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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
2281 STPS/10582 Rate Contract of 02(Two) yrs. for Operation and day–to–day maintenance of all running lifts in Unit# 5, 6 and Technical Building under EMIPH Dep, STPS 12-09-2014 24-09-2014 Original
2282 SgTPP/10581 Round the clock operation & maintenance contract of the plant chlorination system, acid & caustic treatment system of SgTPP(2x 300 MW Units). 11-09-2014 26-09-2014 Original
2283 BkTPP/10580 Tender Notice for Overhauling of BHEL make ESP, Ash handling Plant and C&I related job of Unit# 2 of BkTPP. 08-09-2014 15-09-2014 Original
2284 CORP/10579 Non-comprehensive Bi-annual Operation & Maintenance Contract of HT & LT Electrical system at WBPDCL, Corporate Office, Kolkata-700098 05-09-2014 18-09-2014 Original
2285 KTPS/10578 Running & maintenance of canteen at , KTPS. 03-09-2014 10-09-2014 Original
2286 STPS/10577 Evacuation & disposal of settled ash, silt etc. from Guard Pond and adjacent area of STPS.[2014] 06-09-2014 11-09-2014 Original
2287 KTPS/10576 Incorporation of mechanised cum manual unloading of “N” box wagons & transportation at CHP , KTPS. 08-09-2014 17-09-2014 Original
2289 STPS/10574 Self Supporting Tower Extension Ladder 05-09-2014 10-09-2014 Original
2290 KTPS/10573 Repairing & maintenance of bituminous road from subway to PTP at KTPS (Phase-II) 08-09-2014 10-09-2014 Original
2291 STPS/10572 Procurement of different electrical measuring instruments for day to day maintenance under EM(IPH) Dept., Santaldih T.P.S. 02-09-2014 05-09-2014 Original
2292 STPS/10571 Evacuation of settled ash from the ash pond no.2, transportation and disposal in ecofriendly manner of STPS at Dist.Purulia. 28-08-2014 11-09-2014 Original
2293 STPS/10570 Painting of the Street light poles along with its arm including supply of paints under EM-OPH Department of STPS, WBPDCL. 30-08-2014 Original
2295 BkTPP/10568 Annual Contract for jungle cutting including trimming and cutting of trees inside BkTPP plant premises for the year 2014-2015. 14-08-2014 20-08-2014 Original
2296 CORP/10567 Empanelment of Advertising Agencies 20-08-2014 Original
2297 STPS/10566 Procurement of grinding elements for coal mill XRP 883 for Unit#5&6 under B&A dept, STPS. 21-08-2014 27-08-2014 Original
2298 BkTPP/10565 Procurement of Grinding Elements 06( Sets) for 10E10 Coal Mill at BkTPP 15-08-2014 27-08-2014 Original
2299 SgTPP/10564 Manufacturing, supply and delivery of grinding rollers and table liners sets of coal mill ZGM 123N for 300 MW China make Boiler at SgTPP. 22-08-2014 12-09-2014 Original
2300 BkTPP/10563 Annual Service Contract for Condition Monitoring of Different Critical Equipments at BkTPP. 22-08-2014 01-09-2014 Original
2301 STPS/10562 Periodical Health check up of Employees, attached to .Santaldih.T.P.S. Purulia. 22-07-2014 06-08-2014 Original
2302 SgTPP/10561 Painting of boiler structure for unit # 1 with synthetic enamel paint at SgTPP, Murshidabad 22/08/14 27/08/14 Original
2303 SgTPP/10560 Supply & delivery of 400KV & 220KV CURRENT TRANSFORMER 22.08.2014 12.09.2014 Original
2304 SgTPP/10559 Re-engineering, manufacturing, dynamic balancing , supply & delivery of PA Fan Blade Complete Set (CHINA Make) for unit #1 & #2 of 2x300 MW Sgtpp 22.08.2014 19.09.2014 Original
2305 STPS/10558 Procurement of Mechanical seal for diff lub oil pumps under B&A dept. STPS 08-08-2014 14-08-2014 Original
2306 STPS/10557 Annual maintenance of CISS & GI Pipe line, repairing of valve Pits and other ancillary works within STPS Township for the year 2014-2015 08-08-2014 13-08-2014 Original
