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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
681 SgTPP/12090 Modification of existing township main gate and construction of new security room at SgTPP Township 16-10-2017 Original
682 BTPS/12089 Annual Operation Contract for cleaning of Mill Rejection of Coal Mills of Unit #1 to Unit #5, BTPS WBPDCL 18-10-2017 Original
683 BTPS/12088 Work Contract for Overhauling of Boiler and its Pressure parts of Unit#5 BTPS 20-10-2017 Original
684 KTPS/12087 Renovation of Forty (40) Nos ‘B’ type quarters at KTPS Township under CaPex 2014-15 (Phase#2) 22-09-2017 Original
685 BkTPP/12086 Annual Maintenance Contract for Paging System, Local Area Network (LAN), Sound System & CCTV of BkTPP 09-10-2017 Original
686 SgTPP/12085 Annual maintenance of Ash slurry line extension at different DP’s (Discharge point) and DP change over inside of Ash Pond at SgTPP 2017-18 13-10-2017 27-10-2017 Original
687 BkTPP/12084 Overhauling of BHEL make ESP, Ash Handling Plant and C&I related job of Unit# 1 of BkTPP 14-09-2017 Original
688 BkTPP/12083 Annual Contract for Housekeeping Work at CHP PLC & CHP Office Building (Stage-I & Stage-II), Building at DM Plant Area (Stage-I & Stage-II), Hydrogen Plant, Wagon Tippler Rest Room, Sub-station at CHP (Stage-I & Stage-II), Workshop Building, AMC Buil 19-09-2017 Original
689 SgTPP/12082 Procurement as well as fabrication & erection of pump, motor, base frame, duplex strainer and associated pipe line for reuse of settling pond water at CHP, SgTPP 03-10-2017 Original
690 CORP/12081 Complete Package comprising Procurement of Plant Design, Supply and Installation for Renovation & Modernisation consisting of Up-gradation of Main Boiler & Auxiliaries System, Turbine -Generator & Condenser and Balance of Plant of Unit #1 , #2 & #3 23-11-2017 Original
691 STPS/12080 Annual Maintenance of Gardening & Plantation and other ancillary works within STPS (T) 12-09-2017 Original
692 KTPS/12079 Annual Rate Contract for Performance monitoring and observation of all 5 Nos. ESPs of five units (5x210 MW) (Unit #1, #2, #4, #5, #6 and except unit #3), under AHP at KTPS 19-09-2017 Original
693 BkTPP/12078 Annual Maintenance Contract for round the clock three shift continuous operation of 100 MT Weigh Bridge at BkTPP 18-09-2017 Original
694 CORP/12077 Renovation of the Interior of the Conference Room at the 2nd floor of Corporate Office of The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited (WBPDCL), Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban, Salt Lake-700098 14-09-2017 Original
695 STPS/12076 Construction of Peripheral Plant boundary wall with RCC wall, beam, columns along with fixing of concertina fencing at top of wall New Ash Gate area Poradih Village side at STPS Construction of peripheral plant boundary wall with RCC wall, beam, 12-09-2017 Original
696 STPS/12075 Repair and maintenance of compound wall and main boundary wall and other ancillary works at STPS (T) 08-10-2017 Original
697 STPS/12074 Thorough repairing and painting of the Co-operative Building of Super-Market within STPS(T) Repairing and maintenance of road from Gate No. 3 of Township to UBI ATM in front of Plant Main Gate 11-09-2017 Original
698 STPS/12073 Installation of 600mm. dia. M.S. Pipeline of STPS supported at Railway Bridge over the Gowai River and at Talgoria Bridge. Annual Maintenance of Drinking Water Pipeline, repairing of Valves, Pits and other ancillary works within STPS (Township) I.R.O 05-09-2017 Original
699 SgTPP/12072 Annual Contract of Unit#3 &4 (500MWx2) for (a) Engagement of Operation Helpers for rejection around the clock (b) Cleaning and Housekeeping of Boiler/Coal Mill, Coal Feeder & other Adjacent area (c) Physical assistance of shift work. (d) Disposal of 16-09-2017 Original
