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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
2401 CORP/10319 NIT for courier service across state , national and international locations 17-12-2013 23-12-2013 Original
2402 CORP/10318 For ‘Consultancy Services for construction of change-over Ash Pond with all ancillary works adjacent to existing Ash pond at Sagardighi Thermal Power Project, District -Murshidabad, West Bengal’. 26-12-2013 08-01-2014 Original
2403 STPS/10317 For Annual maintenance of roof cleaning, sweeping, cleaning, emergency work & other various works within STPS (T) for the period of 01.01.2014 to 31.12.2014. 16-12-2013 19-12-2013 Original
2404 KTPS/10316 For (Job-I) ‘Roof treatment work of 10 nos. affected buildings in KTPS Township (Phase – III)’, (Job-II) ‘Through repairing, maintenance and painting of 10 nos. B - type buildings (exterior surface and stair case portion) at KTPS Township (Phase – VI)’, (Job-III) ‘Repairing and maintenance of R.C.C. structure, louvers, columns, beams of cooling tower no. # 05 (A,B,C,D,E,F,G&H) including water repellant painting at KTPS’. 16-12-2013 18-12-2013 Original
2405 STPS/10315 “Construction of two nos. Top Shed for open spaces in between the office portion and extended portion at New Permanent Store building of STPS” 16-12-2013 20-12-2013 Original
2406 BkTPP/10314 For ‘Classifier Assembly comprising of Classifier Housing, Classifier cone, Wear plates, Classifier blades with bearing assembly, Guide box cover, Push rod assembly & Brackets for 10E10 Coal Mill at Bakreswar Thermal Power Project Stage-I’ 26-12-2013 10-01-2014 Original
2407 BkTPP/10313 For ‘Construction of new boundary wall fencing for newly constructed playground at rear side of Recreation Club at BKTPP Township’. 10-12-2013 17-12-2013 Original
2408 BkTPP/10312 For “Procurement of 10E 10 Coal Mill Grinding Elements at Bakreswar Thermal Power Project for 210 MW Capacity”. 13-12-2013 20-12-2013 Original
2409 BkTPP/10311 For “Retrofitting Job of Generator Protection Relay (Design, Engineering, Supply of Relay, Erection, Commissioning & Training) of Unit #1 at Bakreswar Thermal Power Project”. 24-12-2013 07-01-2014 Original
2410 STPS/10310 For “Execution Order for Overhauling Job for different 415V AC & 220V DC L.T. Motors related with Unit #6 under maintenance scope of both OPH (E/M) and IPH (E/M) Dept. STPS”. 06-12-2013 17-12-2013 Original
2411 CORP/10309 Notice Inviting Tender for Supply & Installation of Rear Projection Video Wall at Corporate Office of WBPDCL. 16-12-2013 Original
2412 BkTPP/10308 For Procurement of 10 E 10 Coal Mill Yoke at BkTPP. 17-12-2013 26-12-2013 Original
2413 STPS/10307 Constructions of a waiting hall along with cycle stand near track hopper area for cleaning & unloading staff, STPS. 28-11-2013 06-12-2013 Original
2414 STPS/10306 “Annual repair and maintenance of Sanitary and Plumbing works at Inside and Outside of STPS [2014-2015]” 27-11-2013 04-12-2013 Original
2415 KTPS/10305 Removal disposal & transportation of stone coal boulders, coal rejects / refuges, silt ash, steel materials and other assorted debris from different areas at KTPS. 02-12-2013 04-12-2013 Original
2416 STPS/10304 For “Overhauling of Boiler Pressure Parts, HP Valves, Duct, Damper and Fans of unit#6 under B&A dept. STPS as per ‘Scope of Work’ and ‘Terms & Conditions’ as stipulated in the Tender Documents”. 29-11-2013 18-12-2013 Original
2417 STPS/10303 For “Annual Rate Contract for the job of routine, preventive, emergency, and brake down maintenance for Locomotives, Bulldozers, Cranes, Diesel Engine for Fire Fighting Pumps and Fire Tender Vehicles & Diesel Generator Sets (total 21 nos. of equipments) under work shop dept., STPS, WBPDCL”. 27-11-2013 12-12-2013 Original
2418 STPS/10302 Transportation of conservancy materials, rubbish, plastic bags from STPS (T). 22-11-2013 27-11-2013 Original
2419 KTPS/10301 For ‘Construction of concrete approach road of ash pond 4A, 4B & 5 of KTPS’. 02-12-2013 04-12-2013 Original
2420 STPS/10300 Supplying & spraying pesticides within STPS (T)”. 20-11-2013 22-11-2013 Original
