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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
121 STPS/12291 Installation of insulation floor coating at 415VAC & 220 VDC Switchgear at Unit # 5 & 6, STPS ,The WBPDCL 31-07-2018 Original
122 BTPS/12233 Repairing of existing Dustbins to Prevent Nuisance at BTPS Township 07-08-2018 Original
123 BTPS/12232 Periodical cleaning of Overhead Water Tank of different Buildings and R.C.C. Elevated Reservoirs at B.T.P.S. Township 07-08-2018 Original
124 CORP/12183 Invitation of Bids for Biennial Ceaning of Underground Water Reservoir at Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban of WBPDCL Corporate Office Complex, 3/C, Block- LA, Sector-III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700098 for the Period of 2018-19 07-08-2018 Original
125 CORP/12182 Design , Engineering, Supply, Transport, Storage, Insurance, Erection of Utility Services for Hydrogen Generation Plant Package (SGHGNU2) at Sagardighi Thermal Power Extension Project Phase-II Units [2x500 MW] Units 3 & 4 06-08-2018 Original
126 BTPS/12231 Pre-fabricated Plastomeric Water Proofing Membrane Lining Work over the Roof of ECR Building of BTPS 27-07-2018 Original
127 BTPS/12230 Annual job contract for System Water Sample Collection, Second Stage Coal Sample Preparation and Other Chemical Laboratory related jobs 03-08-2018 Original
128 STPS/12290 Construction of RCC road from Ash Slurry Pump House Unit # 6 to Permanent store of STPS 25-07-2018 Original
129 STPS/12289 Extending consultancy services for Installation of Sewage Treatment Plant at Township including repairing of underground Sewer Line & Plant Premises of Santaldih Thermal Power Project, Purulia, West Bengal 25-07-2018 Original
130 SgTPP/12220 Procurement Erection and Commissioning of 03 Nos High Mast Towers for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 24-07-2018 Original
131 STPS/12288 Construction of One Worker's Shed and Cycle Stand adjacent to Chimney Area of U#5 at STPS 24-07-2018 Original
132 STPS/12287 Roof treatment works over damaged roofs of 12 (Twelve) Nos. Qtrs. at STPS (T)-Phase-II 25-07-2018 Original
133 STPS/12286 Construction of One Car Shed in front of Technical Building at STPS 24-07-2018 Original
134 CORP/12181 Invitation of bids for construction of Ash Water Recirculation System & Lagoon with Water Recovery System including Piping, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation System for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project (SGAWRSL), UNITS [(1X 300 MW + 2 X 500MW + 1 X 660MW (Proposed) 08-08-2018 Original
135 CORP/12180 Establishment of site offices (Containerized cabins) at Barjore Coal Mines, Birbhum 27-07-2018 Original
136 SgTPP/12219 Rate Contract for Loading, Unloading and Transporting/ carriage of materials (within SgTPP, from outside to SgTPP and from SgTPP to outside) 24-07-2018 Original
137 SgTPP/12218 Cutting of unwanted Shrubs, Plants, Jungles, Grasses etc. and clearing Compound Premises by removing the same at ‘D’ Type Complex , ‘C’ Type Complex, FH (Flat)-I, Surroundings of Officer’s Recreation Club (including ORC Playground), surrounding of Market Complex, surroundings of Gas Godown and Both side of Type - I Road (Township main gate to market) for Twelve Months at SgTPP Township , WBPDC, Murshidabad 20-07-2018 Original
