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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
81 STPS/12303 Repairing and painting of D & E-Type Qtrs. within STPS (T) Renovation of Fire Brigade Building at STPS Construction of 02 nos. cycle stand at PH lift block and DM Plant area with leveling of roof of clarified water sump of U#6 along with miscellaneous civil works at ETP and DM Plant areas of STPS Construction of RCC road in the stretch of 1190.75W beside TP-37 and stretch near CHP control building of STPS 21-09-2018 Original
82 BTPS/12244 Procurement of 02 sets of 60 kg CMS fan shaped turn out for Marshalling yard, BTPS 26-09-2018 Original
83 BTPS/12243 Sinking of 01(ONE) no. Deep tube well pump at BTPS Township 17-09-2018 Original
84 STPS/12302 Procurement of Sodium Hypochlorite solution as per IS: 11673:1992 (Grade II 12.5%-15%) in Portable Plastic Jerricans (refundable) of size 30-35 Kg. under Chemical Dept.”, Santaldih T.P.S., WBPDCL 04-09-2018 Original
85 BkTPP/12191 Overhauling of Ash handling Plant of Unit # 3 of BkTPP 22-09-2018 Original
86 BkTPP/12190 Deployment of Manpower for Clinker Breaking job of Boiler and repairing / refurbishment job of AHP at BkTPP 24-09-2018 Original
87 KTPS/12172 Procurement of different size MS ERW Pipes (7500 Meter) for replacement of Fire Water Pipeline at KTPS under CAPEX F.Y. 2018-19 24-08-2018 06-09-2018 Original
88 BTPS/12242 Repairing of Coal Bunkers of Unit No. # 5 with MS/SS lining in Slope Portion during Unit # 5 overhauling under B&A (5th Unit), BTPS, WBPDCL 19-09-2018 Original
89 BTPS/12241 Operation and Maintenance job contract of 2 No X 730 KVA Old and Operation contract of 1 x 725 KVA New DG Set of Unit 1 to 5, BTPS for 12 months 20-09-2018 Original
90 BTPS/12240 Procurement of Ring & Ball sets for 8.5E9 Coal Mill for Unit No. 5 (1X210 MW), BTPS 19-09-2018 Original
91 STPS/12301 Job of complete removal of damaged V-Bars and Grid materials and refitting with new V-Bars and Grid materials of Four (04) No. CT Cells of Unit # 5 at STPS under M/M (T&A) Dept., WBPDCL 08-08-2018 Original
92 SgTPP/12225 Painting of Conveyor 5A/B and 6A/B superstructures of Phase -1, SgTPP, WBPDCL 11-09-2018 Original
93 SgTPP/12224 Concreting both side of cable tray running from TP-13 to TP-14 & to next road crossing near CHP Stage-II area at SgTPP 08-09-2018 Original
94 STPS/12300 Electrical jobs of contractor worker canteen beside 498N Road near new raw water pond under OPH(EM),STPS 10-09-2018 Original
95 STPS/12299 Procurement of EHV grade Transformer Oil under EM(OPH) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL Procurement of AC Single Phase Energy Meters under EM(OPH) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL Procurement of Main Switches, Change-over Switches & Electrical Distribution Boards under EM(OPH) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 07-09-2018 Original
96 STPS/12298 Procurement of PMI Tester Hand-Held XRP Alloy Analyzer under B&A, dept, Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 07-09-2018 Original
97 BTPS/12239 Annual job contract for Coal Sample Collection, First Stage Coal Sample Preparation at BTPS Chemical Laboratory 14-09-2018 Original
98 BTPS/12238 Annual Service Contract for the job of Electrical and C&I of ESP & AHP maintenance by deploying suitable Manpower at Unit No. 5 under AHP(E/M) Dept., BTPS 11-09-2018 Original
99 BTPS/12237 Construction of I) Shed over Plant Gate No. 3, II) Inspection Room/Frisking Room and III) Extension of existing time office at 1st. floor level for Security Personnel B.T.P.S 10-09-2018 Original
