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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
1961 STPS/10776 Procurement of “Galvanized insulation sheet for unit 5&6 under B&A dept. STPS. 06-04-2015 09-04-2015 Original
1962 SgTPP/10775 Procurement of AC Motor Driven Auxiliary Lube Oil Pump & it’s spares for Main Turbine of 300 MW unit of SgTPP Procurement of Primary Air fan blade for 300 MW Unit #1& 2, Sagardighi Thermal Power Project , WBPDCL 16-03-2015 Original
1963 SgTPP/10774 Procurement of Bulk Acid Tanks (BAT) for HCL & H2SO4 storage for DM Plant, CPU and CW Acidulation system for Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL. 25-03-2015 Original
1964 STPS/10773 Procurement of Desktop PC & Printers under IT Dept., Santaldih.T.P.S. Purulia, WB. 31-03-2015 08-04-2015 Original
1965 BTPS/10772 Twelve (12) Months Rate Contract For the Job Of Manual Breaking Of Coal Lumps On Hopper Gratings At CHP, BTPS The job of Coal Cleaning, Coal Dust and Scrap Materials Removal from various locations of Coal Handling Plant of BTPS Unit No.1-5 19-03-2015 Original
1966 BTPS/10771 The job of Checking routes, cleaning of conveyor chutes, crusher internals, screen, making of gate change over ect, in CHP area(1-5 th Unit), BTPS 20-03-2015 Original
1967 BTPS/10770 i) Various civil jobs under plant site Civil at BTPS. ii)Repair and maintenance and allied construction of various drains at BTPS Township. 30-03-2015 Original
1968 BTPS/10769 i) Various civil jobs under plant site Civil at BTPS. ii) Repair and maintenance and allied construction of various drains at BTPS Township. Original
1969 KTPS/10768 Deployment of 25 nos. unskilled workers and 1 no. supervisor in the job of cleaning, sweeping, swabbing of all industrial building, office blocks etc within KTPS, Making lawn by Mexican grasses etc. 23-03-2015 Original
1970 STPS/10767 Procurement of spares for U#5 ESP overhauling under EM(AHP) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S. 18-03-2015 25-03-2015 Original
1971 SgTPP/10766 ARC for Engagement of operation helpers, Cleaning and Housekeeping, disposal of mill reject/ash/debris& extra manpower for assisting emergency situation. 17-03-2015 06-04-2015 Original
1972 CORP/10765 Design, Engineering, Supply, Procurement, Transport, Storage, Insurance, Erection,Testing, Commissioning, Trial run etc. including all Civil & Structural work ,Electrical work, Mechanical work and C& I work for Santaldih Thermal Power Station Unit no.5(1x250 MW) Chlorination System package on TURNKEY basis. 13-03-2015 07-04-2015 Original
1973 BkTPP/10763 i) New Construction of Bituminous Road within BkTPP Township area from Quarters B-18 to Kachujore rail gate. ii)New Construction of Bituminous Road within BkTPP Township area from Quarters B-93 to B- 102 & Back side of Quarters B-42. 04-03-2015 11-03-2015 Original
1974 BkTPP/10762 Annual Maintenance Contract for Operation & Tit-Bit Maintenance of Unit # 4 & 5 Mill Rejects Systems of BkTPP. 13-03-2015 20-03-2015 Original
1975 STPS/10761 Mineral Transformer Oil conforming to IS: 335/1993 with latest Amendments: EHV Grade. 18-03-2015 25-03-2015 Original
1976 STPS/10760 Supply & Delivery of Flood Light Complete Set for CHP (EM), Santaldih.T.P.S., Purulia, WB. 10-03-2015 18-03-2015 Original
1977 STPS/10759 Procurement of spares for 4 Nos. ESCORTS make Cranes of different capacity under Workshop, STPS. 04-03-2015 11-03-2015 Original
1978 SgTPP/10758 Construction of bituminous road at ‘B’- type & ‘C’- type area of sagardighi thermal power Project Township. 20-03-2015 23-03-2015 Original
1979 STPS/10757 i) 8” CI pipe, plain End as BS-1211, CL-D. ii) 250NB CI Pipe, plain End as per BS- 1211, CL-D. 11-03-2015 16-03-2015 Original
