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The Power Plant Train­ing Sim­u­la­tor at BkTPP

Keep­ing pace with the fast devel­op­ing tech­nol­ogy of today and con­sid­er­ing the tech­ni­cal supe­ri­or­ity and eco­nom­i­cal ben­e­fits we have opted for the con­struc­tion of higher capac­ity fos­sil power plants with most advanced state of the art con­trol devices. For reli­able, sus­tain­able & effi­cient oper­a­tion and safety of these power plants we need a team of prop­erly trained & skilled human resources.

Con­ven­tional on the job train­ing does have some con­straints and found def­fi­cient to develop the true skill of an Oper­a­tor, whereas Sim­u­la­tors have proved as an effec­tive train­ing tool since it gives a feel­ing of oper­at­ing a real power plant with no fuel cost, no wastage of time, no losses or repairs. The oper­a­tors gain quickly hands-​on-​experience both for nor­mal and abnormal/​emergency oper­a­tion of the plant. A Sim­u­la­tor– trained Oper­a­tor reduces the down­time sig­nif­i­cantly and runs the plant safely and efficiently.

Power Plant Train­ing Sim­u­la­tor at Bakreswar Ther­mal Sta­tion of WBPDCL is sup­plied by GSE Power Sys­tem Inc., USA. Its main fea­tures are :

Full size replica of con­trol room of BkTPP Unit # 1. Work­sta­tion com­put­ers (8 nos.) as soft panel.

Con­ven­tional hard panel.

PLC for inter­fac­ing between soft panel & hard panel.

• Instruc­tor Station.

• Field Device Ter­mi­nal (FDT).

In real plant, Boiler & Gen­er­a­tor are sup­plied by Bharat Heavy Elec­tri­cals Lim­ited who imported Ball & Race Coal Mills from Mit­sui Bab­cock Ltd., U.K. Tur­bine is sup­plied by Fuji Elec­tric Co., Japan.

Avail­abil­ity of Mis­cel­la­neous Facilities :


BkTPP Sim­u­la­tor Train­ing Insti­tute is pro­vided with unique library facil­i­ties. The Library is equipped with var­i­ous Tech­ni­cal Man­u­als and Books related to Ther­mal Power Plant. Trainees may study and take notes in the STUDY ROOM adja­cent to Library.

Model Room

Var­i­ous com­pre­hen­sive mod­els of Plant equip­ments and sys­tems have been placed in the Model Room e.g. :

• Work­ing Model (sec­tional) of Fuji-​BHEL Turbo Gen­er­a­tor set,

• Work­ing Model of Coal Han­dling Plant,

• Model of Boiler Drum and inter­nals etc.

Sim Server

In real Plant we have indi­vid­ual equip­ments like Boiler, Tur­bine, and Gen­er­a­tor etc. whereas in Sim­u­la­tor, there is no Boiler, no Tur­bine, and no Gen­er­a­tor etc. but there are soft­ware model (dynamic), which is cre­ated on the basis of the data of these indi­vid­ual equip­ments. The inte­grated soft­ware form of math­e­mat­i­cal dynamic model of all the indi­vid­ual equip­ment of real plant is stored in the mem­ory of com­puter, which is called a SIM-​SERVER.

Sim­u­la­tor Server is the brain of the Sim­u­la­tor Plant. The Real Time Exec­u­tive of the Sim-​Server runs the above cited mod­els and the effect of model exe­cu­tion comes in such a man­ner as if a real power plant is run­ning in prac­tice. The effect of model exe­cu­tion is dis­played in the mimic dia­gram of Plant Man­age­ment Sys­tem (PMS) as well as in the hard panel. At the same time, the real time exec­u­tive is scan­ning the sta­tus of dif­fer­ent oper­at­ing tools i.e. ON-​OFF, OPEN-​CLOSE, AUTO-​MAN etc of PMS as well as Hard Pan­els and updates the model accord­ingly. The Sim-​Server com­mu­ni­cates with the Hard Panel via PLC, which acts as an inter­preter between Sim-​Server and Hard Panel.

PMS Server

It is a UNIX base Alpha Deck Server the mem­ory of which is enriched with soft­ware form of all plant dynamics.

