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Sl.No NIT No. Tender Ref 1. Tender Ref 2. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download Category
1521 SgTPP/10716 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/184/SgTPP Maintenance Contract for EOT cranes and Hoists of SgTPP. 31-01-2015 16-02-2015 Download
1522 SgTPP/10715 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/183/SgTPP WBPDCL/SgTPP/PURCHASE/ e-NIT/14-15/E0003 Procurement of AC Motor Driven Auxiliary Lube Oil Pump & it’s spares for Main Turbine of 300 MW unit of SgTPP. 06-02-2015 Download Original
1523 CORP/10714 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/182/Corp. E-tenders are invited by the GM(M&C), WBPDCL from bonafide, resourceful, experienced Agencies / Companies having experience in similar nature of works for providing Security Service in its five Power Stations / Project and at Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban. 19-02-2015 Download Original
1524 CORP/10713 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/180/Corp. Renovation, structural alteration & augmentation works of Guest house (D–26) at KTPS. 22-01-2015 30-01-2015 Download
1525 SgTPP/10712 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/181/SgTPP WBPDCL/SgTPP/PURCHASE/e-NIT/14-15/E0002 Procurement of Coal Nozzle Tips for 300 MW SgTPP Unit#2 Overhauling. 30-01-2015 Download Original
1526 KTPS/10711 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/178/KTPS Annual Rate Contract for Thermal Insulation & Refractory works of T&A, B&A, and AHP area of 6X210 Units of KTPS during overhauling as well as running maintenance 06-02-2015 Download Original
1527 KTPS/10710 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/179/KTPS “Annual Maintenance Contract for Various Equipments like Dozers, Engines of DG Sets, Fire Pumps& BHEL make LOCO Engines, Cranes ,Tractors etc. at KTPS” 02-02-2015 11-02-2015 Download Original
1528 BTPS/10709 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/177/BTPS Sweeping and Cleaning of the Power House Building of I-IV unit & other office Building at BTPS Plant site Removal of Small Coal Boulder generated by picker Boys , Removal of Big Stone Boulder from Wagon Tippler ,Removal of garbage and Ash from diffe 10-02-2015 Download Original
1529 STPS/10708 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/176/STPS STPS / M&C / Press Tender /470/Chem/14-15/431 Procurement of 450MT Hydrochloric Acid conforming to IS:265/1976(3rd revision) having concentration 30% minimum and Iron content shall not be more than 20ppm. 30-01-2015 05-02-2015 Download Original
1530 SgTPP/10707 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/175/SgTPP SG/C-IPH /TENDER/2014/34 Paintings of pipe rack near cooling tower #1 with synthetic enamel paint at SgTPP, Murshidabad. 30-01-2015 04-02-2015 Download Original
1531 CORP/10706 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/174/Corp. WBPDCL/CORP/NIT/E1013/14-15 Supply, installation & commissioning of Occupancy sensor for efficient illumination control at WBPDCL, Corporate office Chamber, Kolkata-98 02-02-2015 Download
1532 CORP/10706 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/174/Corp. WBPDCL/CORP/NIT/E1013/14-15 Supply, installation & commissioning of Occupancy sensor for efficient illumination control at WBPDCL, Corporate office Chamber, Kolkata-98 02-02-2015 Download
1533 SgTPP/10705 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/173/SgTPP Round the clock operation of Air Conditioning System, Air Washer System & round the clock running of Lifts (10 Nos.) at SgTPP (2x300MW Units) 15-01-2015 28-01-2015 Download Original
1534 BTPS/10704 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/172/BTPS WBPDCL/BTPS/NIT/E1020/14-15 Round the clock monitoring towards running of 3 nos. OTIS make goods cum passenger elevators under IPH-I divn. of BTPS on Annual Rate Contract Basis’. 19-01-2015 Download Original
1535 SgTPP/10703 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/171/SgTPP Rate contract for rake coal sampling and performance test assisting under CC&OE department, SgTPP”. 15-01-2015 28-01-2015 Download Original
1536 BkTPP/10702 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/170/BkTPP BKSR/CC/ASC-56/1113C/17007 ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT OF COMPUTERS & PRINTERS AT BKTPP. 17-01-2015 27-01-2015 Download
1537 BkTPP/10701 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/169/BkTPP BKSR/CC/AMC-10/0103C/17008 Annual Maintenance Contract for Operation & Tit-Bit Maintenance of Unit # 1 to 5 Soot Blowing Systems of BkTPP. 16-01-2015 22-01-2015 Download
1538 BkTPP/10701 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/169/BkTPP BKSR/CC/AMC-10/0103C/17008 Annual Maintenance Contract for Operation & Tit-Bit Maintenance of Unit # 1 to 5 Soot Blowing Systems of BkTPP. 16-01-2015 22-01-2015 Download
1539 STPS/10700 STPS/GM/CIVIL/IPH/TEN/14-15/573 STPS/GM/CIVIL/IPH/TEN/14-15/573/2192 Painting of cable and pipe rack structures located near D.M. plant, filter water house, U #5 & clarified pump house of U #5&6 at STPS. 27-01-2015 05-02-2015 Download Original
1540 STPS/10699 STPS/GM/CIVIL/IPH/TEN/14-15/572 STPS/GM/CIVIL/IPH/TEN/14-15/572/2191 Painting of cable rack structure from road junction 1442.84W/110N to cooling tower, unit #6 at STPS. 27-01-2015 04-02-2015 Download Original
