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Sl.No NIT No. Tender Ref 1. Tender Ref 2. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download Category
801 SgTPP/11762 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/403/SgTPP Wear Particle Analysis, NAS Value, TAN Value, moisture content and viscosity Analysis of oil at SgTPP 20-02-2017 Download Original
802 STPS/11761 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/402/STPS Annual Maintenance Contract for 02 years for maintaining all hardware and software of computers & its accessories along with peripherals, LAN, CCTV Cameras, Servers etc. including supply of the maintenance spares under IT department, STPS, WBPDCL 14-02-2017 Download Original
803 BkTPP/11760 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/401/BkTPP Annual rate Contract for carrying out jobs related to loading, unloading and transportation of materials for the purpose of BKTPP 20-02-2017 06-03-2017 Download Original
804 BTPS/11759 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/398/BTPS Hiring of two Non-AC bus (32 seated Tata Star Bus (model-712)) on rate contract basis with company make body and Euro IV engine (New Buses complying with latest emission norms of Euro/Bharat stage-IV) on BTPS duty 15-02-2017 Download Original
805 STPS/11758 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/400/STPS Procurement of MS Plate & Chequered Plate, MS Angle, ERW Pipe, MS Rod, Ms channel and Aluminium sheet for Unit # 5 Overhauling expected to be held in July-2017 & regular maint. of Boiler under BMD, Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 09-02-2017 Download Original
806 STPS/11757 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/399/STPS Procurement of Grinding Elements (Grinding Roll & Bull Ring Segment) for Unit # 5 & 6 XRP-883 Coal Mill under B&A ,dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 16-02-2017 Download
807 CORP/11756 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/397/Corp Supervision of coal dispatched from the coalfields of Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) for the Power Stations of The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited 21-02-2017 Download Original
808 STPS/11755 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/383/STPS Supply and delivery of different types of Networking Item & IT Consumables for 2X 250 MW Unit 5 & Unit 6 for IT Depts., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 27-01-2017 Download
809 KTPS/11754 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/396/KTPS Annual Rate Contract for deployment of five (05) nos. of luxury bus (model 2009 or onward) for rendering transportation service for the employees of KTPS,WBPDCL 06-02-2017 Download
810 CORP/11753 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/395/Corp Engineering Consultancy services including Design, Engineering & preparation of all Technical specification and Commissioning & Performance Guarantee, etc. for Up gradation and Renovation of Electro static Precipitators and associated system of Unit 28-02-2017 Download Original
811 STPS/11752 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/392/STPS Hiring of One no. of Mahindra & Mahindra make Bolero 6+1 seated of 2014 model or onward to perform Police station duty under Workshop, STPS for the period of 02(two) years 04-02-2017 Download
812 STPS/11751 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/394/STPS Annual Maintenance Contract for Mechanical Maintenance work of New Intake Pump House at Viringi 10-02-2017 Download Original
813 STPS/11750 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/393/STPS Annual Rate Contract for Removal of coal /Coal dust from Crusher house, TPs, Take up Pits, Beneath the conveyor gallery etc and disposal the same at Coal Yards for one year under CHP (O), STPS, WBPDCL 06-02-2017 Download
814 SgTPP/11749 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/390/SgTPP Procurement, Installation and Commissioning of 108 nos. of 220V,1500AH PLANTE type Lead Acid Battery Bank and 220V, 500A Dual Automatic Float cum Boost Charger for Unit#1 of Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 03-02-2017 Download Original
815 KTPS/11748 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/388/KTPS Annual Operation contract for running of Effluent Treatment Plant at KTPS. 01-02-2017 Download Original
816 STPS/11747 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/391/STPS Procurement of 350 NB MS Pipe for Fly Ash Conveying lines for forthcoming O/H of UNIT # 5 under AHP(M/M),dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 02-02-2017 Download
817 STPS/11747 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/391/STPS Procurement of 350 NB MS Pipe for Fly Ash Conveying lines for forthcoming O/H of UNIT # 5 under AHP(M/M),dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 02-02-2017 Download
818 STPS/11746 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/389/STPS Overhauling of HP & LP valves of T&A area of Unit # 5 under M/M (T&A) Dept. STPS, WBPDCL 31-01-2017 Download
