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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
2361 STPS/10361 Annual Rate Contract for round the clock operation of 01(one) no. In-motion Weigh Bridge along with Computer & Printer as per ‘Scope of Work’ under CHP(O) Dept., STPS. 31-01-2014 14-02-2014 Original
2362 KTPS/10360 For ‘Repairing and renovation of D.M. plant Stage-I at KTPS’. 03-02-2014 05-02-2014 Original
2363 BkTPP/10359 For Supply of Unskilled & Semi-Skilled manpower on Man-day basis, in connection with tit-bit work on As & When required basis at Bakreswar Thermal Power Project. 31-01-2014 06-02-2014 Original
2364 SgTPP/10358 Miscellaneous civil works in Plant (ARC). 21-01-2014 24-01-2014 Original
2365 SgTPP/10356 Providing one(01) no. hired Non-AC diesel vehicle (Bus: 50+ seats) at SgTPP. 31-01-2014 17-02-2014 Original
2366 STPS/10355 For “Annual Rate Contract for attending Boiler tube leakage and allied works and different types of welding Job of unit no. 5&6, under B&A,T&A and C&I dept. STPS”. 31-01-2014 12-02-2014 Original
2367 CORP/10354 For “Taking delivery of dry fly ash from the silos of Bandel Thermal Power Station, WBPDCL". 22-01-2014 28-01-2014 Original
2368 STPS/10353 Annual maintenance of gardening & plantation and other ancillary works within STPS (T) 24-01-2014 28-01-2014 Original
2369 BTPS/10352 For (Job-I) “Repair and Maintenance work at Dr. B.C. Roy Primary School of BTPS Township”; (Job-II) “ARC job for sweeping & cleaning of the power house building of I to IV unit & other office building at BTPS Plant Site”. 27-01-2014 27-01-2014 Original
2370 BTPS/10351 For (Job-I) “Operation of ESP & Ash handling plant (1-4) Units on Annual rate contract basis at BTPS”; (Job-II) “Maintenance with supervision of Ash Handling plant (1-4) Units on Annual rate contract basis at BTPS”; (Job-III) “Maintenance of ESP and allied maintenance (1-4) Units on Annual rate contract basis at BTPS”. 22-01-2014 31-01-2014 Original
2371 KTPS/10350 For (Job-I) ‘Cleaning, sweeping, swabbing at Unit # 04 to 06, & CHP area, auxiliary building, administrative building, Utility building, O&M store office, Canteen, time office, Work shop at KTPS’; (Job-II) ‘Cleaning, sweeping, swabbing at Unit # 01 to 03 & G.S. building at KTPS’. 20-01-2014 22-01-2014 Original
2372 KTPS/10349 For ‘Renovation of coal conveyor structures of CHP at KTPS’. 20-01-2014 22-01-2014 Original
2373 SgTPP/10348 For Supply and Delivery of Ductile Iron Pressure Pipes at Sagardighi Thermal Power Project. 21-01-2014 05-02-2014 Original
2374 STPS/10347 Hiring of 1 (One) no. Bolero DI, model-2011 onwards, M&M make, Seating Capacity-8+1, under workshop dept. 18-01-2014 30-01-2014 Original
2375 BkTPP/10346 For Dismantling of Old Hydrogen Generator and Supply, Installation and Commissioning of New Hydrogen Generator in place of Old Set at Bakreswar Thermal Power Project. 29-01-2014 20-02-2014 Original
2376 STPS/10345 Annual maintenance of Conservancy work within STPS (T)”. 09-01-2014 16-01-2014 Original
2377 BkTPP/10344 For (Job-I) Roof treatment work at BkTPP; (Job-II) Evacuation of settled ash from Guard Pond at BkTPP; (Job-III) Landscaping work including necessary civil work, electrical work etc at BkTPP in connection with MP-3. 14-01-2014 17-01-2014 Original
2378 STPS/10343 For procurement of Tools,Tackles,Consumables,Spare Parts & tidbit items for IT Department at STPS 06-01-2014 Original
2379 KTPS/10342 Repairing and renovation work of the 1054 E road (435 N to 650 N) near conveyor 3A/B/C/D and the connecting road between 280 N and 1054 E road. 20-01-2014 22-01-2014 Original
2380 KTPS/10341 For (Job-I) ‘Repairing with painting of Hydrovayor tower & repairing of fluidizing blower rooms at the Unit-04, of ash plant at KTPS’’; (Job-II) ‘Through repairing and maintenance of acidulation plant stage-I building at KTPS’’; (Job-III) ‘Repairing & renovation of damaged concrete portion of service area floor within track hopper shed of KTPS (Phase-V)’; (Job-IV) ‘Mending goods of the mass landslide inside embankment of ash pond no. 4A (south west side & east side) at KTPS’. 13-01-2014 15-01-2014 Original
