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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
1681 BTPS/11070 Design, Manufacturing & Supply and Erection, Testing & Commissioning of retractable unloading spout including its all electrical & mechanical drives, accessories, level switch for dust free unloading of dry ash from station SILO to close tanker/vessel, Capacity 100 TPH. 27-11-2015 Original
1683 STPS/11068 Procurement of Silica Gel Crystal under EM(IPH), EM(OPH), EM(AHP), MM(T) & EM(CHP) Depts., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL. 08-10-2015 Original
1684 STPS/11067 procurement of various Electrical Testing Equipments under EM(OPH) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S. 09-10-2015 15-10-2015 Original
1685 CORP/11066 Renewal of Annual Support for VMware Virtual Infrastructure for 3-Years for Data –Center at Corporate office, WBPDCL, Kolkata-700098. 14-10-2015 Original
1686 STPS/11065 Procurement of Air Conditioning Machines under EM(OPH) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 03-10-2015 Original
1687 SgTPP/11064 Re-engineering, Designing, Manufacturing, Dynamic Balancing, Supply & delivery of PA FAN BLADE COMPLETE SET for Unit #1 & #2 of 2x300 MW at Sagardighi Thermal Power Project. 04-11-2015 06-11-2015 Original
1688 KTPS/11063 Removal/disposal and transportation of stone/coal boulders, coal rejects /refuges, silt, ash, and other assorted debris from different areas of KTPS Replacement of old damaged G.C.I sheet by new G.C.I sheet of boiler canopies and boiler front shed 07-10-2015 Original
1689 STPS/11062 Procurement of 200/250NB MS pipe for Unit#6 OH under AHP dept. Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL Procurement of ring type SS Shims for servicing and alignment of bearing RJA, SS flexible hose and elbow for Bowel mill XRP-883 under B&A dept. Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 01-10-2015 Original
1690 STPS/11061 Tri Sodium Phosphate Do Deca Hydrate, Purity18% min as P2O5. [ Item Code: 07C030698 ]. 15-10-2015 29-10-2015 Original
1691 STPS/11060 Conservancy work at inside and outside power house and ancillary works with supply of materials at STPS [2015-2016]. 09-10-2015 15-10-2015 Original
1692 CORP/11059 Hiring of vehicle for the visit of ECL & BCCL collieries in Asansol area and DRM office, Eastern Railway for monitoring of coal rake movement. 01-10-2015 30-10-2015 Original
1693 STPS/11058 Ammonia solution 25%; Purity 25%; Sp.Gravity 0.91, Purew Grade, Bulk Pack, 100 Ltr.[ Item Code: 07C030330 ] 30-09-2015 08-10-2015 Original
1694 STPS/11057 Establishment of chemical laboratory by interior set up at D. M. Plant Building of STPS 09-10-2015 15-10-2015 Original
1695 KTPS/11056 Rate Contract for Maint. of Boiler & Aux. of Unit #4,O/H of Coal Mill (Unit #1 to 4), Replacement of Coal Mill Gear Box (Unit #1 to 4),Boiler Tube Leakage Repair (Unit #1 to 6) and other Misc. jobs of Boilers of KTPS.. 30-09-2015 07-10-2015 Original
1696 SgTPP/11055 Procurement of Different types of MS ERW pipes for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 24-09-2015 Original
1697 BkTPP/11054 Overhauling of boiler air & flue gas ducts and expansion bellows of 210 MW boiler of Unit # 5 BkTPP Overhauling of boiler pressure parts, HP valves & soot blower part of 210 MW boiler of Unit-5 BkTPP Overhauling of burner, SADC, rotary air pre heater & soot blower parts of 210 MW boiler of Unit-5 BkTPP Annual service contract for cooling water treatment of Unit#1 to Unit#5 of BkTPP 05-10-2015 Original
1698 STPS/11053 Procurement of Portable Dew Point Meter for chemical laboratory, STPS. 30-09-2015 07-10-2015 Original
1699 STPS/11052 Procurement of Automatic Bomb Calorimeter for chemical laboratory, STPS. 29-09-2015 05-10-2015 Original
