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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
1801 STPS/11004 Annual Maintenance Contract for Mechanical Maintenance work of New Intake Pump House at Viringi 02-09-2015 11-09-2015 Original
1802 STPS/11003 Painting of street light tubular poles and electrical poles along with supply of painting materials at STPS Plant and Township under OPH-EM Dept, STPS 28-08-2015 02-09-2015 Original
1803 BTPS/11002 Procurement of P.Way materials and delivery at BTPS Store for thorough renovation of line no-6, 13,14and 15 of rail track at BTPS 12-09-2015 Original
1804 CORP/11001 Supply, Installation & Commissioning of one (01) no. mobile Crane with hydraulic attachments to be used in different power stations of WBPDCL along with its five (05) years’ AMC 14-09-2015 Original
1805 SgTPP/10999 ARC for miscellaneous Sanitary and Plumbing jobs (of maintenance) including drinking water pipeline (repair/maintenance) at plant area of SgTPP for year 2015-16 28-08-2015 02-09-2015 Original
1807 BTPS/10997 Procurement of different sizes Wooden Sleepers (Sal Malaysian) for fitting of different types of point & crossing at BTPS Marshalling Yard Supply and delivery of 1in8.5 point and crossing with 60Kg (IRS-12) first quality Rails on PSC sleeper layout as per RDSO drawing T-4865&4967 with CMS crossing, all fitting & fastening 12-09-2015 Original
1808 STPS/10996 Annual Rate Contract for repairing and rewinding of L.T. Motors under OPH (E/M) and IPH (E/M) Dept. Santaldih. T. P. S. 28-08-2015 02-09-2015 Original
1809 STPS/10995 Annual Contract for 06 Nos. Intake Pumps installed at Bhojudih for Overhauling job of the Pumps and Running day to day maintenance of Pumps, under DGM(Maint.) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S. 29-08-2015 07-09-2015 Original
1810 KTPS/10994 Annual Rate Contract for Thermal Insulation & Refractory works of T&A, B&A, and AHP area of 6X210 Units of KTPS during overhauling as well as running maintenance 02-09-2015 Original
1811 KTPS/10993 Annual Contract for 06 Nos. Intake Pumps installed at Bhojudih for Overhauling job of the Pumps and Running day to day maintenance of Pumps, under DGM(Maint.) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S. Original
1812 BkTPP/10992 Annual maintenance contract for testing related work of unit#1 to unit#5 including CHP of BkTPP Annual service contract for condition monitoring of different critical equipments at BkTPP 04-09-2015 Original
1813 BkTPP/10991 Repairing & maintenance of work of Ash Pond, Bktpp. Construction of rigit pavement in one lane from main gate to 1st T junction at inside plant area at Bktpp. 25-08-2015 Original
1814 BkTPP/10990 Annual Civil Maintenance of different plant buildings of MP 1, 2, 3; CHP, Simulator Building, Roads inside plant and minor civil construction for one year at BkTPP 02-09-2015 Original
1815 CORP/10989 Maintaining desired channel to ensure steady supply of water through dredging of river rupnarayan at dolphin mouth of intake pump house of kolaghat thermal power station by deployment of cutter suction type dredgers of specified capacity. 07-09-2015 Original
1816 KTPS/10988 Annual Rate Contract for Coal Cleaning at Coal Handling Plant, KTPS 19-08-2015 26-08-2015 Original
1817 SgTPP/10987 Annual contract for Housekeeping/ Cleaning work at different location of CHP, SgTPP( PHASE-1,2X300MW) . 17-08-2015 26-08-2015 Original
1818 CORP/10986 Taking delivery of dry fly ash as available from the silos of Kolaghat Thermal Power Station under The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited. 28-08-2015 Original
1819 BTPS/10985 Procurement, delivery and stacking of prestressed concrete Sleepers’ for 60 kg rails at BTPS store 02-09-2015 Original
1820 STPS/10984 Procurement of 750 kVA (33 kV/415 V) & 500 kVA (11 kV/433 V) Transformers under EM(OPH) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S. 17-08-2015 24-08-2015 Original
