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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
2201 CORP/10664 auction for allocation of Coal Blocks as per Coal Mines (Special Provision) ordinance 2014 dated 21.10.14 03-12-2014 18-12-2014 Original
2202 CORP/10663 Renewing of existing Plant Boundary Wall by RCC Column & Beam Frame Structure with RCC Panel Wall etc. at STPS, Dist‐ Purulia, west Bengal. 08-12-2014 30-12-2014 Original
2203 BkTPP/10662 Annual Maintenance Contract for Operation & Maintenance of HME Section and AC Ambulance of BkTPP. 11-12-2014 19-12-2014 Original
2204 CORP/10661 Providing consultancy services to participate in the auction for allocation of Coal Blocks as per Coal Mines (Special Provision) ordinance 2014 dated 21.10.14 and subsequent notification of the Ministry of Coal, Govt. of India. 03-12-2014 18-12-2014 Original
2205 CORP/10660 Taking delivery of Dry fly Ash from the silos of Santaldih Thermal Power Project, WBPDCL. 09-12-2014 29-12-2014 Original
2206 STPS/10659 “Operation and Maintenance of Industrial Relation Management System, Material Tracking System and Issuance of Visitor Photo Gate Pass and Vehicle Pass at Santaldih Thermal Power Station”. 10-12-2014 17-12-2014 Original
2207 STPS/10658 Rate Contract for re – wiring and alternative power supply at Annex Building of STPS Guest House under Township EMOPH Dept. Santaldih. T. P. S. 28-11-2014 04-12-2014 Original
2208 KTPS/10657 Construction of bituminous road from NH-6 end (near Bharati Hotel) to Kolaghat Hamilton bridge via Kunkhabarh banstala outside KTPS. Repairing and maintenance of bituminous road from truck terminal point to Denan intake pump house at KTPS. 06-12-2014 Original
2209 SgTPP/10656 Maintenance Contract for Control & Instrumentation system related to Unit 1&2, Water Package, Ash Handling Plant and other areas including regular schedule cleaning of instruments at SgTPP (2x300MW) 04-12-2014 22-12-2014 Original
2210 BTPS/10655 Horticulture activities with maintenance at various location of BTPS Township’ 12-12-2014 Original
2211 STPS/10654 Rate Contract of 02(Two) years for Laying or Withdrawal or both Laying and Withdrawal of LT & HT Cable under EMIPH and EMOPH Dept. STPS. 26-11-2014 03-12-2014 Original
2212 BTPS/10653 Maintenance of Dyke with Ballah Piling and Bamboo walling around Ash Pond 1 & 2 of BTPS. 11-12-2014 Original
2213 SgTPP/10652 Annual Housekeeping work at different residential buildings and Surrounding areas of Sg.T.P.P Township. 05-12-2014 12-12-2014 Original
2215 BkTPP/10650 Supply of Skilled, Semi-skilled and Unskilled manpower in connection with Miscellaneous Work at BkTPP. 02-12-2014 09-12-2014 Original
2216 BkTPP/10649 Annual Maintenance Contract for Electrical Maintenance work of inside power house area (Unit # 1 to 5) of BkTPP. 02-12-2014 10-12-2014 Original
2217 BkTPP/10648 MS Pipe (300NB X9.52 MM Thick) Material: As per IS 3589 Material Grade FE410 (Unit length within 11 to 13 MTR & allowable within +/- 1% of ordered Quantity) 02-12-2014 17-12-2014 Original
2218 BkTPP/10647 Annual Maintenance Contract for Major Chute Maintenance Job at CHP of BkTPP. 25-11-2014 04-12-2014 Original
2219 CORP/10646 Engagement of firm to conduct due diligence study in respect of certain assets of Durgapur Projects Ltd. 14-11-2014 Original
2220 STPS/10644 Deployment of 70 (seventy) nos. contractor workers and one supervisor for providing services to various departments at STPS 03-12-2014 08-12-2014 Original