1980 STPS/10756 Supply & Delivery of Different Spare Items for Central AC at CHP Office Building under CHP (EM), Santaldih.T.P.S., Purulia, WB. 26-02-2015 04-03-2015 Original
1981 BkTPP/10755 Annual Maintenance Contract for Maintenance work of Ash Handling Plant including ESP of Unit # 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 of Bakreswar Thermal Power Project 09-03-2015 13-03-2015 Original
1982 BkTPP/10754 ENERGY AUDIT OF ALL 210 MW UNITS (U# 1 TO 5) OF BKTPS 04-03-2015 13-03-2015 Original
1983 BkTPP/10753 Various civil works (Gr.B) at BTPS township for E, EN, F, FN and CE type building and other buildings and structures Various civil works (Gr. A) at BTPS Township for A, AN, B, C, CA, CB, CN, D and DN type building and other buildings and struct...... 11-03-2015 Original
1984 STPS/10752 Repairing and maintenance of the Road from Kadamdah Bridge to the meet point of Railway Road near Ash Pond-2. 06-03-2015 10-03-2015 Original
1985 BkTPP/10751 Annual Maintenance Contract for Operation of Ash Handling Plant including ESP of Unit # 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 of Bakreswar Thermal Power Project. 28-02-2015 10-03-2015 Original
1986 BkTPP/10750 Procurement of Rail Poles for 33KV Overhead Transmission Lines at Bakreswar Thermal Power Project. 13-03-2015 10-04-2015 Original
1987 STPS/10749 Supply & delivery of 300 NB MS pipe for ash disposal line under AHP dept. STPS’ 25-02-2015 02-03-2015 Original
1988 STPS/10748 Supply, installation and commissioning of 01 (One no.)100 MTs capacity electronic Pit-less weighbridge including Civil & Electric Work on turnkey basis to be installed at STPS. 27-02-2015 10-03-2015 Original
1989 STPS/10747 Supply & Delivery of Illumination Items for CHP (EM), Santaldih.T.P.S., Purulia, WB. 27-02-2015 12-03-2015 Original
1990 STPS/10746 Sale of 60 MT (approx.) Sundried Cenosphere “as is where is basis” from STPS Store , STPS , WBPDCL . 27-02-2015 09-03-2015 Original
1991 STPS/10745 Procurement of 200 NB Ms pipe for BA slurry & FA Slurry line under AHP dept. STPS. 24-02-2015 04-03-2015 Original
1992 STPS/10744 Annual Rate Contract for round the clock surveillance of Ash Slurry Pipe Lines of U#5&6 from outside plant boundary to Ash Ponds under AHP (M) Dept. Santaldih. T. P. S. 20-02-2015 26-02-2015 Original
1993 STPS/10743 Procurement of UPS for Desktop PC & Servers under IT Dept., Santaldih.T.P.S. Purulia, WB.[Item Description: UPS, Offline, with In build Battery Backup, Rating 1KVA, 1Ph-1Ph, Input 180 V-250V AC, O/P 230V AC +/- 1%, Make: MICROTEK / APC / NUMERIC]. 20-02-2015 26-02-2015 Original
1994 STPS/10742 Supply & Delivery of Various types of Cable Jointing and Termination Materials for CHP (EM), Santaldih.T.P.S., Purulia, WB 20-02-2015 25-02-2015 Original
1995 BkTPP/10741 PROCUREMENT OF Grinding Elements 08( Sets) for 10E10 Coal Mill at BkTPP 20-02-2015 11-03-2015 Original
1996 CORP/10740 Supply of Network Hardware, AMC and Rate Contract for Services of Network Infrastructure at WBPDCL. 24-02-2015 17-03-2015 Original
1997 KTPS/10739 Energy Audit of 6 nos. KTPS units as per central government directive vide Gazette notification dated 27th May, 2014. 07-03-2015 Original
1998 BTPS/10738 ‘Various civil jobs under plant site Civil at BTPS’. 02-03-2015 Original
1999 BkTPP/10737 Annual contract for breaking and shifting of rejected stone boulders from CHP to the dumping yard at BkTPP for one year. 14-02-2015 18-02-2015 Original
2000 BkTPP/10736 Round the Clock/Three Shift performance of Errand and other unskilled nature of jobs at both IPH & OPH areas of BkTPP. 20-02-2015 27-02-2015 Original