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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
841 CORP/11989 Evacuation of Ash from Ash Pond No.-1/Ash Pond No.-2, Transportation, Disposal in Eco-Friendly Manner at Santaldih Thermal Power Station (8th Phase) 07-08-2017 Original
842 CORP/11988 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for Computers, Servers, Printers Installed at WBPDCL Corporate Office, Department of Power (WB Government) and Fresh AMC on Laptops and Plotter in Corporate Office of WBPDCL 31-07-2017 Original
843 BkTPP/11987 Annual Maintenance Contract for Operation & Tit-Bit Maintenance of Unit – 4 & 5 Mill Rejects Systems of BkTPP Annual Maintenance Contract for Operation and Tit-Bit Maintenance of Unit - 1 to 5 Soot Blowing Systems of BkTPP 17-07-2017 Original
844 STPS/11986 Annual Rate Contract for Metallizing of DE & NDE Motor Bearing Housing, Trueness Checking & Dynamic Balancing of Rotor, Metallizing & Machining of Rotor Shaft (Bearing Journal Portion) under IPH (E/M), OPH (E/M), AHP (E/M) & CHP (E/M) Dept. STPS 10-07-2017 Original
845 BTPS/11985 Annual Maintenance Contract of the Electrical and C&I Maintenance of ESP & AHP (Unit No. 5) including Silo Station (Unit No. 5) under ESP & AHP (E/M) Division, BTPS 24-07-2017 Original
846 KTPS/11984 Annual Rate Contract for Providing Services of 51 Nos. Contractual Workers to various departments at KTPS 17-07-2017 Original
847 BTPS/11983 Procurement of various Boiler Tube for Stage- I Units (4X60 MW), BTPS 19-07-2017 Original
848 CORP/11982 Design, Engineering, Testing, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of New PLC system with C.C. Camera at the existing CHP (Stage-I & II) at Kolaghat Thermal Power Station 02-08-2017 Original
849 CORP/11981 Invitation of Bids for the work of construction of balance in Plant Roads, Repairing of in Plant Existing Roads, construction of balance in Plant Drains at SgTPP, Murshidabad 17-07-2017 Original
850 CORP/11980 Up-gradation of Dry Ash handling system of Stg.-II (Unit#4, 5, 6), Kolaghat Thermal Power Station, West Bengal Power Development Corp. Ltd 14-07-2017 Original
851 BTPS/11979 AMC for the job of Checking Routes, Cleaning of Conveyor Chutes, Crusher and Screen Internals, Making of Gate Change Over etc. in CHP Area (1-5th Unit), BTPS 18-07-2017 Original
852 KTPS/11978 Annual Maintenance Contract for Fire Safety and Fire Fighting Services at KTPS 15-07-2017 Original
853 KTPS/11977 The Cleaning and different Housekeeping at all Routes of Conv-2A/1, Conv-2B/1 & Conv-1A/B/C/D Routes, Chutes, Decking Plate, Floor at CHP 14-07-2017 Original
854 BkTPP/11976 Replacement of damaged hydrant spray line of BkTPP 04-07-2017 Original
855 BkTPP/11975 Annual Contract for Maintenance of DM Plant of Unit # 1 to Unit # 5 of BkTPP 03-07-2017 Original
856 BTPS/11974 Sweeping, Cleaning the different Floors of 5th Unit Power House and other Buildings including Maintenance of Latrines, Urinals, Floors etc. at BTPS 17-07-2017 Original
857 BTPS/11973 One (01) Year Annual Maintenance Contract for the Job of Repairing / Replacement of various Transfer Point and Cleaning Chutes, Wagon Tipplers & Reclaim Hoppers, Replacement of Liner Plates of Chutes, Replacement of Gates, Apron Plates, Skirt Rubbers 18-07-2017 Original
858 BTPS/11972 Procurement of Transformer Oil for OPH (E/M) at BTPS of WBPDCL 04-07-2017 Original
859 BTPS/11971 Procurement of Hydrazine Hydrate for Chemical Laboratory, BTPS 05-07-2017 Original
860 STPS/11970 Procurement of LED Television Sets of different screen size for STPS Guest House under EM (OPH) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 04-07-2017 Original
