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The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited

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Tender Portal
Sl.No NIT No. Tender Description Last date of Sale of Tender Documents Last Date of Submission of Tender Download
2481 BkTPP/10242 For “Annual contract for breaking and shifting of rejected stone boulders from CHP to the dumping yard at BkTPP for one year" 10-09-2013 12-09-2013 Original
2482 BTPS/10241 For “ARC of Various civil works (Gr–A) at BTPS (Township) for A, AN, B, C, CA, CB, CN, D & DN type buildings and other buildings and other structures for the year 2013-14”. 23-09-2013 24-09-2013 Original
2483 CORP/10240 For (Job-1) “Supply of beneficiated coal from MCL IB Valley coalfields-Lakhanpur, Lajkura, Samleshwari area to WBPDCL Plants”, (Job-2) “Supply of beneficiated coal from MCL IB Valley coalfields-Basundhara, Kulda area to WBPDCL Plants”. 10-09-2013 20-09-2013 Original
2484 KTPS/10239 (Job-I)Const of store shed by the side of 348E Road in between existing store godown nearby old Civil office at KTPS’, (Job-II) ‘Repairing and maintenance of bituminous road from subway to PTP at KTPS’, (Job-III) and (job IV). 16-09-2013 18-09-2013 Original
2485 STPS/10238 Painting of interconnection, structural columns, and stairs of different location of Unit#5 at STPS (Phase-I) 16-09-2013 25-09-2013 Original
2486 STPS/10237 Carriage of coal reject boulder that stacked during feeding bunker beneath the conveyor gallery from CHP site of STPS to different places as per direction [2013-2014] 04-09-2013 10-09-2013 Original
2487 STPS/10236 Painting of ash pipe rack of unit # 5 from vacuum pump house to silos 19-09-2013 26-09-2013 Original
2488 CORP/10235 Coal handling services from ECL to the Power stations of the WBPDCL (JOB-1),Coal handling services from BCCL to the Power stations of the WBPDCL (JOB-2),Coal handling services from MCL to the Power stations of the WBPDCL (JOB-3) 06-09-2013 18-09-2013 Original
2489 STPS/10233 Preparation of stock pile yard along conveyer 6B at CHP, STPS. 29-08-2013 03-09-2013 Original
2490 STPS/10232 For “Servicing and Maintenance of STPS Guest House” for 24 months. 05-09-2013 13-09-2013 Original
2491 CORP/10231 Evacuation of settled ash from the Ash pond in operation, transportation and disposal in eco-friendly manner from Bakreswar Thermal Power Project, at Dist. Birbhum, West Bengal. 13-09-2013 23-09-2013 Original
2492 CORP/10230 For Deployment of Security Personnel for guarding the Properties / Premises and Other Security related jobs at the Corporate Office of WBPDCL, “Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban”, Plot – 3/C, LA-Block, Sector – III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700098. 30-08-2013 06-09-2013 Original
2493 KTPS/10229 "Comprehensive Medical Check-up of PDCL employees and Contractor’s employees at KTPS Plant site”. 03-09-2013 11-09-2013 Original
2494 KTPS/10228 “Re-wiring with accessories at KTPP TOWNSHIP Building – A, B, C & F Type”. 30-08-2013 05-09-2013 Original
2495 STPS/10227 3.15mm MS plate fixing with 65x65x6mm & 50x50x6mm angle support at return side of conveyor 34A/B,Conv.-37A and Conv.-39A/B 02-09-2013 09-09-2013 Original
2496 KTPS/10226 For (Job-I): Miscellaneous repairing & water repellant coating of the RCC structure of louvers, columns, beams, side walls at eight (08) nos. cell during renovation of cooling tower no. # 2 at KTPS, (Job-II): Annual Maintenance Contract for protection of embankments of running ash ponds at KTPS. 26-08-2013 27-08-2013 Original
2497 BkTPP/10225 For Annual Maintenance for Providing Fire Safety & Fighting Services at Bakreswar Thermal Power Project. 24-08-2013 29-08-2013 Original
2498 BkTPP/10224 Annual contract for housekeeping work at Power House, Boiler bottom floors, ESP floors and ESP control room buildings, ID fan areas, roads from mill bay to ID fan from unit I to V, GCR building, Store buildings, Time office & Security building, Canteen building, Ash slurry pump house (Stage I & II), FACC & TAC building, Fuel oil pump house (Stage I & II), CW pump house (Stage I & II), CW Chlorination building, Simulator building and other plant buildings for the year 2013-2014 at BkTPP 21-08-2013 23-08-2013 Original
2499 BkTPP/10223 Supply of 40T Capacity Rough Terrain Diesel Hydraulic Mobile Slew Crane at Bakreswar Thermal Power Project. 31-08-2013 25-09-2013 Original
2500 STPS/10222 Tender For procurement of Tools,Tackles,Consumables,Spare Parts & tidbit items for IT Department at STPS 03-09-2013 Original
2501 STPS/10221 Repairing of outside peripheral road along the boundary wall from Poradih village connector road to Construction gate No.#5 at STPS 27-08-2013 05-09-2013 Original
2502 STPS/10220 Annual Contract for remanufacturing of toner cartridges used in WBPDCL; STPS . The scope of said Annual Contract includes replacement of key parts and refilling of toner powder in the used toner cartridges. Empty/used toner cartridges for reconditioning/remanufacturing will be provided by the IT Department ; STPS . 30-08-2013 Original
