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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
1601 BTPS/11211 Procurement of Primary superheater, Secondary superheater, Saturated screen super heater and Economizer bends for Stage-I Units(4 X 60 MW) at BTPS of WBPDCL 04-02-2016 Original
1602 KTPS/11210 Annual Rate Contract for providing services of 44 nos. Contractual Workers to various departments at KTPS 01-02-2016 Original
1603 STPS/11209 Procurement of different types of boiler tube guards for U#6 OH under BMD dept., STPS. Procurement of Metallic Expansion Joint for flue gas near APH for U#6 OH under BMD dept., STPS. 30-01-2016 Original
1604 STPS/11208 Insulation Resistance Tester, Range of Insulation Resistance: up to 10TΩ or more, Test Voltage: maximum 5KV in steps of 500V, 1KV, 2.5KV, 5KV or more steps with all standard accessories, Short Circuit Current: 3mA nominal, Model No: MIT-515, Make: Megger India Pvt. Ltd., Detail specifications as per Annexure-A 29-01-2016 03-02-2016 Original
1605 STPS/11207 Annual repair & maintenance of 600mm Dia. Raw Water Pipe Line from Old Intake Pump House (Jharkhand Side) to Raw water at STPS (Bengal Side) Annual maintenance of different type Qtr with minor civil & structural works at STPS (T/S) Gr.- II 13-02-2016 Original
1606 BTPS/11206 Strengthening and renovation of 5th Unit Crusher House at BTPS Repairing of Bunkers of Unit No.1 with S.S. Lining in slope portion at BTPS 03-02-2016 Original
1607 KTPS/11205 Annual Rate Contract for maintenance of Acidulation Plant (Stage-I & Stage-IInew), Chlorination Plant (Stage-I & II) of C.W. System and Chlorination of P.T. Plant, KTPS. 20-01-2016 27-01-2016 Original
1608 KTPS/11204 Annual Maintenance Contract for various buildings, sheds etc. at KTPS 27-01-2016 Original
1609 STPS/11203 Procurement of seal assembly (6 nos) for pulveriser hot air gate (flap type) of unit#6 overhauling under B&A dept. STPS. 22-01-2016 29-01-2016 Original
1610 STPS/11202 Procurement of one set of bearing i.e. Angular Contact Brg (3 Nos) and Cyl Roller Brg (2 Nos), for PA fan #6B overhauling under B&A dept. STPS. 21-01-2016 29-01-2016 Original
1611 BTPS/11201 Evacuation and cleaning of ash from different zones of boiler (1-5) units on annual maintenance contract basis at BTPS of WBPDCL 27-01-2016 Original
1612 SgTPP/11200 Modification of factory canteen building for SgTPP, Murshidabad 15-01-2016 20-01-2016 Original
1613 STPS/11199 Repairing and painting of the existing walkway of Clarifloculator No. 1&2 of Old Unit and fitting & fixing of gratings on the trenches of Old Raw Water Pump House & Filter Water Pump House,STPS 27-01-2016 29-01-2016 Original
1614 STPS/11198 Construction of AMC contractor’s office and store room under AHP Department, STPS 27-01-2016 29-01-2016 Original
1615 BTPS/11197 Maintenance Contract for different works at Unit #5 under T&A Department, BTPS for 01 (One) year 21-01-2016 Original
1616 STPS/11196 Return roller shell dia 152.4mm, Roller length 700mm, Belt width-1200mm 19-01-2016 27-01-2016 Original
1617 KTPS/11195 ARC for Various medical tests like pathological , biochemical, immunological tests of the KTPS employees and their dependants under KTPS medical unit , WBPDCL. 13-01-2016 20-01-2016 Original
1618 BTPS/11194 Annual Maintenance Contract for one year for Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance of Ash Handling System of Unit#5 at BTPS 30-01-2016 Original
1619 BTPS/11193 Overhauling of Boiler and its Pressure parts & High pressure jet cleaning of unit No. 1 during its overhauling at BTPS of WBPDCL 13-01-2016 Original
