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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
1921 KTPS/10956 Supply of Grinding Elements of 8.5E (10) Coal Mills 21-07-2015 31-07-2015 Original
1922 BkTPP/10955 (Job-I): ‘Annual Civil Maintenance of Bk. Dam including 01(one) nos Intake pump house (i.e. BIPH) for period of one year under BkTPS (2015-16) and other maintenance jobs 20-07-2015 24-07-2015 Original
1923 STPS/10954 Procurement of complete TPGO Isolator along with its all accessories under EM(OPH) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S. 24-07-2015 30-07-2015 Original
1924 BkTPP/10953 Two steps bid system for 'Annual Rate Contract for Illumination items for 01 (One) year at Bakreswar Thermal Power Project' 07-08-2015 27-08-2015 Original
1925 STPS/10952 Construction of boulder masonry drain along inside of plant boundary wall, from i) Track Hopper drain outlet to Guard Pond outlet drain and ii) from OSSP pit to culvert beside new raw water to collect, settling and disposal of coal mixed water.... 30-07-2015 05-08-2015 Original
1926 STPS/10951 Cleaning of drains at Plant Premises of STPS (2015) 10-07-2015 15-07-2015 Original
1927 BkTPP/10950 Annual Maintenance Contract for DM Plant Package of Stage-1 & Stage-1I of BkTPP. 21-07-2015 28-07-2015 Original
1928 BkTPP/10949 Annual Maintenance Contract for Electrical Maintenance work at Township Area, Administrative Building, Simulator, Abdarpur Guest House Complex etc. of BkTPP 23-07-2015 30-07-2015 Original
1929 BTPS/10948 Procurement of One JAW Crusher (Coal feed size 80mm, product size 12.5mm) & one roll crusher (coal feed size 12.5mm, product size 3.35mm) for coal sample preparation for CHEMICAL LAB, BTPS Procurement of One No. THERMOGRAVIMETRIC ANALYZER for PROXIMA 13-07-2015 Original
1930 BkTPP/10947 Annual Contract for Providing Fire Safety & Fire Fighting Services at BkTPP; (Job-II): Execution of Unit #5 Precision/Major Overhauling of Turbine of BkTPP 17-07-2015 23-07-2015 Original
1931 SgTPP/10942 Development of pond including modification and beautification of surrounding area of pond at ‘B’ type complex of SgTPP 30-06-2015 03-07-2015 Original
1932 STPS/10941 Hosiery Cutting of size 4’’X8’’, Colour-White 10-07-2015 15-07-2015 Original
1933 KTPS/10940 AMC for Various Equipments like Dozers, Engines of DG Sets, Fire Pumps & BHEL make LOCO Engines, Cranes ,Tractors , Fire Tender vehicles along with engines and Fire Fighting pumps along with engines etc. at KTPS. 18-07-2015 Original
1934 STPS/10939 Supply & Delivery of Breakers Plates for Crusher under CHP (MM), Santaldih.T.P.S. [As per Annexure-II ( item list) & Drawing enclosed] 03-07-2015 09-07-2015 Original
1935 BTPS/10938 Procurement of Empty CO2 Cylinder for Use in Hydrogen/Air Purging System of Turbo Generators (1-5) Units, BTPS. 13-07-2015 Original
1936 CORP/10937 Taking delivery of dry fly ash as available from the silos of KTPS, BkTPP, SgTPP, BTPS & STPS under WBPDCL on free of cost basis. 15-07-2015 Original
1937 KTPS/10936 Replacement of damaged GCI sheet by new corrugated Asbestos sheet on the roof of 1A & 1B Go-down at KTPS 18-07-2015 Original
1938 CORP/10935 Evacuation of settled ash from ash pond-1, transportation & disposal in eco-friendly manner from S.T.P.S, Dist-Purulia, West Bengal 21-07-2015 Original
1939 STPS/10934 Procurement of Electrical spares of BHEL make Locomotives under Workshop, STPS. As per ITEM LIST enclosed. 30-06-2015 06-07-2015 Original
1940 STPS/10933 FLANGED ELECTRODE CODUCTIVITY PROBE WITH SS316L GRAPHOIL FILLED SPIRAL WOUND METAFLEX GASKET, FOR 16 PORT DRUM ELECTRONIC WATER LEVEL INDICATOR BHEL VISION 20M . OPERATING PRESSURE 207 KG/CM2 , TEMPERATURE 368 DEGC. SUITABLE FOR 250 MW FOSSIL FUEL FIRED BOILER . Electrode body material: Martensitic stainless steel to Firth Vickers specification FV520(B)/SA276 type 410. Centre stud material: IMI titanium. Brazing: With special brazing foil in closely controlled vacuum furnace. Make: BHEL/LEVELSTATE. 02-07-2015 08-07-2015 Original