2503 SgTPP/10219 For “Annual housekeeping works at different residential buildings and surrounding areas of SgTPP Township”. 03-09-2013 11-09-2013 Original
2504 CORP/10218 Expression of Interest (EOI) from resourceful and experienced companies/agencies/hospitality services/service providers for running Cafeteria/Canteen service for its employees including Guest House located at Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban. 14-08-2013 Original
2505 STPS/10217 Evacuation & disposal of settled ash, silt etc. from Guard Pond and adjacent area of STPS. 06-08-2013 14-08-2013 Original
2506 KTPS/10216 For “Removal disposal & transportation of stone coal boulders, coal rejects / refuges, silt ash, steel materials and other assorted debris from different areas at KTPS”. 12-08-2013 14-08-2013 Original
2507 STPS/10215 For “Annual Rate Contract for Mechanical Maintenance jobs of Boiler, coal feeder, High Pressure valve, Coal Carrying pipe, shoot blower of unit no. 5&6, under B&A, STPS as per ‘Scope of Work’ and ‘Terms & Conditions’ with the deployment of necessary manpower as stipulated in this Tender Documents”. 29-07-2013 07-08-2013 Original
2508 BkTPP/10214 For “Widening of Concrete Pavement near Silo-4&5 areas at BkTPS”. 23-07-2013 30-07-2013 Original
2509 BkTPP/10213 For “Repair and maintenance of road inside BkTPP Township for the year 2013-14 (part-III)”. 26-07-2013 01-08-2013 Original
2510 BkTPP/10212 For “Annual Maintenance Contract for Cooling Tower of Unit # 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (5x210MW) of Bakreswar Thermal Power Project”. 26-07-2013 01-08-2013 Original
2511 BkTPP/10211 JOB-I: Annual contract for housekeeping work at CHP PLC & CHP office building (Stage I & Stage II), buildings at DM plant area (Stage I & Stage II), Hydrogen Plant, Wagon Tippler, Substations at CHP (Stage I & Stage II), Workshop building, AMC Building, Raw Water Pump House etc for the year 2013-2014 at BkTPP. JOB-II: Annual contract for Cleaning of mill area and disposal of mill rejects from mill area and from mill rejection hopper at specified location within inside plant area by engaging tractor-trailer from Unit I to V for the year 2013-2014 at BkTPP. JOB-III: Annual contract for cleaning of all drains (except CHP area), open terrace at 13.5M level of Unit-I & Unit-V within inside BkTPP plant premises for the year 2013-2014. JOB-IV: Annual contract for ash disposal from ESP & Boiler area of Unit-I to V, from rail track, from ash slurry pump house and such other areas to outside BkTPP Plant/ Township premises for the year 2013-2014. 18-07-2013 24-07-2013 Original
2512 SgTPP/10210 For Maintenance contract for mechanical maintenance, electrical maintenance, area cleaning and housekeeping works along with other related jobs at CHP of SgTPP. 23-07-2013 07-08-2013 Original
2513 STPS/10209 For “Evacuation of settled ash from the Ash-pond in operation, transportation and disposal in eco-friendly manner from Santaldih Thermal Power Project, Dist: Purulia, West Bengal” 26-07-2013 02-08-2013 Original
2514 SgTPP/10208 For Annual contract for (a) Engagement of operation helpers for round the clock (b) Cleaning and Housekeeping of Boiler/Coal Mill & other adjacent area (c) Rate contract for disposal of mill reject/ash/debris by tractor & rate contract for other intermittent cleaning for aux. area (d) Engagement of extra manpower for assisting emergency situation of operation department at SgTPP. 17-07-2013 05-08-2013 Original
2515 BkTPP/10207 For Civil maintenance and repair of buildings, road drains, plumbing work etc and minor civil construction works including carriage of all sorts of materials in and around Phase-I, II & III of BkTPP Township for the FY 2013-14. 19-07-2013 25-07-2013 Original
2516 STPS/10206 For Hiring of 04 (Four) nos. Bus (Model: TATA Star Bus “2012” Ex-showroom, Capacity: 40+1) to ply between STPS Township, Plant Santaldih Station etc. for five years under Workshop Department, STPS. 17-07-2013 31-07-2013 Original
2517 CORP/10205 For Appointment of Customs House Agent by WBPDCL for a period of one year (2013-2014). 20-07-2013 Original
2518 STPS/10204 For Annual maintenance of CISS and G.I. pipe line Repairing of valve pits and ancillary works at STPS(T). 08-07-2013 12-07-2013 Original
2519 CORP/10203 Erection of two nos. office chambers and 10 nos. work stations and other allied works related to interior design, electrical connections etc. for Corporate F&A wing at 6th floor and erection of one no. side unit for existing office chamber of Corp. Communication Dept. at 5th floor of Bidyut Unnayan Bhaban, WBPDCL. 05-07-2013 12-07-2013 Original
2520 KTPS/10202 For “R.C.C. structure, louvers, columns, beams of cooling tower no. 4D, 4E, 4F and 4G including water repellant painting at KTPS”. 08-07-2013 10-07-2013 Original