1700 BkTPP/11050 PROCUREMENT of chemical Poly Aluminium Chloride for CHEMICAL Department at BkTPP 25-09-2015 07-10-2015 Original
1701 SgTPP/11049 Engagement of a 08 Ton Capacity Hydra crane with operation service on hiring basis for SgTPP at CHP. 26-09-2015 16-10-2015 Original
1702 BTPS/11048 Repairing and maintenance with priming, painting of Intake Pump House of Unit No. 1 to 5 at BTPS & Epoxy flooring at TG floor of 5th unit, BTPS 07-10-2015 Original
1703 BkTPP/11047 BkTPP Unit # 1 Boiler Pressure Parts area Overhauling for 30 days of Boiler Pressure Parts, High pressure valves, Safety valves, Soot blowers, for Boiler efficiency improvement, Steaming License renewal & assistance for RLA Job in Oct-Nov’15. 28-09-2015 05-10-2015 Original
1704 BkTPP/11046 Sales of TENDER DOCUMENT FOR PROCUREMENT OF Grinding Elements 01( SET) for 10E10 Coal Mill at BkTPP 25-09-2015 07-10-2015 Original
1705 BkTPP/11045 Tender Notice for Overhauling of BHEL make ESP, Ash handling Plant and C&I related job of Unit# 1 of BkTPP. 24-09-2015 01-10-2015 Original
1706 STPS/11044 Sodium Hypochlorite solution as per IS: 11673:1992 (Grade II 12.5%-15%) inportable plastic jericans (non refundable) of size 30-35 Kg. [ Item Code: 07C030699 ]. 24-09-2015 01-10-2015 Original
1707 STPS/11043 Service Order for the Jobs of painting and Tit-bit repairing of Two(02) nos. of BHEL make shunting locomotives under Workshop department ,STPS . 18-09-2015 24-09-2015 Original
1708 KTPS/11042 Annual Maintenance Contract For Electrical Maintenance Of Unit #4,5 & 6 ESP and Total Dry Ash System Under AHP-E/M,KTPS 30-09-2015 Original
1709 STPS/11041 Procurement of Scientific Chemical Balance, Electronic Weighing Machine & Equilibrate Moisture Oven under Chemical dept., STPS 07-10-2015 15-10-2015 Original
1710 STPS/11040 Procurement of Double Beam UV –Spectrophotometer under Chemical dept., STPS 30-09-2015 08-10-2015 Original
1711 STPS/11039 Procurement of Portable Tri Gas Analyser for Hydrogen Purging for chemical laboratory, STPS. 06-10-2015 14-10-2015 Original
1712 SgTPP/11038 Construction of Bituminous Road at newly proposed ‘B’- type (B-58 to B-89) & ‘C’- type (C-30 to C-39) area of SgTPP Township, Dist. - Murshidabad, West Bengal. 06-10-2015 14-10-2015 Original
1713 STPS/11037 Repairing and painting of Clarified Pump House Building, Unit#5 along with hand & stair railings of Clarifloculator no.-1 and its associated structures within STPS 24-09-2015 30-09-2015 Original
1714 STPS/11036 Procurement of Thermo Gravimetric Analyser for chemical laboratory, STPS. 24-09-2015 05-10-2015 Original
1715 STPS/11035 Procurement of Grid disc combination coupling, Model nO.LGF-432H-1025(490) IM/5047 SPL, CPLG & its spare Transmitting unit including flexible blade assembly for grid disc combination coupling for Bowel Mill XRP-883 for unit 5&6 under B&A dept. STPS. 23-09-2015 30-09-2015 Original
1716 STPS/11033 Supply & Delivery of 150NB CI Gate Valve for F&S dept. Santaldih.T.P.S. 18-09-2015 24-09-2015 Original
1717 BkTPP/11032 Annual Maintenance Contract for O&M of Stage Craft, Stage Lighting along with Chair, Lobby, Carpet, walls [inside & outside] of main Hall of the Auditorium Building of BkTPP. 12-09-2015 29-09-2015 Original
1718 BTPS/11031 Procurement of One No. Thermogravimetric Analyzer for Proximate Analysis of Coal Chemical Lab, BTPS 23-09-2015 Original
1719 STPS/11030 Job Contract for painting (including supply) of Ash water Recovery Line (250 NB) & Bottom/ Fly Ash Slurry Line (200 NB) of Unit-5 under AHP (M/M) Dept. STPS, The WBPDCL 17-09-2015 28-09-2015 Original
1720 STPS/11029 Job Contract for painting (including supply) of Ash water Recovery Line (250NB) & Bottom/ Fly Ash Slurry Line (200 NB) of Unit-5 under AHP (M/M) Dept. STPS, The WBPDCL. 17-09-2015 28-09-2015 Original