2381 KTPS/10340 For (Job-I) 'Construction of sump pit near head end of 8ABCD conveyor at KTPS'; (Job-II) 'Construction of drain from sedimentation pond to ETP inlet pump house at KTPS'; (Job-III) 'Repairing and painting of pipe rack (trestle) structure of DM water line (Stage-I&II) and fuel oil line from fuel oil tank area to 650 N road at KTPS'. 06-01-2014 08-01-2014 Original
2382 STPS/10339 For Loading, unloading and transportation of deposited ash, silt, slurry etc. from main trenches, sub trenches, sump pits etc. and various type of ash, coal dust etc. deposited in side plant area at STPS. 03-01-2014 10-01-2014 Original
2383 BkTPP/10338 For “Construction of drainage system connected to common sump, below ESP of unit #4 & 5 with guard wall at BkTPP”. 07-01-2014 15-01-2014 Original
2384 BkTPP/10337 For “Implementation and Commissioning of Islanding Scheme of BkTPP”. 06-01-2014 13-01-2014 Original
2385 SgTPP/10336 For Annual Rate Contract for Air Washery System and Air Conditioning Duct Repairing at SgTPP. 02-01-2014 13-01-2014 Original
2386 CORP/10335 For “Taking delivery of dry fly ash from the silos of Kolaghat Thermal Power Station, WBPDCL”. 31-12-2013 08-01-2014 Original
2387 STPS/10334 “Annual maintenance of 600mm Dia. CISS Raw Water Pipe Line from Old Intake Pump House (Jharkhand Side) to Raw water at STPS (Bengal Side)[2014-2015]” 30-12-2013 03-01-2014 Original
2388 BkTPP/10333 For “Round the Clock/Three Shift performance of Errand and other unskilled nature of jobs at both IPH & OPH areas of BkTPP”. 30-12-2013 07-01-2014 Original
2389 KTPS/10332 Repairing and renovation of M.S louver structure of compressor room of unit no. 5 & 6 11-01-2014 15-01-2014 Original
2390 STPS/10331 Supply & Delivery of Alumina Ferric(Alum): 16% Al2O3, Specification No. I.S.-299/2012,Gr IV, Insoluble Matter: Not more than 0.2%, Soluble Iron(Fe):0.04%, pH(5%aq.sol.):min 2.7%, Free acidity as H2SO4:0.5%, Lead as pb: 20 ppm(max), Arsenic as AS2O3:4 ppm(max), Murcury as Hg:0.4 ppm(max), Manganese as Mn:20 ppm(max), Chromium as Cr: 20 ppm(max), Cadmium as Cd:4.0 ppm(max), Selenium as Se:4.0 ppm(max), Wt. of the slab: 15-20kg/slab at Santaldih Thermal Power Project under DGM(O),STPS. 24-12-2013 08-01-2014 Original
2391 SgTPP/10330 For “Repairing and maintenance of roads inside plant area of SgTPP”. 24-12-2013 27-12-2013 Original
2392 STPS/10329 For “Overhauling of Ash handling plant of unit #6 under AHP dept. STPS as per ‘Scope of Work’ and ‘Terms & Conditions’ as stipulated in the Tender Documents”. 27-12-2013 09-01-2014 Original
2393 STPS/10328 For (Job-I) “Execution Order for complete Overhauling of ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator) of Unit # 6 under AHP (E/M) Dept. STPS”, (Job-II) “Execution Order for Rectification of Oil Leakages, Oil Filtration and Tit – Bit Maintenance Jobs of 315 MVA, 235/16.5 KV GT# 6 and 20 MVA, 16.5/6.9 KV UAT # 6A & 6Bduring U # 6 Overhauling under maintenance scope of OPH (E/M) Dept. STPS”. 20-12-2013 30-12-2013 Original
2394 KTPS/10327 Repairing & Renovation of 320 E road (408N-700N) near KTPS canteen. 23-12-2013 26-12-2013 Original
2395 BkTPP/10326 For (Job-I) “Annual maintenance of sanitary and plumbing installations inside BkTPP plant premises and simulator Building at BkTPP”, (Job-II) “Annual maintenance of Garden inside the plant area at BkTPP for one year”. 12-12-2013 16-12-2013 Original
2396 STPS/10325 For “Procurement of 700MT Sulphuric Acid under DGM (O) dept., STPS, for the period of One (01) year”. 24-12-2013 15-01-2014 Original
2397 SgTPP/10324 For 'Manufacturing, supply & delivery of Alumino Ferric (IS 299:2012 Grade-IV) for unit #1 & #2 of 2x300 MW Sagardighi Thermal Power Project'. 31-12-2013 20-01-2014 Original
2398 SgTPP/10323 For the Printing and supply of stationery items. 20-12-2013 20-12-2013 Original
2399 BkTPP/10321 For ‘Annual Service Maintenance of Mill rejection of Stage-II Unit # 4 & 5 & Soot Blowing of all Unit(Unit # 1 to 5) of BHEL make Corner Fired 210 MW Boiler of Bakreswar Thermal Power Project’. 20-12-2013 27-12-2013 Original
2400 STPS/10320 For “Condenser Cooling Water Treatment of Unit 5 & Unit 6, STPS, WBPDCL”. 17-12-2013 06-01-2014 Original