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Sl.No NIT No. Tender Ref 1. Tender Ref 2. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download Category
41 SgTPP/12132 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/285/SgTPP Annual Maintenance Contract under the scope of EMOPH Department, SgTPP for period of one (01) year 26-10-2017 Download Original
42 SgTPP/12131 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/284/SgTPP Procurement of JAW CRUSHER FOR RAKE COAL SAMPLE PREPARATION for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 27-10-2017 Download Original
43 BkTPP/12128 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/283/BkTPP Annual Contract for Cleaning and disposal of mill rejects from mill area [MP-I & MP-II], Unit-IV & Unit-V at BkTPP 07-11-2017 Download Original
44 BkTPP/12127 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/282/BkTPP Annual Contract for Jungle cutting including trimming and cutting of trees inside BkTPP Plant Premises 31-10-2017 Download Original
45 SgTPP/12126 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/279/SgTPP Supply & delivery of External Nozzle Ring for coal Mill ZGM123N for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL Supply & delivery of Different Sealing Rope & asbestos Gasket for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 20-10-2017 Download
46 BTPS/12125 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/280/BTPS Annual Service Contract for Cleaning, Removal of Coal, Coal Dust & Scrap Materials from CHP Areas for 1 to 5 Units at BTPS 09-11-2017 Download Original
47 BTPS/12124 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/281/BTPS Procurement of New Computers with operating system Windows 10 and MS Office at BTPS of WBPDCL 28-10-2017 Download Original
48 CORP/12123 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/276/Corp Renovation and Mordernization of ESP for three (03) numbers of 210 MW Units (U#4, U#5, U#6) of Kolaghat Thermal Power Station (WBPDCL) 30-11-2017 Download Original
49 SgTPP/12122 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/275/SgTPP Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance Contract under CHP, Stage-II (2x500 MW) Along with several piecemeal jobs at SgTPP for 06 months 23-10-2017 Download Original
50 STPS/12121 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/274/STPS Loading, unloading and transportation of deposited Ash, Silt, Slurry etc. from Trenches, Sub Trenches, Sump Pit, ESP areas etc. and various types of Ash, Coal, Dust etc. deposited in side plant area at STPS 23-10-2017 Download Original
51 KTPS/12120 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/273/KTPS Supply of 06 (Six) Sets of Grinding Roll, Bull Ring Segment & Air Port Ring Assembly of 803 1/2 HP XRP Bowl Mill 03-11-2017 Download
52 STPS/12119 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/272/STPS Annual repair and maintenance of sanitary & plumbing works at inside and outside of STPS 25-10-2017 Download Original
53 STPS/12118 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/271/STPS Providing and fixing Acid/Alkali resisting tiling work inside Neutralizing pit at DM Plant, U # 5 of STPS Construction of New Security Goomty along with dismantling of the existing Goomty for widening of Gate No. 1 & interior Approach Road towards t 23-10-2017 Download
54 STPS/12117 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/270/STPS Procurement of illumination items under CHP (E/M) Dept., Santaldih T. P. S., the WBPDCL Procurement of Sulphuric Acid, IS: 266/1993 (a: Purity 98.0%, b: Residue on ignition 0.2% by mass, c: Iron 0.05% by mass, d: Lead 0.005% by mass, e: Arsenic 0. 10-10-2017 Download
55 STPS/12116 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/269/STPS Procurement of Boiler Tubes for Unit# 6 Boiler OH July 2018 and Tube leakage repairing works of Unit# 5 & 6 under B&A Dept. Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 12-10-2017 Download
56 STPS/12115 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/268/STPS Procurement of Sulphuric Acid, IS: 266/1993 (a: Purity 98.0%, b: Residue on ignition 0.2% by mass, c: Iron 0.05% by mass, d: Lead 0.005% by mass, e: Arsenic 0.004% by mass) under Chemical Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 12-10-2017 Download Original
57 SgTPP/12114 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/267/SgTPP Annual Maintenance Contract for Circulating Cooling Water treatment of Unit #1  (300MW*2) and Unit#3  (500MW*2) for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL Procurement of Carbon-Di-Oxide Gas of 500 Cylinders for Sagardighi Thermal Power Proj 10-10-2017 Download
58 BTPS/12113 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/266/BTPS Annual Maintenance Contract for different Jobs of D. M. Plant and Canteen Effluent Treatment Plant and Optional Jobs on Rate Contract basis at BTPS 24-10-2017 Download Original
59 SgTPP/12112 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/265/SgTPP Laying of 150NB DI drinking water pipe line from DM plant to SgTPP township 30-10-2017 Download Original
