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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
1841 STPS/11041 Procurement of Scientific Chemical Balance, Electronic Weighing Machine & Equilibrate Moisture Oven under Chemical dept., STPS 07-10-2015 15-10-2015 Original
1842 STPS/11040 Procurement of Double Beam UV –Spectrophotometer under Chemical dept., STPS 30-09-2015 08-10-2015 Original
1843 STPS/11039 Procurement of Portable Tri Gas Analyser for Hydrogen Purging for chemical laboratory, STPS. 06-10-2015 14-10-2015 Original
1844 SgTPP/11038 Construction of Bituminous Road at newly proposed ‘B’- type (B-58 to B-89) & ‘C’- type (C-30 to C-39) area of SgTPP Township, Dist. - Murshidabad, West Bengal. 06-10-2015 14-10-2015 Original
1845 STPS/11037 Repairing and painting of Clarified Pump House Building, Unit#5 along with hand & stair railings of Clarifloculator no.-1 and its associated structures within STPS 24-09-2015 30-09-2015 Original
1846 STPS/11036 Procurement of Thermo Gravimetric Analyser for chemical laboratory, STPS. 24-09-2015 05-10-2015 Original
1847 STPS/11035 Procurement of Grid disc combination coupling, Model nO.LGF-432H-1025(490) IM/5047 SPL, CPLG & its spare Transmitting unit including flexible blade assembly for grid disc combination coupling for Bowel Mill XRP-883 for unit 5&6 under B&A dept. STPS. 23-09-2015 30-09-2015 Original
1848 STPS/11033 Supply & Delivery of 150NB CI Gate Valve for F&S dept. Santaldih.T.P.S. 18-09-2015 24-09-2015 Original
1849 BkTPP/11032 Annual Maintenance Contract for O&M of Stage Craft, Stage Lighting along with Chair, Lobby, Carpet, walls [inside & outside] of main Hall of the Auditorium Building of BkTPP. 12-09-2015 29-09-2015 Original
1850 BTPS/11031 Procurement of One No. Thermogravimetric Analyzer for Proximate Analysis of Coal Chemical Lab, BTPS 23-09-2015 Original
1851 STPS/11030 Job Contract for painting (including supply) of Ash water Recovery Line (250 NB) & Bottom/ Fly Ash Slurry Line (200 NB) of Unit-5 under AHP (M/M) Dept. STPS, The WBPDCL 17-09-2015 28-09-2015 Original
1852 STPS/11029 Job Contract for painting (including supply) of Ash water Recovery Line (250NB) & Bottom/ Fly Ash Slurry Line (200 NB) of Unit-5 under AHP (M/M) Dept. STPS, The WBPDCL. 17-09-2015 28-09-2015 Original
1853 KTPS/11028 Removal of coal boulders from track hopper, wagon tippler & CHP road side area at KTPS Repairing and painting of existing trestle structure of D.M. water line (Stage-I&II) from Ammonia dosing plant towards Stage-II D.M. plant at KTPS 19-09-2015 Original
1854 BTPS/11027 ARC for the job of Emergency Cleaning of different zones of CHP and Bunker areas, at BTPS, WBPDCL 23-09-2015 Original
1855 BkTPP/11026 Annual contract for housekeeping work at CHP PLC &CHP office building (Stage I & Stage II), building at DM Plant area (Stage I & Stage II), Hydrogen Plant, Wagon Tippler rest room, Substation at CHP (Stage I & Stage II), Workshop building, AMC building, Raw Water Pump House etc for the year 2015-2016 at BkTPP 30-09-2015 Original
1856 STPS/11025 Annual Contract for unloading, loading, shifting, stacking and cleaning of the specified job/place under store, STPS 16-09-2015 18-09-2015 Original
1857 STPS/11024 Purchase Contract for Supply and Delivery of Compressed Purified Hydrogen Gas [Conforming to IS: 1090/1983,Grade-II having minimum 99.9995% purity (Vol),Moisture Content Less than 2.0 ppm, , Dew Point: -65°C, Nitrogen: 5 PPM, Cylinder Pressure:140-150 kg./cm².] for Mech. Operation, STPS. 15-09-2015 23-09-2015 Original
1858 CORP/11022 Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) for Photocopiers in WBPDCL & Power Dept., GOVT., WB 11-09-2015 06-10-2015 Original
1859 BTPS/11021 Twelve (12) months rate contract for the job of Environmental Monitoring works and submission of annual statement for the period 2015-16, at BTPS, WBPDCL 23-09-2015 Original
1861 SgTPP/11019 Contract for Mechanical Maintenance at Stage-I,STPP (Mandatory and optional jobs). 11-09-2015 23-09-2015 Original
1862 STPS/11018 Annual Contract for Operation work of New Intake Pump House at Viringi 11-09-2015 21-09-2015 Original
1863 STPS/11017 Annual Rate Contract for repairing and rewinding of L.T. Motors under CHP (E/M) and AHP (E/M) Dept. Santaldih. T. P. S. 07-09-2015 14-09-2015 Original
