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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
1841 KTPS/10897 Annual Rate Contract for Thermal Insulation & Refractory works of T&A, B&A, and AHP area of 6X210 Units of KTPS during overhauling as well as running maintenance 17-06-2015 Original
1842 BTPS/10896 Twelve (12) Months Rate Contract for Engagement of Seven (7) Heads of Contract Workers for Coal Sample Collection & Preparation Service for Chemical Lab at BTPS 19-06-2015 Original
1843 STPS/10895 Carriage of coal reject boulder that stacked during feeding bunker beneath the conveyor gallery from CHP site of STPS to different places as per direction [2015-2016] 17-06-2015 24-06-2015 Original
1844 STPS/10894 Repairing of bituminous road from plant main gate to vacuum pump house #5 of STPS 15-06-2015 22-06-2015 Original
1845 KTPS/10893 Annual rate contract for hiring of Six (06) nos. of TATA City Ride 49+1 seater Standard Buses (Registration not before the year’2013) for transportation of employees of Kolaghat Thermal Power Station, WBPDCL 17-06-2015 Original
1846 BTPS/10892 Twelve Months Rate Contract for the job of repairing / Replacement of various Transfer point & Chutes, Wagon Tipplers etc 18-06-2015 Original
1847 BTPS/10891 Annual Rate Contract for cleaning of Pyrites / Reject coal from the Pulverizers & closing / opening of Rod Gates of all Coal Feeders of all five (5) Units of BTPS 12-06-2015 Original
1848 KTPS/10890 De-silting and re-sectioning of Bapur Canal stretching from (-) 15.0 mtr. chainage drainage pump house outlet (0.00 mtr. Chainage) to 528.50 mtr. chainage (including concrete box culvert) for monsoon preparation at KTPS 13-06-2015 Original
1849 KTPS/10889 Annual Contract for performance monitoring and observation of all 6 ESPs 6 x 210MW Units of Kolaghat Thermal Power Station. 01-06-2015 10-06-2015 Original
1851 BTPS/10887 Supply of two labourers and one boat per day at Intake pump house of BTPS Removal of coal/ coal boulder, debris, coal rejection, earth etc. from unit no 1 to 5th area to outside and within plant area at BTPS 28-05-2015 Original
1852 BTPS/10886 Schedule maintenance of EL-76 Pulverizers and Various Jobs of Servicing of Coupling & Strainer cleaning of auxiliaries on annual maintenance contract basis under B&A (1-4) Units for BTPS Procurement of Various sizes Grinding Balls for EL-76 Pulverizers (1-4) Units for BTPS 08-06-2015 Original
1853 STPS/10885 Annual Maintenance Contract for Electrical O&M jobs under the scope of EM-OPH (Township) Dept. Santaldih. T. P. S. 04-06-2015 12-06-2015 Original
1854 STPS/10884 Execution Order for Overhauling Job for different 415V A.C L.T. Motors related with Unit#5 under maintenance scope of IPH (E/M) Dept. STPS. 29-05-2015 09-06-2015 Original
1855 STPS/10882 Annual Rate Contract for round the clock operation of 01(one) no. In-motion Weigh Bridge along with Computer & Printer as per Scope of Work under CHP(O) Dept., STPS. 30-05-2015 04-06-2015 Original
1856 STPS/10881 Overhauling Job of different 6.6 KV H.T. Motors related with Unit#5 under maintenance scope of IPH (E/M) Dept. STPS 28-05-2015 04-06-2015 Original
1857 BkTPP/10880 Tender document for Procurement, Installation & Commissioning of 12 Nos. CC TV Camera at different area of Bakreswar Thermal Power Project. 12-06-2015 02-07-2015 Original
1858 BkTPP/10879 Unit # 1 Boiler Overhauling such as Boiler Pressure Parts, Tubular Air Pre-Heater, Coal Burners, High Pressure Valves, Safety Valves, SADC, Soot Blowers etc. of BHEL make Corner Fired 210 MW Boiler of BkTPP 08-06-2015 16-06-2015 Original
1860 STPS/10876 Loading, unloading and transportation of deposited ash, silt, slurry etc. from trenches, sub trenches, sump pit, ESP areas etc. and various types of ash, coal, dust etc. deposited in side plant area at STPS 08-06-2015 16-06-2015 Original