861 BkTPP/11969 Annual Contract for Drain Cleaning, as and when required basis, at CHP Area & other Inside Plant Premises, BkTPS 18-07-2017 Original
862 STPS/11968 Deployment of 54 (Fifty Four) Nos. Unskilled Workers and 01(One) No. Supervisor for providing services to various departments at STPS as per discretion of STPS Authority 07-07-2017 Original
863 SgTPP/11967 Civil Maintenance Work (Building, Sanitary and Plumbing) Contract for different types of Building of SgTPP Township including Water Pipe Maintenance (from DM Plant Valve Point to SgTPP Township Area) Work and minor Civil Construction Works Original
864 SgTPP/11966 Strengthening of Conveyor Galleries and TP4 Structure of Phase #1, SgTPP, WBPDCL 23-06-2017 Original
865 KTPS/11965 Annual Rate Contract for Hiring of Six (06) Nos. of 50 Seater Standard Buses with Registration not before the year 2013 and having Carriage Contract Type Registration, for Transportation of Employees of Kolaghat Thermal Power Station, WBPDCL from Tow 07-07-2017 Original
866 BTPS/11964 Supply, Installation, Commissioning & 4 years extended Warranty and Maintenance Contract of Analyzers for Online Measurement of Water Quality Parameters pH, BOD, COD, TSS & Temperature from the discharge of ETP of BTPS (4x60+215 MW) 11-07-2017 Original
867 BTPS/11963 Supply of One No. Boat with Two Boatmen and different types of Civil Job at Intake and Inside Plant at BTPS 18-07-2017 Original
868 BkTPP/11962 Repairing and Painting Work for C-Type Building (C-11 to C-22), at BkTPP Township Repairing and Painting Work for B-Type Building (B-81 to B-85 & B-79), at BkTPP Township 14-07-2017 Original
869 BkTPP/11961 Repairing and Painting Work for B-Type Building (B-1 to B-7), at BkTPP Township 14-07-2017 Original
870 BkTPP/11960 Supply of Coal Mill Grinding Elements 17-07-2017 Original
871 KTPS/11959 Annual Rate Contract for Providing Services of 48 Nos. Contractual Workers to various departments including (O&M) department at KTPS 03-07-2017 Original
872 BTPS/11958 Sweeping and Cleaning of the Power House Building of I-IV Unit and other Office Building at BTPS Plant Site 30-06-2017 Original
873 BTPS/11957 Supply Stone Dust at different points of Railway Marshalling Yard at BTPS 30-06-2017 Original
874 BkTPP/11956 Supply of Power Cables 30-06-2017 Original
875 BkTPP/11955 Annual Contract for Preparation and Maintenance of Lawn, Hedge Line, S.F. Bed and Plantation at H.M.E.P. School, BkTPP Prabir Sengupta Vidyalaya, Tilpara Intake, Abdarpur Guest House, Transit Guest House, In Front of Adm. Bldg., Medical Unit, 30-06-2017 Original
876 BkTPP/11954 Fixing of 600 MM Dia. Concertina Wire and Raising of Boundary Wall Height from CT#4 to Construction Gate at BkTPP. 30-06-2017 Original
877 BTPS/11953 Cleaning of Drains and Culverts at Coal Yard and Road Flanks etc. and other areas at BTPS 28-06-2017 Original
878 STPS/11952 Annual Rate Contract for Metallizing of DE & NDE Motor Bearing Housing, Trueness Checking & Dynamic Balancing of Rotor, Metallizing & Machining of Rotor Shaft (Bearing Journal Portion) under IPH (E/M), OPH (E/M), AHP (E/M) & CHP (E/M) Dept. STPS 19-06-2017 Original
879 STPS/11951 Annual Rate Contract for Thermal Insulation, Refractory Works of different Ducts, Valves & Pipe Lines and Cleaning of Buck Stay and PA Ducts of T&A and B&A Area of STPS, WBPDCL 21-06-2017 Original
880 STPS/11950 Repairing Work for Concrete Structures of Two Cells in between Drift Eliminator and RCC Louver at Unit # 5 IDCT at STPS 20-06-2017 Original