700 KTPS/12071 Manufacturing, Testing at Manufacturing Works Supply, Delivery & Transport including transit insurance of 300 NB M.S.ERW Pipe for Replacement of Slurry Pipe Line at KTPS 15-09-2017 Original
701 BTPS/12070 Complete overhauling of 105 MVA, 13.8 KV Westinghouse make Generator including Exciter & Exciter Gearbox as well as supply of wedges & packers for 40 nos. Generator Stator Slots (on requirement basis) of Unit# 3 BTPS 10-10-2017 Original
702 BTPS/12069 ARC for the Job to supply of 67 Nos. of unskilled Labours on man days basis under different Departments at BTPS, WBPDCL 11-09-2017 Original
703 CORP/12068 Supply of 6 (six) nos. Semi -Automatic Hydraulic Pressure type Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing Machine alongwith Installation and Commissioning at the 3 (three) nos. Coal fired Thermal Power Plants of WBPDCL 15-09-2017 Original
704 CORP/12067 Invitation of Bids for Construction of Ash Water Recirculation System and Lagoon with Water Recovery System including Piping, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation System for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project (SGAWRSL), Units [(1x 300 MW + 2 X 500 M 10-10-2017 Original
705 STPS/12066 Annual Job Contract for Cleaning of the Zone "After Crusher to Bunker" (All Conveyor belts and associated areas etc.) in CHP under CHP (O) Dept., STPS, WBPDCL 31-08-2017 Original
706 BkTPP/12065 Supply, Delivery, Erection, Commissioning & Testing of Battery Bank 18-09-2017 Original
707 BkTPP/12064 Annual Maintenance Contract for preventive, periodic, running & breakdown maintenance of cranes & hoists in AHP, TURbine & Boiler area of bktpp 09-09-2017 Original
708 BkTPP/12063 Annual Maintenance Contract & Piece-Meal job of Diesel Engines at CHP BkTPP 09-09-2017 Original
709 SgTPP/12062 Annual maintenance of Ash Pond at SgTPP 15-09-2017 Original
710 STPS/12061 Annual Job Contract for cleaning the zone "After Crusher to Bunker"(All Conveyor belts and associated areas etc.) in CHP at STPS. 31-08-2017 Original
711 SgTPP/12060 Procurement of 1 no. of 2000 KVA , 6.6KV/433V Cast Resin Dry Type Power Transformer for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 05-09-2017 Original
712 BTPS/12059 Procurement of various Bearings of EL-76 Pulverizer Gear Box for Stage- I Units (4X60MW), BTPS 11-09-2017 Original
713 STPS/12058 Procurement of various rollers installed at CHP under CHP (MM) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 30-08-2017 Original
714 CORP/12057 Evacuation OF ASH from ASH POND No-2, Transportation, Disposal in eco-friendly manner at Bandel Thermal Power Station 11-09-2017 Original
715 CORP/12056 Maintaining desired channel to ensure steady supply of water through dredging of river Rupnarayan at dolphin mouth of intake pump house of Kolaghat Thermal Power Station by deployment of cutter suction type dredgers of suitable capacity 13-09-2017 Original
716 KTPS/12055 Operation of pumps, valves, gates of Drainage P/H, Zero Discharge P/H, Sedimentation Ponds, maintenance & inspection of deep tubewells and sump pumps and cleaning of oil, oil sludge, coal dust etc. from drains, pits, floor, ducts etc. at KTPS 09-09-2017 Original
717 BkTPP/12054 Supply, installation and commissioning of analyzers for online measurement of water quality parameters pH, BOD, COD, TSS & Temperature from the discharge of Guard Pond of BkTPP, U#1 to 5 12-09-2017 Original
718 BkTPP/12053 Purchase Contract of Chemicals with Servicing for cooling water treatment of UNIT #1 to #5 11-09-2017 Original
719 BTPS/12052 Procurement of various Boiler Tube for Stage- I Units (4X60 MW), BTPS 05-09-2017 Original
720 BTPS/12051 Procurement of Boiler Tubes for Unit#5 Boiler of Bandel Thermal Power Station, WBPDCL 05-09-2017 Original