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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
1281 CORP/11473 Procurement of 12 nos of grinding rings & 432 nos of grinding balls for EL-76 pulveriser at units 1-4 ,BTPS 02-09-2016 Original
1282 BTPS/11472 Procurement of 12 nos. grinding ring set & 432 nos. grinding balls for EL-76 pulveriser at unit # 1-4 at BTPS, WBPDCL 02-09-2016 Original
1283 CORP/11471 Providing Security Service for Guarding the Properties /Premises and Other Security Related jobs at Bandel Thermal Power Station (BTPS) 08-08-2016 Original
1284 STPS/11470 Overhauling of BFP Cartridge, Model: FK-6D-30 under T & A Dept. STPS, WBPDCL 26-07-2016 Original
1285 STPS/11469 Procurement of fill materials like S S Grid, PVC V Bar & PVC Drift Eliminator etc for Gammon make cooling tower, Unit#5 under T&A Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., The WBPDCL 26-07-2016 Original
1286 BkTPP/11468 Annual service contract for condition monitoring of different critical equipments at BkTPP 01-08-2016 Original
1287 BTPS/11467 ARC for Various civil jobs under Plant site Civil at BTPS Supply of two labourers and one boat per day at Intake Pump House of BTPS Roof treatment on damaged lime terraced roofs and other types of roof of different buildings at BTPS Township 05-08-2016 Original
1288 STPS/11466 Procurement of Caustic Soda Flakes (Specification: IS 252 of 1973 NaOH, Content: 99.5%) under Chemical Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 23-07-2016 Original
1289 BTPS/11465 Repairing of boiler tube leakages and replacement of high pressure valve & high pressure line on annual rate contract basis for Stage-I Units (4x60MW) & # 5(210 MW)of BTPS,WBPDCL 28-07-2016 Original
1290 SgTPP/11464 Rate contract for round the clock operation at In-motion Weigh Bridge and for general shift at Static Weigh Bridge under Fuel Co-ordination Department, SgTPP. 21-07-2016 05-08-2016 Original
1291 STPS/11463 Procurement of Upper & Lower Bearings for Journal Roller Assy. of Bowl MIll XRP-883 under BMD Dept Santaldih T.P.S., The WBPDCL 29-07-2016 Original
1292 STPS/11462 Procurement of Spares for Bowl Mill XRP-883 under BMD dept. Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 21-07-2016 Original
1293 KTPS/11461 Miscellaneous repair and maintenance work of drinking and service water supply line and other miscellaneous structural repairing work of KTPS 26-07-2016 Original
1294 BkTPP/11460 Annual maintenance contract for electrical maintenance work of inside power house area (Unit # 1 to 5) of BkTPP 01-08-2016 Original
1295 STPS/11459 Annual Calibration of Electrical Testing Equipments under TECIT Dept, STPS to be carried out at STPS Site 20-07-2016 Original
1296 STPS/11458 AMC for T&A area for 2 X 250 MW unit of STPS , WBPDCL 15-07-2016 Original
1297 BTPS/11457 Repairing and raising height of boundary wall at back side of Township Civil Maintenance Office and stringing of Concertina wire over the same for security purposes at BTPS Township 20-08-2016 Original
1298 KTPS/11456 ARC for cleaning of mill rejection system,trench and  other equipment at stg II under M.O. department. 13-07-2016 20-07-2016 Original
1299 STPS/11455 Dismantling & re-routing of HT and LT electrical lines at STPS Township under EM-OPH dept, STPS for implementation of 10 MV solar PV project by WBSEDCL at STPS Township 14-07-2016 Original
1300 STPS/11454 Procurement of 12 nos. of Coal feeder outlet Chute for Bowl Mill XRP-883 under BMD. Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 21-07-2016 Original
1301 STPS/11453 Procurement of 08 Sets trough self tracker rollers and 04 Sets flat self tracker return roller complete with fixing bracket (Belt width: 1200mm) under CHP (MM) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 18-07-2016 Original
1302 KTPS/11452 Annual Rate Contract for providing services of 32 nos. Contractual Workers to various departments including (O&M) department at KTPS 20-07-2016 Original
1303 SgTPP/11451 supply & delivery of Axial Seal Plate along with Static Seal Assembly of Air Preheater for Unit #2 of 2x300 MW at Sagardighi Thermal Power Project. 03-08-2016 Original
1304 BkTPP/11450 Overhauling of coal burner, wind box, SADC, recuperative air pre heater & burner tilt of 210 MW boiler of Unit-2 BkTPP 14-07-2016 Original
1305 BkTPP/11449 Annual Maintenance Contract of private siding at BkTPP 15-07-2016 11-08-2016 Original
1306 BkTPP/11448 Annual maintenance contract of mechanical and electrical system of CHP for 5X210 MW units of BkTPP 26-07-2016 Original
1307 KTPS/11447 Annual rate contract for providing contractual workers for assistance in various electrical maintenance work in OPH area including 33/132/220/400 KV switch yard under EM-OPH, KTPS 15-07-2016 Original
1308 SgTPP/11446 supply & delivery of 1000MT Sulphuric Acid (IS-266/1993) for Unit #1& Unit #2 of 2x300 MW at Sagardighi Thermal Power Project. 10-08-2016 Original
1309 BkTPP/11445 Annual Contract for cleaning of all drains (except CHP area), open terrace at 13.5m level of Unit-I & Unit-V inside BkTPP plant premises 15-07-2016 03-08-2016 Original
1310 BkTPP/11444 Evacuation of settled ash from guard pond at BkTPP 15-07-2016 04-08-2016 Original
1311 STPS/11443 Procurement of coal carrying pipe offset bend (14 degree) for BHEL 250MW corner fired boiler under BMD dept. Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 12-07-2016 Original
1312 STPS/11442 Annual Maintenance of different parks, tree gabion and plantation area within STPS (T) 18-07-2016 Original
1313 BTPS/11441 Annual maintenance contract for Providing round the clock Fire Safety and Fire Fighting services at BTPS, WBPDCL 19-07-2016 Original
1314 STPS/11440 Supply of HP Color and Black & White printers under IT department in STPS 12-07-2016 20-07-2016 Original
1315 STPS/11439 Procurement of Sulphuric Acid (IS: 266/1993: a:- Purity 98.0%, b:- Residue on ignition 0.2% by mass, c:- Iron 0.05% by mass, d:- Lead 0.005% by mass, e:- Arsenic 0.004% by mass) under Chemical Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 13-07-2016 Original
1316 STPS/11438 Procurement of Lamps, Igniters, Time switch, solid state rectifier (for paddle feeder), Holders, Capacitors etc. for illumination system under CHP (E/M) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 12-07-2016 Original
1317 STPS/11437 Procurement of miscellaneous items for Paging & Telephone Network under TECIT Dept., Santaldih T.P.S. 08-07-2016 15-07-2016 Original
1318 KTPS/11436 Cleaning of Kutcha/pucca drains at KTPS Cleaning, sweeping, swabbing at Unit # 01 to 03 & G.S. building at KTPS Cleaning, sweeping, swabbing at Unit # 04 to 06, & CHP area, auxiliary building, administrative building, Utility building, O&M store office, Canteen, time office, Work shop at KTPS 12-07-2016 Original
1319 STPS/11435 Repair and maintenance of compound wall and main boundary wall and other ancillary works at STPS (T) 12-07-2016 Original
1320 BkTPP/11434 Overhauling of boiler pressure parts, HP valves, safety valves & soot blower part of 210 MW boiler and assistance for RLA job of Unit- 3 BkTPP 19-07-2016 Original