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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
1761 BTPS/11122 Procurement of 12000 Mtr. in length, 1.1 KV grade, FRLS cable, PVC insulated/sheathed & round steel armoured (IS 1554, Part-I) Aluminium conductor for OPH (E/M), BTPS, WBPDCL 26-11-2015 Original
1762 BTPS/11121 Annual Rate Contract for Handling of materials and different official works by deploying Three (03) nos. Manpower at Main Store under S&P department at BTPS 01-12-2015 Original
1763 STPS/11120 Annual Rate Contract for supplying of unskilled worker and skilled technician for daily assistance in maintenance of electrical equipments & systems at STPS under IPH (E) Dept. Santaldih. T. P. S. 23-11-2015 01-12-2015 Original
1765 BTPS/11118 Annual Maintenance Contract for daily operation cum maintenance of PLCC & Microwave, Page System, Automatic Telephone Exchange at TCI Department of BTPS 30-11-2015 Original
1766 BTPS/11117 Annual Rate Contract for maintenance of illumination system & new control cable laying works under IPH Dept. at BTPS, WBPDCL 26-11-2015 Original
1767 CORP/11116 Taking delivery of dry fly Ash from the silos of SantaldihThermal Power Station , WBPDCL 24-11-2015 Original
1768 STPS/11115 Annual Maintenance Contract for Electrical Maintenance jobs under the scope of EMOPH (Township) Dept. Santaldih. T. P. S. 20-11-2015 27-11-2015 Original
1769 STPS/11114 Annual Maintenance Contract the job of collection & preparation of coal & ash samples from different sources inside the plant under CC&FE deptt. , STPS for 2 X 250 MW unit , The WBPDCL . 19-11-2015 27-11-2015 Original
1770 STPS/11113 Procurement of spares for U#6 ESP overhauling under EM(AHP) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S. 19-11-2015 26-11-2015 Original
1771 CORP/11112 Household Pest Management (Cockroaches, Ants – Red and Black) Rodent Management Service (Rats, Mice and Bandicoots) Termite Management (Sub-terranean termites) 24-11-2015 09-12-2015 Original
1772 KTPS/11111 Annual Rate Contract for Providing services of 51 nos. Contractual Workers to various departments at KTPS 12-11-2015 Original
1773 BkTPP/11110 Overhauling of BHEL make ESP, Ash Handling Plant and C&I related job of Unit# 5 of BkTPP 19-11-2015 Original
1774 BTPS/11109 Scaffolding erection & dismantling, High pressure jet cleaning, Thickness measurement & repairing of Boiler pressure parts of unit No. 1& 3 for BTPS of WBPDCL 19-11-2015 Original
1775 BTPS/11108 Repairing of bunkers of unit No-2 with S.S lining in Slope portion 13-11-2015 Original
1776 STPS/11107 Procurement of 1000Lts Hydrazine Hydrate IS:12086-1987 Purity-80%(min) as N2H4.H2O and 50% as N2H4,boiling rang 115c to 119c,residue on evaporation 0.01% by mass(maximum) 09-11-2015 18-11-2015 Original
1777 STPS/11106 Procurement of Tyres, Tubes & Flap for Fire tender vehicles of STPS under workshop dept. 04-11-2015 16-11-2015 Original
1778 STPS/11105 Procurement of different Tools and Tackles under EM(IPH) & EM(OPH) Depts., Santaldih T.P.S. 09-11-2015 19-11-2015 Original
1779 SgTPP/11104 Repairing and renovation of condensate neutralizing basin building beside Boiler # 2 of SgTPP 05-11-2015 09-11-2015 Original
1780 STPS/11103 Procurement of miscellaneous items for day to day maintenance under EM(OPH), EM(CHP), EM(AHP) & EM(IPH) Depts., Santaldih T.P.S. 09-11-2015 19-11-2015 Original
1781 SgTPP/11102 Repairing and renovation of auxiliary boiler of SGTPP, Murshidabad 07-11-2015 23-11-2015 Original