100 BTPS/12236 Sweeping and cleaning of the Power House Building and other Buildings at BTPS Plant Site (Gr.-A) 10-09-2018 Original
101 BTPS/12235 Rate Contract for Pathological, Bio-Chemical, Radiological, Ultra Sound, Echo, Scan etc. Investigations of Employees Posted at Bandel Thermal Power Station (BTPS) and their dependents 10-09-2018 Original
102 SgTPP/12223 Annual Contract for Housekeeping/Cleaning work at different location of CHP, SgTPP ,Stage-I&II 07-09-2018 Original
103 KTPS/12171 Operation of unloading of Fly ash from Main silos (any three out of five) to Bowser, KTPS 10-09-2018 Original
104 STPS/12297 Procurement of Various types of Compressed Asbestos Jointing Sheets, Tape and Rope /Cloth for APH, Mill, and CCP & Fan maint job during Unit # 5 shut down in Dec-2018 under BMD, Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 03-09-2018 Original
105 STPS/12296 Procurement of Air Conditioning Machines under EM (OPH) & EM (CHP) Depts., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 31-08-2018 Original
106 STPS/12295 Annual Rate Contract for Online Steam / Water Leak Sealing job for Unit 5 & 6 under DGM (M/M) , STPS, WBPDCL 31-08-2018 Original
107 BkTPP/12189 Dismantling of Existing Ash Slurry Discharge Lines and erection of New Ash Slurry Pipe Lines in the same position for 2nd Ash Pond of BkTPP 09-09-2018 Original
108 STPS/12294 Construction of one IA compressor and its associate equipment room beside Vacuum Pump House of Unit # 6 at STPS 11-09-2018 Original
109 STPS/12293 Construction of two nos. Emergency Fire Exit Stair for Technical Building and Administrative Building of STPS 11-09-2018 Original
110 BkTPP/12188 Taking Delivery of Dry Fly Ash as available from the silos of Bakreswar Thermal Power Station under The West Bengal Power Development corporation Limited on free of cost basis 22-08-2018 Original
111 CORP/12192 Supply and Delivery of kashmiri woolen shawls at BUB, Corporate Office, salt Lake 24-08-2018 Original
112 CORP/12191 Providing House-keeping Services, Gardening and Facility Related Services under the supervision of the Agency by deploying various categories of personnel at the Corporate Office of WBPDCL 30-08-2018 Original
113 CORP/12190 Security Services at BTPS 30-08-2018 30-08-2018 Original
114 CORP/12189 Group health (Floater) insurance policy for Group Tailor Made Loss Recovery Scheme for ON-ROLL employees of the West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited 22-08-2018 22-08-2018 Original
115 CORP/12187 Preparing Present Land Use Map through satellite Imagery Study and DGPS/Total Station survey along with detailed Topographical and Surface Feature Study required for operationalization of Deocha-Pachami-Dewanganj-Harisingha Coal Block of The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited 07-08-2018 27-08-2018 Original
116 CORP/12186 Construction of Waste Water Recirculation Pond with Drain, Culvert and necessary infrastructure towards zero discharge compliance at SgTPP 10-08-2018 Original
117 CORP/12185 Fixation of A.C four wheeler vehicle (Bolero/TATA Sumo, Scorpio) for official use of GM (Mining) office at Durgapur 10-08-2018 Original
118 CORP/12184 Providing Security Service for Guarding the Properties/Premises and other Security Related jobs at Bakreswar Thermal Power Project (BkTPP), WBPDCL 10-08-2018 Original
119 BTPS/12234 Procurement of Ring & Ball Sets for EL-76 Pulverizer for Stage-1 (60 MW), BTPS 10-08-2018 Original
120 KTPS/12170 Different Maintenance of Dust Suppression / Extraction System & Pump Dewatering System at Coal Handling Plant, KTPS 11-08-2018 Original