1821 BkTPP/10983 Annual Maintenance Contract for DM Plant Package of Stage-1 & Stage-1I of BkTPP. 07-08-2015 13-08-2015 Original
1822 BkTPP/10982 Annual Maintenance Contract for Maintenance of Boiler & its Auxiliary System including piece meal job of Unit# 1 to Unit# 3 of BkTPP. 19-08-2015 28-08-2015 Original
1823 SgTPP/10981 Providing Fire Safety &Fire Fighting Services at SgTPP(2x300MW) 20-08-2015 31-08-2015 Original
1824 SgTPP/10980 Sagardighi Thermal Power Project invites 4 (four) Part sealed tenders from Indian manufacturers / suppliers for supply & delivery of 1000 MT Sulphuric Acid for Unit #1 & #2 of 2x300 MW at Sagardighi Thermal Power Project. 24-08-2015 26-08-2015 Original
1825 STPS/10979 Supply and dosing of Chemicals for Cooling Water treatment for 250 MW X 2 of Unit 5 & 6, STPS, The WBPDCL. 18-08-2015 02-09-2015 Original
1826 STPS/10978 Hiring of 01 No. Semi – Deluxe TATA Star Bus , Ex-Showroom , 32 Seated, Model 2015 , that will ply to & fro between STPS Township & Adra railway Station, for the period 05(Five) years under Workshop Department, STPS 17-08-2015 25-08-2015 Original
1827 BkTPP/10977 Annual maintenance contract of cooling tower including optional job for 5x210 MW units of BkTPP 25-08-2015 Original
1828 STPS/10976 Coal Feeder Belt for 36inch Gravimetric Coal Feeder, 7ft CD as per G.F 255. M24 AS PER IS 1891 (PART I), 1994. Truly Endless Belt without any joint in warp/ wept & integrally moulded side teeth & middle V guide 13-08-2015 19-08-2015 Original
1829 STPS/10975 Procurement of chemical reagents for maintenance of steam water analysis system(SWAS) under chemicals dept. S.T.P.S. as per enclosed Item List. 14-08-2015 20-08-2015 Original
1830 KTPS/10974 Embankment protection work of north side of Banpur canal in between Gate no. 1 and drainage discharge point at KTPS Construction of new concrete road by replacing existing bituminous road of 570E road, connecting Power house to 650N road beside Stage-I Ash slurry pump house at KTPS Repairing and replacement of damaged precast slabs of drains, cable trenches etc. inside (132KV/220KV/ 400KV) switch yard at KTPS 18-08-2015 Original
1832 BTPS/10972 Overhauling of EL-76 Pulverizers and Various type of maintenance Jobs of PA, ID,FD Fan &EL-76 Pulverizers on annual Rate contract basis under B&A (1-4) Units for BTPS of WBPDCL 12-08-2015 Original
1833 STPS/10971 Filter Bags for Silo Vent Filter as per drg no. 28P03-T-1B-387 06-08-2015 11-08-2015 Original
1834 SgTPP/10970 Online picking of stones and foreign materials on round the clock basis from running conveyors at CHP, SgTPP 17-08-2015 Original
1835 STPS/10969 Silica Gel Crystal, Size : 6 - 8mm, Indicating Type, Blue/Pink colour, Conforming to IS: 3401-1992. in 25Kg per container. Silica gel must be packed by plastic bag in an air tight fibre drum. 04-08-2015 10-08-2015 Original
1836 STPS/10968 Annual Rate Contract for Statutory Testing and Certification of Different Tools & Tackles used at different areas of STPS as per West Bengal Govt. Safety norms under Maintenance Planning dept., Santaldih T.P.S.’’ [ As per Annexure-II- Job Description ]. 05-08-2015 12-08-2015 Original
1837 STPS/10967 New Electrical Rewiring in the STPS Boy’s High School & STPS Girl’s High School under EM-OPH Dept. Santaldih. T. P. S. 03-08-2015 10-08-2015 Original
1838 STPS/10966 Procurement of upper and lower bearing for journal Roller Assy. of Bowl Mill XRP-883 for unit U#5&6 under B&A Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., The WBPDCL Procurement of fill materials like S S Grid,PVC ‘V’Bar & PVC Drift Eliminator etc for Gammon make cooling tower,Unit#5 under T&A, Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., The WBPDCL 31-07-2015 Original
1839 BkTPP/10965 Air Heater Tube (63.5 OD X 2.08 T X 7222 l) mm. Material as per BS 6323 PART-V-1982, GRADE-ERW , II, Latest. 31-07-2015 12-08-2015 Original
1840 SgTPP/10964 Construction of concrete pavement at ‘B’ type complex of SgTPP Township 31-07-2015 03-08-2015 Original