1782 STPS/11101 Procurement of 100MT Alimino Ferric under DGM (O) dept., STPS’, for the period of One (01) year 18-11-2015 26-11-2015 Original
1783 STPS/11100 Two steps bid system for ‘Procurement of upper and lower bearing for journal Roller Assy. Of Bowl Mill XRP-883 for unit U # 5&6 under B&A Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., The WBPDCL’ 19-11-2015 Original
1784 BTPS/11099 AMC for round the clock Operation & Maintenance of BTPS Township Electric Supply and Annual Rate Contract for 5(five) Nos. of Contractual workers for maintenance of lines of telephone system at BTPS plant & BTPS Township. 17-11-2015 Original
1785 BkTPP/11098 Two part bid system for supply of Power Cable and supply of Pipes at BkTPP 02-12-2015 Original
1786 KTPS/11097 Two steps bid system for ‘Annual Rate Contract for operation of soot blower at stg-I boilers at KTPS’ 09-11-2015 Original
1787 SgTPP/11096 Three steps bid system for (JOB-I): ‘Civil Maintenance work (Building, Sanitary and Plumbing) Contract for different types of buildings at SgTPP 09-11-2015 18-11-2015 Original
1788 STPS/11095 Procurement of annual essential illumination items under EM(OPH) & EM(IPH) depts at Santaldih TPS 05-11-2015 Original
1789 CORP/11094 Selection of mine developer and operator for development and operation for Barjora (North) Coal Mine in Bankura District of West Bengal, India 01-12-2015 01-12-2015 Original
1790 BkTPP/11093 07-11-2015 Original
1791 CORP/11092 Supply & Installation of Unified Threat Management (UTM) Devices at Corporate office, WBPDCL, Kolkata 14-11-2015 Original
1792 SgTPP/11091 Contract for Condenser Cooling Water Treatment of Unit #1& #2 at SgTPP. Transport / carriage of materials including loading/unloading from SgTPP to outside and outside to SgTPP for two (02) years. 17-11-2015 30-11-2015 Original
1793 SgTPP/11090 Supply & delivery & erection of 2TR Pigeon Hole Slotted Angle Bin Racks with 12400 holes (6200 holes for each of the 2 Nos Godown) for 2x500 MW Units at Sagardighi Thermal Power Project,WBPDCL 08-12-2015 11-12-2015 Original
1794 CORP/11089 Selection of mine developer and operator for development and operation of Trans-Damodar coal mine (1 MTPA) of The Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL) in Bankura district of West Bengal, India . 26-11-2015 Original
1795 BTPS/11088 Sweeping and cleaning work at BTPS Hospital Building and surrounding areas at BTPS Township 05-11-2015 Original
1796 BkTPP/11087 Annual Maintenance Contract on Turbine & Auxiliary Systems and Piecemeal Job of Unit-1 to Unit-5 (5 X 210 MW), BkTPP 24-11-2015 Original
1797 CORP/11086 Renewal of the AMC for HP EVA Storage, Blade Chassis & Blade Servers in Corporate Data Center at Kolkata 16-11-2015 Original
1798 CORP/11085 Engagement of Recruitment Consultant at Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban, Corporate Office, WBPDCL 16-11-2015 Original
1799 BTPS/11084 Various maintenance job of EL-76 Pulverizer, Coal feeder, P.A./I.D./F.D. fan(Mandatory & Optional basis) on Annual Maintenance Contract basis under B&A (1-4) Units for BTPS of WBPDCL 29-10-2015 Original
1800 BkTPP/11083 Daily sweeping and cleaning of administrative building, BkTPS township, Sonajhuri building, Abdarpur guest house, market complex, BkTPS Prabir Sengupta high school, holy mother english medium primary school, BkTPS hospital, BkTPS recreation club & officers club, fire station building, Bk dam office, etc for the year 2015-16. 17-10-2015 02-11-2015 Original