1541 STPS/10698 STPS/GM/CIVIL/IPH/TEN/14-15/571 STPS/GM/CIVIL/IPH/TEN/14-15/571 /2190 Painting of cable and pipe rack structures from unloading bay to CW pump house, unit #5 and connection to fuel oil tank at STPS 17-01-2015 03-02-2015 Download Original
1542 SgTPP/10697 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/167/SgTPP WBPDCL/SgTPP/PURCHASE/e-NIT/14-15/E0001 Supply and Delivery of Coal Pipe Bends Lined With High Alumina Ceramic for pulverized coal carrying pipes for unit #1 & #2 of 2x300 MW Sagardighi Thermal Power Project 15-01-2015 Download Original
1543 BTPS/10696 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/166/BTPS i) Maintenance of Ash water drain from Assam Road crossing to the river Hooghly at BTPS ii) Emergency silt cutting from the canal from the outfall of Ash Pond No-1&2 to Assam Road at BTPS 28-01-2015 Download Original
1544 BkTPP/10695 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/168/BkTPP Tender document for Procurement of 01 No. Circuit Breaker Analyser for 415V-400KV Circuit Breaker at Bakreswar Thermal Power Project. 24-01-2015 12-02-2015 Download Original
1545 STPS/10694 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/PR/14-15/ STPS/GM/CIVIL/CMD (T)/TEN/14-15/08 Roof treatment works over damaged roofs of 40 (forty) no’s all types’ qtrs. at STPS (T).” 13-01-2015 20-01-2015 Download Original
1546 STPS/10693 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/164/STPS STPS/GM/CIVIL/IPH/TEN/14-15/574/2193 Construction of boulder masonry drain along inside of plant boundary wall, from i) Track Hopper drain outlet to Guard Pond outlet drain and ii) from OSSP pit to culvert beside new raw water to collect, settling and disposal of coal mixed water, surface run off from CHP area in STPS. 13-01-2015 20-01-2015 Download
1547 CORP/10692 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/163/Corp. Supply, Erection & Commissioning of hydraulic Crane with grabbing attachment at Wagon Tippler at KTPS, WBPDCL 05-01-2015 27-01-2015 Download
1548 BTPS/10691 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/159/BTPS i)Evacuation and cleaning of ash from different zones of Boiler (1-4) units with supervision on ARC basis at BTPS, WBPDCL. ii) Procurement of various Bearings for EL-76 Pulverisers Gear box of Stage-I Units (1-4) of BTPS, WBPDCL on ARC basis at BTPS. 16-01-2015 Download Original
1549 BkTPP/10690 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/160/BkTPP BKSR/CC/AMC-29/0203C/16466 Annual Maintenance Contract for C&I system of Unit# 1 to 5 main plant and intake & other outside power house area of BkTPP. 13-01-2015 21-01-2015 Download
1550 CORP/10689 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/158/Corp. WBPDCL/CORP/NIT/E1012/14-15 Providing House-keeping Services, Gardening and Facility Related Services under the supervision of the Agency by deploying various categories of personnel at the Corporate Office of WBPDCL, Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban, Kolkata. 11-01-2015 Download Original
1551 BTPS/10688 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/157/BTPS WBPDCL/BTPS/NIT/E1014/14-15 Schedule maintenance of EL-76 pulverizer and various servicing & cleaning job of Boiler auxiliary equipment of Unit No. 1,2,3,4 (4x60 MW), BTPS stage-1 on Annual Maintenance Contract basis 12-01-2015 Download Original
1552 BkTPP/10687 WBPDCL/EOI-Adv/CC/14-15/156/BkTPP Removal of deposited ash from the bed of river Chandrabhaga, Dist- Birbhum, West Bengal. 27-12-2014 Download Original
1553 BTPS/10686 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/155/BTPS i) Repair & Maintenance of Drinking water pipe line &CISS Pipe line at BTPS-Township ii) Various civil jobs under plant site Civil at BTPS 15-01-2015 Download Original
1554 BTPS/10685 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/154/BTPS WBPDCL/BTPS/NIT/ E1013/14-15 ‘Overhauling of EL-76 pulverizer and various type of maintenance jobs of PA,ID,FD fan & EL-76 pulverizer on annual rate contract basis for Stage-I Units (4x60 MW), BTPS’. 09-01-2015 Download Original
1555 STPS/10684 STPS/GM/CIVIL/CIVIL-OPH/TEN/14-15/09 Repairing & maintenance of balance portion of bituminous ring road (Phase-III) within STPS Township 13-01-2014 20-01-2015 Download Original
1556 CORP/10683 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/152/Corp. Evacuation of settled ash from the ash pond no.2, transportation and disposal in eco-friendly manner of Santaldih Thermal Power Station at Dist. Purulia, West Bengal. 22-12-2014 08-01-2015 Download Original
1557 SgTPP/10682 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/153/SgTPP Annual maintenance contract of Central air conditioning system (Supplied by M/S Dong Fang Electric Corporation, China) of CCR.1&2, GCR, Technical Building & Administrative Building (Including supply of spares and Refrigerant) at SgTPP (2X300MW) 29-12-2014 16-01-2015 Download Original
1558 KTPS/10681 WBPDCL/Tend-Adv/CC/14-15/151/KTPS Annual dedicated maintenance contract of MS-1 to MS-5 for uninterrupted unloading Dry Ash disposal from Main Silo and Housekeeping. 19-12-2014 31-12-2014 Download Original
1560 STPS/10679 STPS/M&C/Tender/412/EM(OPH)/14-15/392 Isolator, TPGO Isolator complete with all components, 33 KV, 3 Phase, 400 Amps, 22 KV Double Stack, Outdoor Type. 26-12-2014 31-12-2014 Download