1861 STPS/10875 Annual Rate Contract for maintenance of illumination system along with other Electrical Works under CHP (E) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S. 29-05-2015 10-06-2015 Original
1862 STPS/10874 Operation and Maintenance of Industrial Relation Management System, Material Tracking System and Issuance of Visitor Photo Gate Pass and Vehicle Pass at Santaldih Thermal Power Station 03-06-2015 08-06-2015 Original
1863 STPS/10873 Open tender for procurement of different type of seamless SS tubes used in 250 MW units No. 5 & 6, STPS 28-05-2015 Original
1864 STPS/10872 Procurement of Different types of Printer Cartridges under IT Dept., STPS. 29-05-2015 10-06-2015 Original
1865 BTPS/10871 Renovation works including white and colour washing, painting of Dr. B.C.Roy Primary School at BTPS Township (Phase-II) Thorough repairing and maintenance works including white and colour washing, painting etc. of C-1 to C-3 at BTPS township 17-06-2015 Original
1866 BTPS/10870 Mechanical maintenance of Fly Ash handling system, Bottom Ash handling system along with Ash Silo Handling System (1-4) units on annual maintenance contract basis under B&A (1-4) Units for BTPS Maintenance of ESP & AHP (1-4) units along with Silo Station (1-5) units under ESP &AHP (E/M) on annual maintenance contract basis for BTPS 25-05-2015 Original
1867 BkTPP/10869 Repairing work for Bituminous road at different location within township. 19-05-2015 22-05-2015 Original
1868 BkTPP/10868 Fitting, fixing grill (Box type) with painting at ground floor windows of some part of B type quarters, C type quarters and D type quarters 04-06-2015 Original
1869 SgTPP/10867 Procurement of 5000 litres of Hydrazine(IS : 12086-1987) for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 25-05-2015 Original
1870 SgTPP/10866 Roof cleaning of various buildings inside plant premises at SgTPP, WBPDCL 16-05-2015 20-05-2015 Original
1871 BkTPP/10865 Tender Notice for Overhauling of BHEL make ESP, Ash handling Plant and C&I related job of Unit# 4 of BkTPP. 18-05-2015 22-05-2015 Original
1872 BkTPP/10864 Annual Maintenance Contract for Rate Contract for COAL Unloading from Wagons at Track Hopper – 1 & 2 and Wagon Tippler of BkTPP. 22-05-2015 28-05-2015 Original
1873 BTPS/10863 Operation of Bottom Ash handling system, Wet and Dry Fly Ash handling system, Electro Static Precipitator along with Operation of station Silo for Dry Fly Ash Handling System (1-4) units on annual rate contract basis under supervision of Operation Engineers, BTPS 19-05-2015 Original
1874 STPS/10862 Supply, Installation & Commissioning of CCTV Camera and related network at New Intake Pump House (at Bhiringee) & at S.T.PS O&M Store under, IT Dept., STPS 22-05-2015 03-06-2015 Original
1875 STPS/10861 Overhauling of BHEL Make 250 MW ESP of Unit #5, under ESP & AHP(E/M), STPS, The WBPDCL. 20-05-2015 28-05-2015 Original
1876 STPS/10860 ARC for cleaning of both Power & Control Cable Trays located underground & over ground including associated Conveyor Lines, Crusher House, Stacker – cum – Reclaimers etc. and Electrical Equipments and Motors at various locations starting from.. 22-05-2015 02-06-2015 Original
1877 KTPS/10859 AMC for (i) Horticultural and Landscaping activities at KTPS Plant ii) Horticultural and Landscaping activities at KTPS Township 01-06-2015 Original
1878 BTPS/10858 Procurement of Economiser tube for Stage- I Units (4X60 MW), BTPS 27-05-2015 Original
1879 BTPS/10857 The job of Overhauling of boiler and its pressure parts and high pressure jet cleaning of unit No 2 for Stage- I Units (4X60 MW), BTPS 26-05-2015 Original
1880 CORP/10856 Design, engineering, supply, transport, storage, insurance, erection, testing and commissioning of complete Hydrogen Generation Plant Package along with associated Electrical System, Control & Instrumentation System, HVAC System for SgTPP extn.#3&4. 22-05-2015 09-06-2015 Original