Instruc­tor Station

Motif Instruc­tor Sta­tion (MIS) is the inter­face between the instruc­tor and the sim­u­la­tor. Instruc­tor Sta­tion is pro­vided with Instruc­tor related func­tions to con­duct & con­trol train­ing pro­gramme. Inser­tion of Mal­func­tion, Tak­ing Snap­shots, Mon­i­tor­ing Para­me­ters, Remote func­tion oper­a­tion, Freeze, Back­track, Over­ride, Replay, Daily Oper­a­tional Readi­ness Test (DORT), Reset the Sim­u­la­tor to any one of the 200 Ini­tial Con­di­tion, Run the Sim­u­la­tor in REAL TIME, SLOW TIME and FAST TIME, Cre­ation of Train­ing Sce­nario etc. are the main avail­able fea­tures of Instruc­tor Sta­tion Server. More­over, from Instruc­tor Sta­tion the Exter­nal Para­me­ters e.g. Ambi­ent Tem­per­a­ture, Grid Fre­quency etc. may be mod­i­fied to show the cor­re­spond­ing effects on other para­me­ters. Mon­i­tor­ing the Per­for­mance of the Trainees as well as Per­for­mance of the Trainer is also pos­si­ble from Instruc­tor Sta­tion. Inser­tion of 292 num­bers Emer­gency Con­di­tion (Mal­func­tion), which help the Trainee to tackle the haz­ardous oper­at­ing con­di­tion and save the man & machine in real world, is one of the unique fea­tures of Instruc­tor Sta­tion. REPLAY is one of the pride­ful tools of the Instruc­tor and by using this tool the Instruc­tor can teach the trainee regard­ing cor­rect oper­a­tion by point­ing out the area of wrong oper­a­tion, which the trainee has per­formed in the pre­vi­ous course of train­ing session.

Pro­gram­ma­ble Logic Con­trol (PLC)

It is a dual redun­dant PLC sys­tem, which con­sists of both ana­logue and dig­i­tal Input/​Output (I/​O) cards, BUS Inter­face Unit (BIU), BUS con­troller, Mod­ule expander and equipped with dual redun­dant LAN sys­tem. The sys­tem is also equipped with one PC for diag­no­sis and I/​O map­ping etc. It works as an inter­preter between hard panel and SIMSERVER.

Hard Panel/​Back-​up panel

It is the con­ven­tional remote Con­trol Panel of the plant. In case of fail­ure of DCS or PMS sys­tem, Oper­a­tion Engi­neers can control/​run the plant through this panel. More­over, par­al­lel oper­a­tion of the plant can be exe­cuted both from DCS work­sta­tion and hard panel.

Thus, Sim­u­la­tor Train­ing can also be extended to the Oper­a­tion Engi­neers, who are famil­iar with only hard panels.

Train­ing Features :

BkTPP Power Plant Train­ing Sim­u­la­tor includes the fol­low­ing train­ing features :

Plant Startup in dif­fer­ent modes (e.g. Cold/​Warm/​Hot/​Very Hot) and Shutdown.

• Plant oper­a­tion under nor­mal as well as emer­gency conditions.

• Run­ning of the Plant in dif­fer­ent pre-​programmed Ini­tial Con­di­tions (ICs).

Local/​Remote oper­a­tions of var­i­ous plant equip­ments. well as Per­for­mance of the Trainer hard panel and SIMSERVER.

• Cre­ation of new Ini­tial Con­di­tions by tak­ing snap shot of a par­tic­u­lar oper­a­tion scenario.

Freezing/​Back track­ing of an oper­a­tion scenario.

• Inser­tion of Mal­func­tions with var­i­ous sever­ity and delay time.

• Sim­u­la­tion can be done with Slow time, Real Time and Fast time.

• Record­ing and Replay­ing of trainees’ activ­i­ties dur­ing train­ing session.

• Assess­ing Trainees’ pro­fi­ciency. Sim­u­la­tor is pro­vided with stor­ing facil­i­ties max­i­mum upto 200 Ini­tial Con­di­tions (ICs) and 120 Back Track Con­di­tions. It is also pro­vided with 362 nos. Remote Func­tions. There are 292 Mal­func­tions, which can be inserted for enabling the trainees to tackle

the dif­fer­ent plant emer­gency sit­u­a­tion. Vari­able type Mal­func­tions (say, Sys­tem Fre­quency High) can be inserted with 0100% severity.