2221 BkTPP/10643 Supply of Different Power & Control Cables 26-11-2014 Original
2222 BkTPP/10642 Annual Maintenance Contract for Periodic, Preventive, Running & Breakdown Maintenance of Cranes & Hoists in Boiler, Turbine & Ash Handling Plant area of BkTPP 26-11-2014 05-12-2014 Original
2223 SgTPP/10641 Design, Manufacture & supply of 300MW Generator Rotor for SgTPP 15-12-2014 Original
2224 KTPS/10640 Laying of LT underground cables,wires etc at B&C Type areas at KTPP township through Contract Cell. 18-11-2014 26-11-2014 Original
2225 STPS/10639 Procurement of Flexible Cables for Travelling Trippers, Crusher House Lift, Electric Hoists & EOT Cranes under EM(CHP), EM(OPH) & EM(IPH) Depts., Santaldih T.P.S. 21-11-2014 27-11-2014 Original
2226 BkTPP/10638 Air Heater Tube (63.5 ODX 2.08t X 7222l) mm. Material: As per BS 6323 PART-V-1982, GRADE-ERW, II Latest. 14-11-2014 26-11-2014 Original
2227 STPS/10637 Annual Civil maintenance of different type Quarters with minor civil & structural works at STPS (T/S) Gr.1’ 18-11-2014 21-11-2014 Original
2228 SgTPP/10636 cleaning of inlet channel including adjacent river mouth to ensure steady supply of water to intake pump house of SgTPP 18-11-2014 21-11-2014 Original
2229 STPS/10635 Procurement of HEA Igniters suitable for BHEL Scan Flame Scanner and flame scanner spares used for BHEL 250MW Coal/Oil fired Boiler at STPS 01-12-2014 Original
2230 CORP/10634 Proposal to conduct due diligence study IRO certain asset of DPL 07-11-2014 Original
2231 CORP/10633 Engagement of Internal Auditor for Power stations and Corporate Office for the year 2014-15 07-11-2014 Original
2232 KTPS/10632 i) Repairing and mtce of bituminous road beside Unit # 03 from Power house to 650N road. ii) AMC for various buildings, sheds etc. iii) Construction of concrete road in between subway and existing bituminous road (1240E). iv)Sortcreting work etc. 12-11-2014 Original
2233 BTPS/10631 Cleaning of main drains, cleaning and sweeping of School buildings, Recreation club, Welfare Centre, Dr. B. C. Roy Badminton Centre at BTPS Township 27-11-2014 Original
2234 BTPS/10630 ‘Yearly cleaning of ash from bottom ash hopper, ash pipe trenches, air preheater, bottom outlet cleaning coal dust from coal carrying pipes at pulveriser points of unit no. 1-4 at BTPS’. 26-11-2014 Original
2235 KTPS/10629 Annual Contract for Ammonia Dosing System and Chlorination Plant under Mechanical Operation department at KTPS’ 10-11-2014 20-11-2014 Original
2236 KTPS/10628 ‘Annual rate contract for hiring of Six (06) Nos.of TATA City Ride 49+1 seater Standard Buses (Registration not before the year’2013) for transportation of employees of Kolaghat Thermal Power Station, WBPDCL’ 10-11-2014 20-11-2014 Original
2237 BkTPP/10627 Annual Civil Maintenance of BkTPP Township for the period of 2014-15. 30-10-2014 03-11-2014 Original
2238 STPS/10626 Construction, repairing and widening Bypass Road through ‘C’ type and Field Hostel area within STPS Township, Santaldih Purulia” 31-10-2014 07-11-2014 Original
2239 STPS/10625 Repairing & maintenance of New Intake Road from Dhanibari Bridge to New Intake Pump House under Nituria Block, Purulia. 31-10-2014 07-11-2014 Original
2240 CORP/10624 ‘Procurement of Twenty (20) nos of file cabinet, two (02) nos of special type file cabinet with Eighty (80) pigeon hole and one (01) no. of Secretarial table for Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban, Corporate Office of WBPDCL, Kolkata-700098’. 11-11-2014 Original