorough overhauling and painting job of Wagon Tippler #3 of Stage-II, CHP, BTPS. 11-05-2017 Download Original
685 BTPS/11882 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/30/BTPS Supply and Stacking properly of stone ballast (50 mm size), Stone dust at BTPS Marshalling yard 30-04-2017 Download Original
686 STPS/11881 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/29/STPS Procurement of Mill Body Liner for XRP-883 Bowl Mill of Unit-5&6 under B&A, Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 26-04-2017 Download Original
687 STPS/11880 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/28/STPS Overhauling Job of different 6.6 KV H.T. Motors related with Unit#5 under maintenance scope of OPH (E/M) Dept. STPS 02-05-2017 Download
688 STPS/11879 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/27/STPS Annual Contract for Operation work of New Intake Pump House at Viringi 26-04-2017 Download Original
689 KTPS/11878 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/26/KTPS AMC for miscellaneous civil work at C, D, FH type & other part at KTPS township and its adjoining areas. 29-04-2017 Download Original
690 KTPS/11877 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/25/KTPS Annual Maintenance Contract for assistance in maintenance of illumination system, its associated electrical circuitry, Mill Bay Cranes etc. under E/M-IPH department. 27-04-2017 Download
691 BkTPP/11870 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/24/BkTPP WBPDCL/BKTPP/NIT/E1105/17-18 Annual Maintenance Contract for Paging System, Local Area Network (LAN), Sound System & CCTV of BkTPP 10-05-2017 Download
692 SgTPP/11865 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/22/SgTPP Rate Contract for Fabrication, Erection, Modification, Commissioning, and Replacement of Chutes, Deck Plates, Seal Plates, Chequered Plates, Platforms at CHP, SgTPP 28-04-2017 Download Original
693 CORP/11864 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/20/Corp Providing Services at WBPDCL Corporate Guest House at Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban 03-05-2017 11-05-2017 Download Original
694 STPS/11863 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/23/STPS Painting of Hot distribution pipe of unit # 5 cooling tower (02 nos.), DMCW M U Tank & Condensate Surge Tank (U # 5 & 6), Service Water Tank & Potable Water Tank including its associates pipelines, ladder and stiffeners 21-04-2017 Download Original
695 STPS/11862 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/21/STPS Procurement of Air Conditioning Machines under EM(OPH), Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 25-04-2017 Download Original
696 SgTPP/11861 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/19/SgTPP Procurement of 180MT Caustic Soda Flakes (IS: 252/1991) for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 24-04-2017 Download Original
697 BkTPP/11860 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/18/BkTPP Rate Contract for Regular Cleaning of CHP Area of Unit #1 to Unit #5 of BkTPP 28-04-2017 Download Original
698 BkTPP/11859 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/17/BkTPP Annual Maintenance Contract for C&I System of Unit # 1 to 5 Main Plant and Intake & Other Outside Power House Area Including Opional Job of BkTPP 27-04-2017 Download Original
699 STPS/11858 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/16/STPS Painting of all VE, VS System, DE System at different areas of CHP under CHP (E/M) Dept, STPS 26-04-2017 Download Original
700 STPS/11857 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/14/STPS Overhauling job of different 415VAC & 220V DC LT Motors related with unit 5 under maintenance scope of IPH(E/M) dept., STPS 24-04-2017 Download
701 STPS/11856 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/15/STPS Supply & Commissioning of Ash Bag Packing Machine at SILOS of U#5 & 6 under AHP (M/M) Dept, STPS Supply & Erection of required Structure, Platform, piping & painting for Ash Bag Packing Machine along with Erection of Ash Bag Packing Machine at SILOS of U#5 & 6 under AHP (M/M) Dept, STPS 25-04-2017 Download Original
702 BkTPP/11855 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/12/BkTPP Annual Maintenance Contract for Operation & Maintenance of On Line Coal Sampler at Stage – I & Stage – II of BkTPP 26-04-2017 Download Original