2307 KTPS/10556 For Annual dedicated maintenance contract of MS-1 to MS-5 for un-interrupted unloading Dry Ash disposal from Main Silo and Housekeeping. 04-08-2014 13-08-2014 Original
2308 BkTPP/10555 For (Job-I) ‘Cleaning and disposal of mill rejects from mill area [MP-I & MP-II], Unit-IV & Unit-V at BkTPP for the year 2014-2015’; (Job-II) ‘Annual Contract for housekeeping work at CHP PLC & CHP office building (Stage-I & Stage-II), building at DM Plant area (Stage-I & Stage-II), Hydrogen Plant, Wagon Tippler rest room, Substation at CHP (Stage-I & Stage-II), Workshop Building, AMC Building, Raw water pump house etc for the year 2014-2015 at BkTPP’; (Job-III) ‘Contract for drain cleaning, as and when required basis, at C.H.P. area & other inside plant premises of BkTPP for the year 2014-2015’. 02-08-2014 06-08-2014 Original
2309 BkTPP/10553 For ‘Unit # 2 Boiler Overhauling such as Boiler Pressure Parts, Tubular Air Pre-Heater, Coal Burners, High Pressure Valves, Safety Valves, SADC, Soot Blowers etc. of BHEL make Corner Fired 210 MW Boiler of BkTPP’. 04-08-2014 11-08-2014 Original
2310 BkTPP/10552 Annual Maintenance Contract for Picking of Stone and Foreign Materials from Running Conveyors of CHP, BkTPP. 02-08-2014 11-08-2014 Original
2311 STPS/10551 “Repair and maintenance of Power House and other ancillary buildings and miscellaneous construction work within STPS” 31-07-2014 05-08-2014 Original
2312 STPS/10550 Supply & Delivery of the Listed Materials for EM-OPH Dept., S.T.P.S. 12-08-2014 Original
2313 STPS/10549 Supply & Delivery of HT Bolts & Nuts with Washer (Make: Unbrako/TVS) for Crusher for CHP (M), Santaldih.T.P.S. 31-07-2014 07-08-2014 Original
2314 STPS/10548 Sodium Hypochlorite solution as per IS: 11673:1992(Grade II 12.5%-15%) in portable plastic jericans (non refundable) of size 30-35 kg. Reaffirmed 2003 (1) Relative density - 1.2, (2) Free Alkali(asNaOH)-5.0 g/lit(w/v) min., (3) Free sodium carbonate-0.5 g/lit(w/v) max, (4) Available chlorine-12.5-15.0%(w/v)min, (5) Total chloride-12.5-15.0%(w/v)min, (6) Iron -10 ppm max. 31-07-2014 06-08-2014 Original
2315 SgTPP/10547 For (Job-I) ‘Electrical Maintenance Contract under the scope of Electrical-IPH department of SgTPP (2x300MW Units)’; (Job-II) ‘Maintenance Contract for Mechanical Maintenance of all Vertical Pumps, Plant Water System (Intake Pump House, PT Plant and DM Plant), CW Pump House, CPU, Effluent System, Fire Pump House and mechanical related work of higher capacity motors for the said area at SgTPP-Phase-I’. 28-07-2014 08-08-2014 Original
2316 STPS/10546 For ‘Hiring of 01 No. Semi-Deluxe TATA Star Bus that will ply to & fro between STPS Township & Adra railway Station, for the period 02 (Two) years under Workshop Department, STPS’. 30-07-2014 04-08-2014 Original
2317 STPS/10545 For ‘Supply & Delivery of 25 nos. of Air Conditioner, Split & Window Type of Capacity 2.0 T & 1.5 T respectively with necessary wall fittings (Nut, Bolt & Clamp) for installation , under OPH (EM) Dept.,STPS’. 28-07-2014 01-08-2014 Original
2318 STPS/10544 Rate Contract of 02(Two) years for miscellaneous maintenance works of Telephone Exchanges, Telephone Lines & Telephone Sets at STPS Plant and Township Exchange under TECIT Dept. Santaldih. T. P.S. 24-07-2014 30-07-2014 Original
2319 CORP/10543 For “Supply of Network Hardware, AMC & Rate Contract for Network Infrastructure”. 31-07-2014 Original
2320 KTPS/10542 For ‘Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Assembly, Testing at Manufacturing Works, supply, deliver & transport including transit insurance, Dismantling & Complete Installation & Commissioning & Performance Testing of New PLC system With C.C. Camera at the existing CHP (Stage-I&II)’. 25-07-2014 22-08-2014 Original