60 STPS/12111 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/264/STPS Procurement of Solid Oil Seal(MOC:VITON)for Roller Journal Assy OF Bowl Mill XRP-883 under BMD,Santaldih T.P.S., The WBPDCL Procurement of Journal Liner Support Bracket & SS Center Feed Pipe(upper) for Bowl Mill XRP-883 under BMD,Santaldih T.P.S. 12-10-2017 Download
61 STPS/12110 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/263/STPS Procurement of MS and GI pipes of different sizes and Bends for Unit 5 and 6, Santaldih T.P.S. the WBPDCL 13-10-2017 Download Original
62 BTPS/12109 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/254/BTPS Overhauling of EL-76 Pulverizers and Various type of maintenance Jobs of PA, ID, FD Fan & EL-76 Pulverizers on annual Rate contract basis under B&A (1-4) Units for BTPS of WBPDCL 18-10-2017 Download Original
63 SgTPP/12108 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/255/SgTPP Annual Rate Contract for RAC under the scope of EMOPH Department for one (01) year 11-10-2017 Download
64 SgTPP/12108 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/255/SgTPP Annual Rate Contract for RAC under the scope of EMOPH Department for one (01) year 11-10-2017 Download
65 SgTPP/12107 SgTPP/C-OPH/TENDER/105/ Construction of bituminous road from Type-1 road to front side of new Officers’ Club at SgTPP, Murshidabad 16-10-2017 Download Original
66 STPS/12106 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/262/STPS AMC for Various Mechanical Maintenance jobs of Bolier, APH, Gravimetric Coal Feeder, High Pressure Valves, Oil Burner, Soot Blower of U#5 & U#6 of capacity 250 MW each, under B&A Dept 10-10-2017 Download Original
67 STPS/12105 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/260/STPS Annual Maintenance Contract for maintenance of Coal Mill Auto Rejection System of Unit# 5 & 6 under M/M (B&A) Dept., STPS, WBPDCL 03-10-2017 Download Original
68 STPS/12104 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/261/STPS Annual Rate Contract for maintenance of Bowl Type Coal Mill of U#5 & 6 under M/M (B&A) Dept., Santaldih T. P., WBPDCL 04-10-2017 Download Original
69 STPS/12103 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/257/STPS AMC for Various Mechanical Maintenance jobs of B&A equipments like PA, FD & ID, Scanner Fan, SA Fan, Chemical Pump, Compressor, Damper, Gate, Coal Mill Gear Box, Fuel Oil System of Unit 5 & 6 under B&A department, STPS 07-10-2017 Download Original
70 STPS/12102 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/256/STPS Rate Contract with Supply of materials for Drum Pulley Lagging for pulleys of all Conveyor Belts with 12 mm thick diamond Groove Rubber lagging at CHP, under CHP (M/M) Dept., Santaldih T. P. S., WBPDCL 09-10-2017 Download Original
71 STPS/12101 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/253/STPS Annual Maintenance Contract for ESP & Electrical Maintenance work of entire Ash Handling Plant for 250 MW Unit No. 5 & 6 under AHP(E/M) Dept, STPS 06-10-2017 Download Original
72 STPS/12100 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/249/STPS Supply and delivery of Desktop (HP/IBM/DELL) and Printer (HP) for 2x250 MW Unit 5 & Unit 6 for IT Depts., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 21-09-2017 Download Original
73 BkTPP/12099 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/259/BkTPP Supply of Conveying Blower & Spares 27-10-2017 Download Original
74 BkTPP/12098 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/258/BkTPP Taking delivery of dry fly ash from the silos of Bakreswar Thermal Power Station 24-10-2017 Download Original
75 BkTPP/12097 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/252/BkTPP Annual Maintenance Contract for Major Chute Maintenance Job at CHP of BkTPP 11-10-2017 Download Original
76 BkTPP/12096 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/251/BkTPP Annual Maintenance Contract for Boiler & its Auxiliary System including Piece Meal Job of Unit-1 to Unit-3 of BkTPP 12-10-2017 Download Original
77 BkTPP/12095 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/250/BkTPP Annual Contract for Operation of AC System & Air Washer including Simulator & Auditorium of BkTPP 10-10-2017 Download Original
78 CORP/12094 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/248/Corp Invitation of Competitive Bids for Renovation of two no. of quarters (AN3 & AN4) of DPL (Durgapur Projects Limited) at Durgapur, District - Burdwan, West Bengal 12-10-2017 Download Original
79 CORP/12093 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/245/Corp Design, Engineering, Testing, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of New PLC system with C.C. Camera at the existing CHP (Stage-I & II) at Kolaghat Thermal Power Station 18-09-2017 Download Original
80 SgTPP/12092 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/17-18/247/SgTPP Procurement of Optical Fibre (Make: Molex) and CAT 6 Cable (Make: Molex) for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 21-09-2017 Download