1864 CORP/11016 Engineering Consultancy services including Design, Engineering & preparation of all Technical specification and Commissioning & Performance Guarantee of all equipments etc for the proposed 2nd Technical Building (G+6) at Sagardighi Thermal Power Project including preparation of tender documents and drawings 22-09-2015 Original
1865 BTPS/11015 Various maintenance job of EL-76 Pulverizer,Coal feeder, P.A./I.D./ & Optional basis) on Annual Maintenance Contract basis under B&A (1-4) Units for BTPS of WBPDCL 11-09-2015 Original
1866 BTPS/11014 Repairing, priming and painting of MS structural works and wall with ceiling at Ground floor of 5th unit, BTPS Repairing, priming and painting of MS structural works and wall with ceiling at Mezzanine floor of 5th unit, BTPS Repairing, priming and painting of MS structural works and wall with ceiling at Bunker floor of 5th unit, BTPS 21-09-2015 Original
1867 STPS/11013 Integral Wellglass HID Lamp Luminaries, Product Code: 161451, Luminaire Type: BJDWIS 70SV, Lamp Type: HPSV 70W (E), Complete Set (without Lamp), Make: Bajaj 04-09-2015 10-09-2015 Original
1868 STPS/11012 Annual Rate Contract for the Job of Damaged Chute Replacement by fabrication & Erection of new Chutes along with other fabrication jobs related to technological structural items at CHP under the Scope of CHP(M/M) Dept.STPS 07-09-2015 11-09-2015 Original
1869 BTPS/11011 Annual Rate Contract for Operation of Central Air Conditioning Plant at 1-5 Unit MCR & Annex., ECR & 5th Unit Annex Area of BTPS Twelve (12) Months Rate Contract for Nineteen (19) nos. Contractual Workers for guarding of Railway Yard under Security Dept. at BTPS Twelve (12) Months Rate Contract for Twenty (20) Nos. Contractual Workers for Guarding Arrangement of WBPDCL installation at BTPS Township and BTPS Guest House in 3 shifts, under Security Department at BTPS Twelve (12) Months Rate Contract for Two (02) Nos. Contractual Workers for Guarding of the Bicycle/Moped/Scoter stand adjacent to the Administrative building under Security Department at BTPS 26-08-2015 Original
1870 BTPS/11010 Roof treatment and allied works on the roof of 5th unit Turbine floor at BTPS Repairing, priming and painting of MS structural works, wall and ceiling at operation floor of 5th unit, BTPS 15-09-2015 Original
1871 BTPS/11009 Twelve (12) Months Rate Contract for five (5) no. contractual workers for chemical laboratory at BTPS 31-08-2015 Original
1872 STPS/11008 Indoor Cast Resin Potential Transformer, 1 Phase earthed, VT Ratio:- 11000V/√3 / 110V/√3, Core-1, 100VA, Class-1, BIL:- 12/28/75 KV, Ins. Cl- B, VF:-1.2 Cont. & 1.9 for 8 hours, IS: 3156. 04-09-2015 10-09-2015 Original
1873 STPS/11007 Procurement of 300NB MS pipe for ash disposal line under AHP (M) dept., Santaldih T.P.S., The WBPDCL Procurement MS channel, angles, gratings to fabricate/erection platform/walk way at different areas of unit U#5&6 under AHP(M/M) and B&A Dept., Santaldih T.P.S., the WBPDCL 11-09-2015 Original
1874 STPS/11004 Annual Maintenance Contract for Mechanical Maintenance work of New Intake Pump House at Viringi 02-09-2015 11-09-2015 Original
1875 STPS/11003 Painting of street light tubular poles and electrical poles along with supply of painting materials at STPS Plant and Township under OPH-EM Dept, STPS 28-08-2015 02-09-2015 Original
1876 BTPS/11002 Procurement of P.Way materials and delivery at BTPS Store for thorough renovation of line no-6, 13,14and 15 of rail track at BTPS 12-09-2015 Original
1877 CORP/11001 Supply, Installation & Commissioning of one (01) no. mobile Crane with hydraulic attachments to be used in different power stations of WBPDCL along with its five (05) years’ AMC 14-09-2015 Original
1878 SgTPP/10999 ARC for miscellaneous Sanitary and Plumbing jobs (of maintenance) including drinking water pipeline (repair/maintenance) at plant area of SgTPP for year 2015-16 28-08-2015 02-09-2015 Original
1880 BTPS/10997 Procurement of different sizes Wooden Sleepers (Sal Malaysian) for fitting of different types of point & crossing at BTPS Marshalling Yard Supply and delivery of 1in8.5 point and crossing with 60Kg (IRS-12) first quality Rails on PSC sleeper layout as per RDSO drawing T-4865&4967 with CMS crossing, all fitting & fastening 12-09-2015 Original