Barjora (North) Coal Mine

  • The Mine has been allotted to WBPDCL by Ministry of Coal , Govt of India , vide Allotment Order No 103/7/2015/NA DATED 31.03.2015
  • M/s Montecarlo Mining Pvt Ltd the SPV of Montecarlo Ltd is selected as Mine Developer & Operator for this mine and Coal Mining Agreement was signed on 17.10.2016
  • The mine re-opening permission was obtained from Coal Controller , Govt of India on 12.06.2018
  • The mine was re-opened by WBPDCl on 13.06.2018
  • Removal of overburden started on July 2018
  • Extraction of coal started on May 2019

Brief description of the Mine

The Barjora (North) Coal Mine is located in the Bankura District of West Bengal State. It is bounded by the latitudes 23o25’55”N to 23o27’42”N and longitudes 87o13’48”E to 87o15’36”E.

The Barjora Coalfield is named after the village Barjora and appears to be a detached and localized basin within the Archaean metamorphics in which Lower Gondwana sediments were deposited. The Barjora (North) Coal Mine has been allocated to WBPDCL by the Government of India. The block is located south of the Damodar river, outside the known limits of the Raniganj coalfield.

The coal block is approachable both by rail and road. The nearest railway station is at Durgapur and the mine is approachable by road from the Durgapur Bankura state highway. A metalled road connects the mine to the Durgapur Bankura state highway.

There are nine co-relatable coal seams, which are named seam-I to seam-IX in ascending order. Each coal seam is a composite seam comprising more than one coal seam section with shaly and sandy interbands.

The reserve of the mine is 65.59 Million Tonne
The Average stripping ratio is 1:3.7
The Peak rated capacity of the mine is 3 Million Tonne/ year