1941 STPS/10932 Annual maintenance of different parks, tree gabions and plantation area within STPS (T) 14-07-2015 21-07-2015 Original
1942 BTPS/10931 Sweeping, cleaning and various miscellaneous conservancy works at BTPS Township Horticulture and landscaping activities at BTPS Plantsite, Intake Pump House and Guest House 15-07-2015 Original
1943 KTPS/10930 ARC for transportation of empty H2 gas cylinders from KTPS to Ranchi and filled H2 Cylinders from Ranchi to KTPS along with loading & unloading at both end under S&P wing of KTPS. 03-07-2015 08-07-2015 Original
1944 BTPS/10929 Procurement of Economiser tube for Stage- I Units (4X60 MW), BTPS 08-07-2015 Original
1945 SgTPP/10928 Procurement of Bulk Acid Tanks (BAT) for HCL & H2SO4 storage for DM Plant, CPU and CW Acidulation system for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL 20-06-2015 Original
1946 KTPS/10927 Annual rate Contract for Operation of Dry Ash Handling Plant of 6X210MW Units at KTPS 29-06-2015 08-07-2015 Original
1947 BkTPP/10926 JOB-I: Overhauling of BHEL make ESP, Ash handling Plant and C&I related job of Unit# 5 of BkTPP. JOB-II: RESTORATION OF ESP FIELD 1B1, 1B2 & 2B2 OF UNIT # 5, BKTPP. 04-07-2015 10-07-2015 Original
1948 BTPS/10925 Supply, Delivery, Erection and Commissioning of 20 Mtr. High Mast Lighting Tower for Switch Yard Area of BTPS 06-07-2015 Original
1949 SgTPP/10924 Construction of drain parallel to road at surrounding area of Qtr. No B-1 to B-10 of SgTPP Township 26-06-2015 29-06-2015 Original
1950 SgTPP/10923 Repair of civil structures, white wash & paintings of beam, foundation, wall, celling and columns at ID, FD, PA fan area for Unit #1 of 2x300 MW at SgTPP 27-06-2015 06-07-2015 Original
1951 STPS/10922 Open tender for impulse line/LIE/JB painting work at unit 5&6 during O/H in C&I dept. 20-06-2015 Original
1952 CORP/10921 Engagement of Recruitment Consultant at Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban, Corporate Office, WBPDCL. 06-07-2015 Original
1953 STPS/10920 Transportation of conservancy materials, rubbish, plastic bags from STPS (T). 29-06-2015 07-07-2015 Original
1954 BTPS/10919 Various civil jobs under plant site civil at BTPS Removal of coal/ coal boulder, debris, coal rejection, earth etc. from unit no 1 to 5th area to outside and within plant area at BTPS 01-07-2015 Original
1955 STPS/10918 Energy audit of 2 X 250 MW units of STPS, The WBPDCL. 23-06-2015 06-07-2015 Original
1956 BTPS/10917 Procurement of Ring and Ball sets for EL- 76 Pulverizer for Stage- I Units (4X60 MW), BTPS. 29-06-2015 Original
1957 STPS/10916 Construction of site store cum rest room for AHP department (Mechanical & Electrical) besides at ESP control room area of Unit #5 25-06-2015 03-07-2015 Original
1958 KTPS/10915 Cleaning, sweeping, swabbing at Unit # 01 to 03 & G.S. building at KTPS Cleaning, sweeping, swabbing at Unit # 04 to 06, & CHP area, auxiliary building, administrative building, Utility building, O&M store office, Canteen, time office, Work shop at KTPS 04-07-2015 Original
1959 SgTPP/10914 Rate contract for round the clock operation at ‘In-motion Weigh Bridge’ and for general shift at Static Weigh Bridge under Fuel Co-ordination Department, SgTPP. 17-06-2015 26-06-2015 Original
1960 KTPS/10913 ARC for diff. Repairing and Maintenance jobs of Coal Burner , Coal Carrying Pipes, Coal Feeder, Coal Mill, L.O. System of Air Pre-Heater,ID/FD/PA Fans etc. of Boiler (M/s. BHEL make each 210 MW capacity) of Unit No. 5 & 6 of KTPS on job rate basis. 17-06-2015 24-06-2015 Original