2421 BkTPP/10299 For “Daily sweeping and cleaning of Administrative building, BkTPP Township, Sonajhuri building, Abdarpur guest house, market complex, BkTPP Prabir Sengupta High School, Holy Mother English Medium Primary School, GM Bungalow, Transit Guest House adjacent area, BkTPP Hospital, BkTPP Recreation club & Officer’s Club, Fire Station Building, Bk Dam Office, Weigh bridge, Tilpara intake pump house, Ash pond recovery pump house etc for the year 2013-2014”. 15-11-2013 22-11-2013 Original
2422 SgTPP/10298 For Manufacturing, Supply and Delivery of Ceramic lined COAL NOZZLE Assembly for 2 X 300 MW Units BOILER (CHINA make) at Sagardighi Thermal Power Project. 29-11-2013 13-12-2013 Original
2423 STPS/10297 For “Overhauling of air preheater, burners and coal carrying pipe of unit#6 under B&A dept. STPS as per ‘Scope of Work’ and ‘Terms & Conditions’ as stipulated in the Tender Documents”. 18-11-2013 04-12-2013 Original
2424 CORP/10296 Erection of three nos. office chambers and other allied works at 6th floor of Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban, WBPDCL. 18-11-2013 25-11-2013 Original
2425 BkTPP/10295 For “Fitting & fixing grill with painting at 1st. floor verandah (back side) of D-type quarters”. 19-11-2013 27-11-2013 Original
2426 BkTPP/10294 For Supply of Control Cables at Bakreswar Thermal Power Project. 22-11-2013 03-12-2013 Original
2427 STPS/10293 Renovation, repairing & painting of new intake pump house at STPS (Part-A) and painting of steel structure of approach bridge at new intake, STPS (Part-B). 13-11-2013 21-11-2013 Original
2428 KTPS/10292 For “Supply of Economiser Upper Bank Coil 1 to 60 with all accessories Tube Sz- 44.5 x 4.5, Material- SA210 Gr.A1 for BHEL Make Boiler for Unit-5, Qty.: 01 (One) Set” at Kolaghat Thermal Power Station (6 x 210 MW). 27-11-2013 18-12-2013 Original
2429 KTPS/10291 For “Supply of Grinding Ring and Ball Sets for running maintenance of 8.5 E (9) Coal Mill of Unit #4” at Kolaghat Thermal Power Station (6 x 210 MW). 18-11-2013 29-11-2013 Original
2430 KTPS/10290 For “Annual Rate Contract for maintenance of Acidulation Plant (Stage-I & Stage-II-new), Chlorination Plant (Stage-I & II) of C.W. System and Chlorination of P.T. Plant, KTPS”. 13-11-2013 20-11-2013 Original
2431 SgTPP/10289 For “Round the clock operation of Air Conditioning System, Air Washer System & round the clock running of Lifts at SgTPP (2x300MW Units)”. 13-11-2013 22-11-2013 Original
2432 SgTPP/10288 For “Annual civil maintenance works (Building, Sanitary and Plumbing) at different residential buildings at SgTPP Township, water pipeline maintenance [from DM plant valve point to SgTPP Township area], Intake Pump House, minor civil construction works, as and where required at SgTPP Township”. 18-11-2013 22-11-2013 Original
2433 SgTPP/10287 For “Cleaning of inlet channel and adjacent river mouth to ensure steady supply of water to intake pump house of SgTPP”. 11-11-2013 15-11-2013 Original
2434 STPS/10286 For “Execution Order for Overhauling Job for different 6.6 KV H.T. Motors related with Unit#6 under maintenance scope of both OPH (E/M) and IPH (E/M) Dept. STPS”. 01-11-2013 13-11-2013 Original
2435 BkTPP/10285 For (Job-I) “Repairing and painting work of 08 (eight) number B-type building (B-8 to B-15) at BkTPP Township”, (Job-II) “Repairing and painting work of 08 (eight) number B-type building (B-16 to B-23) at BkTPP Township”, (Job-III) “Repairing and painting work of 10 (ten) number B-type building (B-24 to B-33) at BkTPP Township”. 12-11-2013 15-11-2013 Original
2436 BkTPP/10284 For “Repairing of bituminous road approaching BIPH and Bk-Dam along left embankment”. 08-11-2013 13-11-2013 Original
2437 BkTPP/10283 For “Uprooting of grasses, bushes including clearing and cutting of shrubs, bush etc and disposing the same outside township premises for the contract period of one (01) year (2013-14)”. 07-11-2013 12-11-2013 Original
2438 BTPS/10282 For “Repairing/Renovation/Construction of new watch tower and erection of ‘Y’ shaped barbed wire on the boundary wall etc”. 07-11-2013 12-11-2013 Original
2439 KTPS/10281 For “Maintenance & Operation of Air Washery System of KTPS”. 13-11-2013 20-11-2013 Original
2440 KTPS/10280 For “ Annual rate contract for hiring of eleven (11) nos.of Luxery Buses (not below 2009 model with 6 cylinder engine) for transportation of employees of Kolaghat Thermal Power Station”. 08-11-2013 15-11-2013 Original