1621 SgTPP/11191 Transport / carriage of materials including loading/unloading from SgTPP to outside and outside to SgTPP for two (02) years. 18-01-2016 05-02-2016 Original
1622 SgTPP/11190 supply & delivery of BOILER STRAIGHT TUBES for Unit #1 & #2 of 2x300 MW at Sagardighi Thermal Power Project. 27-01-2016 29-01-2016 Original
1623 STPS/11189 Annual Rate Contract for Fire Fighting and Surveillance service to rescue the fire hazard in Power Plant under Fire & Safety Dept, STPS 21-01-2016 Original
1624 STPS/11188 Annual maintenance of non- residential buildings and minor civil & structural work at STPS (T) 25-01-2016 Original
1625 SgTPP/11186 Procurement of Cold End Gratings for basket support of APH for unit#1 & 2 of Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, 02-01-2016 Original
1626 SgTPP/11185 supply & delivery of High Alumina Ceramic Lined Coal Nozzle Assembly for Unit #1 of 2x300 MW at Sagardighi Thermal Power Project 22-01-2016 27-01-2016 Original
1627 STPS/11184 procurement of 11 kV & 6.6 kV Indoor Cast Resin Current & Voltage Transformers under EM(OPH) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S. 08-01-2016 14-01-2016 Original
1628 BTPS/11183 ARC of different types of Civil jobs at Intake and inside Plant area at BTPS Sweeping, cleaning the different floors of 5th unit Power House and other buildings including maintenance of latrines, urinals, floors etc. at BTPS 19-01-2016 Original
1629 CORP/11182 Thorough roof treatment and application of silicon sealant at Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban (BUB) at the Corporate office building of The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited (WBPDCL) 06-01-2016 Original
1630 CORP/11181 Differential Global Positioning Survey (DGPS) for the compensatory aforestation land situated in the district of Pakur in the state of Jharkhand and due authentication of the same from appropriate authority 20-01-2016 Original
1631 STPS/11180 Annual Maintenance Contract for various Heavy Vehicles, Locomotives & Equipments under Workshop department, STPS, Santaldih, WBPDCL 02-01-2016 Original
1632 STPS/11179 Annual Service contract for the job of cleaning at Pre-Crusher House and Crusher House Zone including BOBR Area at CHP , STPS for unit#5 and unit #6.under CHP(Oprn.) dept, Santaldih T.P. 03-01-2016 Original
1633 BTPS/11178 Energy Audit job of Unit 1 to 4 (4 x 60MW) of Bandel Thermal power Station through E-tendering at BTPS, WBPDCL 15-01-2016 Original
1634 SgTPP/11177 Supply & delivery Coal Mill Classifier Top Turret Plate With Cone of Mill ZGM-123 N for 2x300 MW Units at Sagardighi Thermal Power Project,WBPDCL 20-01-2016 Original
1635 BkTPP/11176 Annual Maintenance Contract of Radial Gate & accessories including operation of submersible pump (20 HP/30 HP) and cleaning of sump well at Bakreswar Dam of BkTPP 05-01-2016 Original
1636 BkTPP/11175 Supply of Unskilled & Semi–Skilled manpower, on man–day basis, in connection with tit–bit work on As & When required basis at BkTPP. 06-01-2016 14-01-2016 Original
1637 BTPS/11174 Annual Maintenance Contract for Maintenance of Central Air Conditioning System of MCR#1-5, ECR & Annex. and 5th unit Annex. area at BTPS 06-01-2016 Original
1638 STPS/11173 Rate contract of reconstruction of printer cartridge under IT dept, STPS 31-12-2015 Original
1639 STPS/11172 Annual Service contract for the job for BOBR Unloading job at CHP , STPS for unit # 5 and unit #6 under CHP(Oprn.) dept, Santaldih T.P.S 28-12-2015 Original
1640 CORP/11170 Procurement of Wall mounted conference room LED based commercial display System for Power Department, Govt. of West Bengal at Bidyut Unnanyan Bhaban, WBPDCL 13-01-2016 Original