819 CORP/11745 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/387/Corp Annual Operation & Maintenance Contract of Fire Hydrant System, Sprinkler system and Portable Fire extinguishers for one year (2017-18) at WBPDCL, Corporate Office, Kolkata-98. 20-02-2017 Download Original
820 STPS/11744 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/386/STPS Material for Permanent OFC Network Installation from Weigh Bridge to CHP Technical building of STPS for IT Depts., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 31-01-2017 Download
821 BTPS/11743 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/384/BTPS Repair, maintenance and painting of RCC overhead reservoir with replacement of spiral staircase at BTPS Plant site Repair and Maintenance of Road from Assam Road link to PAPL Gate No. 2 of BTPS, Phase-1 08-02-2017 Download Original
822 SgTPP/11742 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/385/SgTPP Procurement of Grinding Elements for Coal Mill ZGM-123N for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WB 31-01-2017 Download
823 KTPS/11741 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/379/KTPS Annual Rate Contract for Engagement of A.C Ambulance on monthly hiring basis for daily 24 hrs duty for the service of KTPS employees & their relatives 24-01-2017 Download
824 STPS/11740 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/382/STPS Procurement of Spares for Bowl Mill XRP-883 for regular & overhauling maint. of Mill under BMD, Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 27-01-2017 Download
825 STPS/11739 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/381/STPS Overhauling job of AHP of Unit # 5 under AHP (M/M) Dept. STPS, WBPDCL 25-01-2017 Download
826 STPS/11738 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/380/STPS Annual Contract for deploying manpower for assisting in different job at Fire & Safety Dept, STPS 24-01-2017 Download Original
827 BkTPP/11737 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/378/BkTPP Procurement & Commissioning of 500MW Simulator System at BkTPP Simulator Institute 27-01-2017 Download
828 KTPS/11736 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/375/KTPS AMC for Running, break down, preventive and S/D maintenance of electrostatic precipitator (ESP) & its sub systems for unit no. 1, 2 & 3 (capacity – 3 X 210MW) all areas under stage – 1 Ash handling plant electrical maintenance deptt., KTPS 24-01-2017 Download
829 STPS/11735 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/376/STPS Supplying & spraying pesticides for mosquito and harmful insect control within STPS (T) 20-01-2017 Download Original
830 BTPS/11734 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/377/BTPS Various maintenance jobs of EL-76 pulverizer, coal feeder, P.A/I.D./F.D. fan (mandatory & optional basis) of unit No.1,2,3 & 4 (4 X 60 MW), BTPS on annual maintenance contract basis 28-01-2017 Download Original
831 BTPS/11733 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/374/BTPS Servicing of Boiler front & wind box of unit no.3 (60MW) during its overhauling at BTPS 24-01-2017 Download Original
832 BTPS/11732 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/373/BTPS Mechanical maintenance of Fly ash handling system, Bottom ash handling system along with ash silo handling system of unit No.1,2,3 & 4 (4 X 60 MW), BTPS on annual maintenance contract basis 25-01-2017 Download Original
833 BkTPP/11731 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/368/BkTPP Annual Maintenance Contract for different plant buildings of MP-1, 2, 3, CHP, Simulator building, roads inside plant and minor civil construction at BkTPP 15-02-2017 Download Original
834 BTPS/11730 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/369/BTPS Short Term Rate Contract (03 Months) for Daily Maintenance Job of Boiler # 5 Rotary Equipments (Coal Mill, Coal Feeder, Coal Carrying Pipe, PA Fan, Seal Air fan, ID fan, FD fan) 27-01-2017 Download Original
835 CORP/11729 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/372/Corp Operation and maintenance of reverse osmosis (RO) plant at Corporate Office Building of WBPDCL for a period of one year 07-02-2017 Download Original
836 STPS/11728 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/370/STPS Overhauling job of BHEL make 250 MW Unit # 5 ESP under AHP (E/M) Dept. STPS, WBPDCL 18-01-2017 Download Original
837 STPS/11727 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/371/STPS Construction of new toilet block at 1st floor roof near M&C Department of Administrative Building within STPS 20-01-2017 Download Original
838 STPS/11726 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/367/STPS Job of removing, refitting and refixing of target nozzle and fixing of reducing nozzle of five (05) nos. of Cooling Tower cells of Unit # 5, STPS, WBPDCL 17-01-2017 Download
839 KTPS/11725 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/364/KTPS Annual Rate Contract for Operation and Running Maintenance of Air Conditioning Plants of UCR- 1, 2 & 3, Telephone Exchange Laboratory, G. S. Building and only Running Maintenance of ECR-1, KTPS 16-01-2017 Download Original
840 BTPS/11724 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/16-17/366/BTPS Procurement of Ring and Ball sets for EL- 76 Pulverizer for Stage- I Units (4X60 MW), BTPS 24-01-2017 Download Original