138 SgTPP/12217 Cutting of unwanted Shrubs, Plants, Jungles, Grasses etc and clearing Compound Premises by removing the same at ‘B’ Type Complex (Qtr. No B-1 to B-89), FH (Barrack) Type Complex, surrounding of FH (Flat)-II, Surrounding General Recreation Club, Surrounding Hospital and Both side of Type- I Road (Market Complex to Gate No. 3) for twelve months” at SgTPP Township , WBPDCL, Murshidabad 20-07-2018 Original
139 BTPS/12229 Schedule Maintenance of EL -76 Pulverisers & Servicing of coupling & strainer cleaning of auxiliaries at Units 1-2 on AMC basis under B&A (Stage-I), BTPS, WBPDCL 24-07-2018 Original
140 KTPS/12169 Manufacturing, Supply, Testing, Delivery & Transport of Planetary Gear Box for SR-1, 2 Slew Drive at CHP, KTPS through CAPEX Budget proposal of F.Y. 2016-017 13-08-2018 Original
141 STPS/12285 Deployment of 75 (Seventy Five) nos. Contractor Workers and 01 (One) no. Supervisor for providing services to various departments at STPS 19-07-2018 Original
142 STPS/12284 Cleaning Jungles, Cutting Long Grasses, Bushes, Shrubs, Dry Trees etc. inside all 220/132/33KV Switch yard under EM-OPH, STPS, The WBPDCL 17-07-2018 Original
143 CORP/12179 IT Facility Management Service at WBPDCL’s Corporate Office 31-07-2018 Original
144 CORP/12178 Manual unloading of BOXN Wagons on Track Hopper at Sagardighi Thermal Power Project 05-07-2018 Original
145 STPS/12283 Rate Contract for Laying or Withdrawal or both Laying and Withdrawal of LT & HT Cable under EMIPH, EMOPH & AHP (E/M) Dept, STPS 17-07-2018 Original
146 BTPS/12228 Removing sludge from septic tank, soak well etc. at BTPS Township 19-07-2018 Original
147 BTPS/12227 Construction of toilet at operation floor of Unit # 1 to Unit # 4 at BTPS 24-07-2018 Original
148 BTPS/12226 Repairing and overhauling of Deep Tube Well Pumps (22.5 HP Capacity) at BTPS Plant 24-07-2018 Original
149 SgTPP/12216 Different Filter Cartridge for Control Fluid Regeneration Stage 2 for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 19-07-2018 Original
150 SgTPP/12215 Procurement of LT Fasteners of any make for Stage 1&2 for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 19-07-2018 Original
151 SgTPP/12214 Procurement of HT Fasteners of LPS/TVS/UNBRAKO/CAPARO make for Stage 1 & 2 for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 19-07-2018 Original
152 SgTPP/12213 Maintenance contract of Mechanical Maintenance for SgTPP, CHP, Stage-I & II for one year 11-07-2018 Original
153 BTPS/12225 Replacement/ Servicing of Coal Pipe Bends, Straight Piece, Y-Splitter, VARB and servicing of CCP Hanger Support during Unit # 5 Overhauling under B&A (5th Unit), BTPS, WBPDC 20-07-2018 Original
154 BTPS/12224 Insulation of Boiler area of Unit # 5 during unit overhauling under B&A(5th Unit) BTPS, WBPDCL 19-07-2018 Original
155 STPS/12282 Repairing and painting of Talgoria Bridge at Bhojudih, Jharkhand 12-07-2018 Original
156 SgTPP/12212 Construction of Chemical Store Building at DM Plant area of SgTPP, Murshidabad 04-07-2018 Original
157 STPS/12281 Making Lavatory two (02) nos. at CHP, STPS 12-07-2018 Original
158 STPS/12280 ARC for attending Boiler Tube Leakage and other allied works & High pressure welding jobs of B&A , T&A & C&I dept. of 250 MW unit #5 & 6 of STPS, WBPDCL 04-07-2018 Original
159 STPS/12279 Procurement of Seal Wear Ring & Trunnian Bush for Coal Mill XRP-883 of Unit-5 & 6 under BMD Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 10-07-2018 Original
160 STPS/12278 Procurement of Grinding Elements (Grinding Roll & Bull Ring Segment) for Unit # 5 & 6 XRP-883 Coal Mill under B&A, dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 04-07-2018 Original