703 BTPS/11854 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/10/BTPS Repairing and insulation of ID fan suction & discharge duct of Unit No.3 (60 MW) during its overhauling, BTPS 25-04-2017 Download Original
704 SgTPP/11853 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/13/SgTPP Annual contract for Mechanical Maintenance of (Mandatory jobs & optional jobs) CHP at SgTPP (Phase - I, 2x300 MW) 25-04-2017 03-05-2017 Download Original
705 BTPS/11852 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/09/BTPS Annual Job Contract for Coal Sample Collection and 1st Stage Coal Sample Preparation at BTPS with Engagement of Seven (07) Listed Workers and System Water Sample Collection, 2nd Stage Coal Sample Preparation and Other Chemical Laboratory Related Jobs 20-04-2017 Download Original
706 STPS/11851 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/11/STPS Annual Rate Contract for supplying of unskilled worker and skilled technician for daily assistance in maintenance of electrical equipments & systems at STPS under IPH (E) Dept. Santaldih. T. P. S. 25-04-2017 Download Original
707 STPS/11850 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/08/STPS Cleaning, Sweeping, Washing etc. of different floors, roof etc. of different buildings/areas of CHP/BOP/Administrative Block Area at STPS 21-04-2017 Download Original
708 STPS/11849 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/07/STPS Overhauling Job of different 6.6 KV H.T. Motors related with Unit#5 under maintenance scope of IPH (E/M) Dept. STPS 21-04-2017 Download
709 STPS/11848 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/05/STPS Annual Maintenance Contract for Electrical Maintenance jobs under the scope of EM-OPH (Township) Dept, STPS 18-04-2017 Download Original
710 STPS/11847 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/06/STPS Rotation & Replacement of Ash conveying pipe lines (300NB, 350NB & 400NB) of Unit#5 AHP during forthcoming overhauling of Unit#5 under AHP (M/M) Dept, STPS 19-04-2017 Download Original
711 CORP/11846 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/04/Corp Taking delivery of Dry fly Ash from the silos of Bakreswar Thermal Power Station, WBPDCL 17-04-2017 Download Original
712 CORP/11845 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/02/Corp Construction of boundary wall along property line of proposed training centre of WBPDCL at Newtown Action Area-II, Kolkata 24-04-2017 Download Original
713 STPS/11844 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/03/STPS Supply & delivery of annual printing of various Forms/Format/File/documents for the year 2017 at STPS 18-04-2017 Download Original
714 STPS/11843 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/01/STPS ARC for Annual Environmental Monitoring and submission of Statement for 2 X 250 MW unit of STPS, WBPDCL 13-04-2017 Download Original
715 KTPS/11842 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/481/KTPS Overhauling of boiler non-pressure parts (ID fan , Coal Pipe etc.) of unit # 3 , KTPS 14-04-2017 Download Original
716 SgTPP/11841 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/479/SgTPP Annual Maintenance Contract of Control & Instrumentation System of Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, Stage-II Units (2 x 500MW) 21-04-2017 Download Original
717 STPS/11840 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/480/STPS Procurement of 250kVA Lighting Transformer under EM(IPH) Dept., STPS 12-04-2017 Download
718 SgTPP/11839 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/478/SgTPP Procurement of 200 MT Liquid Chlorine (IS: 646-1986) Having Purity of 99.5% for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL Procurement of 1000 MT Hydrochloric Acid (HCL),Purity/Concentration:30% to 33% Specific Gravity:1.14 to 1.15 17-04-2017 Download Original
719 BTPS/11838 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/477/BTPS Procurement of Caustic Soda Flakes for Chemical Laboratory, BTPS 11-04-2017 Download Original
720 BkTPP/11837 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/476/BkTPP Annual Rate Contract for Coal Unloading from Wagons at Track Hopper – 1 & 2 and Wagon Tippler of BkTPP 24-04-2017 Download Original